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A photograph was an image recorded by a camera, or the act of recording the image in a technique called photography.


According to one account, Charles Dickens was photographed outside a building in 1869 while the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler approached the Lodge, in the background; (PROSE: Rose sighting confirmed [+]Loading...["Rose sighting confirmed (short story)"]) although another account showed that Dickens was inside the Lodge at that point. (TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"]) Alternately, one account showed that the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler were photographed, but without Dickens being in said photograph. (PROSE: Mickey's Blog [+]Loading...["Mickey's Blog (short story)"])

The Manchester Ship Canal Co. photographed the Elysium and the Erebus in 1887 and 1888. (PROSE: The Elysium [+]Loading...["The Elysium (feature)"])

Byulnians were drew power from attention and memories. Because of this, laws were put in place on Byulna that prohibited the use of photographs and anything else capable of recording past moments. (AUDIO: 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men [+]Loading...["1963: Fanfare for the Common Men (audio story)"])

In the 1970s, a policeman tried to stop Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot and Isobel Watkins from going into the sewers to photograph the Cybermen. (TV: The Invasion [+]Loading...["The Invasion (TV story)"])

In 1972, the last Apollo moon mission, Apollo 17, launched. The mission took the photograph known as The Blue Marble, which showed the human race how small their world was in comparison to the universe. (PROSE: Time Traveller's Diary [+]Loading...["Time Traveller's Diary (novel)"])

In 1994, Dr Jeremiah O'Kane kept an album with photos of his family, including Daniel and Peter Russell. Liz Shaw had a photo of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart on the wall of the P.R.O.B.E. office at Ashley House. (HOMEVID: The Zero Imperative [+]Loading...["The Zero Imperative (home video)"])

A selection of the photographs owned by Clive Finch. (PROSE: Rose [+]Loading...{"ed":"2023 Illustrated Edition","1":"Rose (novelisation)"})

The website Doctor Who? had multiple photographs of the Ninth Doctor and asked to contact Clive if anyone had seen him. (TV: Rose [+]Loading...["Rose (TV story)"], PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...["Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"]) Although, according to another account, the website had photographs of primarily an incarnation with a scarf. Clive also owned photographs of the Fugitive Doctor, her two successors, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, War, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors. (PROSE: Rose [+]Loading...{"ed":"2023 Illustrated Edition","1":"Rose (novelisation)"})

In March 2005, one of the website's readers, Benjamin McKenzie, wrote that earlier that day, in the Melbourne Immigration Museum, he had found a photograph from 1892 of the Ninth Doctor standing among a group of Irish immigrants. Dave Tonbridge, another reader, had a photo of his parents at their wedding that proved that the Ninth Doctor was their best man. In a photo of David Grant's father during his army days, the Doctor was present in the background. The Doctor also appeared in a book of photographs of Victoria, which WillH noted that there weren't many people in the 19th century who wore leather jackets. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...["Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"])

After a new webmaster took over the website within the week following the Dummy Massacre on 26 March, a notice was put up saying that the photographs featured on the site weren't necessarily used under copyright, and while no infringement was intended, the site would continue to use them in the interest of exposing the truth. (PROSE: Dummy Massacre [+]Loading...["Dummy Massacre (short story)"], The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre [+]Loading...["The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre (short story)"], etc.)

On 2 April 2005, the webmaster put up a picture of Rose Tyler, who had gone missing, and also thanked Harriet and kaite B for additional pictures. (PROSE: The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre [+]Loading...["The Doctor Was Involved in the Dummy Massacre (short story)"])

After a Slitheen craft crashed into the Thames on 6 March 2006, (TV: Aliens of London [+]Loading...["Aliens of London (TV story)"]) pictures of "today's panic" began circulating. Mx posted on the website Who is Doctor Who?, sharing one such picture — seemingly taken by squidbaby23 — of the alien creature who piloted the ship. Mx also referred to this picture as "footage". (PROSE: Alien landing confirmed [+]Loading...["Alien landing confirmed (short story)"])

After taking a photograph of Sip Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen on his mobile on 7 March 2006, (TV: World War Three [+]Loading...["World War Three (TV story)"]) Mickey shared the photograph on his website the following morning. (PROSE: Hoax This! [+]Loading...["Hoax This! (short story)"])

Victor Kennedy acquired photographs of Rose Tyler, which he shown to LINDA. One photograph, which also featured the TARDIS, was used by Elton Pope as he searched for Rose, with Mrs Croot leading him to Jackie Tyler. Though Elton and Jackie quickly became friends, Jackie found the photograph of Rose in Elton's coat pocket. Realising that Elton was using her to find the Tenth Doctor, Jackie angrily sent him away. (TV: Love & Monsters [+]Loading...["Love & Monsters (TV story)"])

Minnie Hooper took the opportunity to squeeze the Tenth Doctor's bottom as he had a photograph taken with the Silver Cloak group. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])

In the 2010s, Daryl Christofi took photographs of the sunken Elysium. (PROSE: Enthusiastic Amateur Diver Shares His Discoveries With You! [+]Loading...["Enthusiastic Amateur Diver Shares His Discoveries With You! (short story)"])

One of the many pictures of Bill's mother taken by the Twelfth Doctor. (TV: The Pilot)

In Christmas 2017, the Twelfth Doctor discovered Bill Potts had no pictures of her mother. Then, he went back in time and took many photographs of her. When Bill arrived in her flat, her foster mother told her she had found a box full of pictures of Bill's mum. Bill went to her bedroom, and cried while looking at the pictures. (TV: The Pilot [+]Loading...["The Pilot (TV story)"])

When Bill moved to 11 Cardinal Road, she took at least one picture of her mother with her, and hung it on the wall of her new bedroom. (TV: Knock Knock [+]Loading...["Knock Knock (TV story)"])

When he arrived in a location he called "Kingdom United", Lucifer recorded a video in which he confessed to not owning a picture of his friend Lilith, confessing that he didn't go around the universe taking pictures of every single person he met. (WC: Mission: Find Lilith [+]Loading...["Mission: Find Lilith (webcast)"])

On 23rd century Deimos, holograms were recorded on cameras in a similar way to photographs. (AUDIO: Deimos [+]Loading...["Deimos (audio story)"])

Undated events[[edit]]

River Song claimed to have pictures of all the Doctor's incarnations. She showed she had pictures of the first twelve incarnations of the Doctor from his first regeneration cycle. (TV: The Husbands of River Song [+]Loading...["The Husbands of River Song (TV story)"])

Frank once owned a photograph of his deceased wife and daughter in his room at the Village Inn. (PROSE: The Party in Room Four [+]Loading...["The Party in Room Four (short story)"])

The Seventh Doctor's diary contained photos of: a Tetrap next to the Rani; the Seventh Doctor; the Seventh Doctor and the Rani, the latter whom was disguised as Melanie Bush; and the Seventh Doctor and Mel. (PROSE: First Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...{"page":"30","1":"First Day of the Doctor (short story)"})

In the Tenth Doctor's diary, there were photos of: the the Sycorax leader; the Tenth Doctor in his wardrobe; Rose Tyler next to a Sycorax; and of the Tenth Doctor standing next to the TARDIS. (PROSE: First Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...{"page":"30","1":"First Day of the Doctor (short story)"})

In the Eleventh Doctor's diary, there were photographs of: the Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams surrounded by Daleks in their Parliament; the Doctor riding a Triceratops on an ark, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and the TARDIS surrounded by Weeping Angels; and the Doctor in Victorian London near the TARDIS, as well as portraits of Vastra and Strax, as well as a photograph of Clara, and another of Clara and the Doctor. (PROSE: The Doctor's Diary [+]Loading...{"page":"8-9","1":"The Doctor's Diary (DWAN 2014 short story)"})

In the diary seemingly shared by both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, there were photographs of Clara in the Doctor's time-stream; the Eleventh, Tenth, and War Doctors in the TARDIS; the Eleventh Doctor about to regenerate; the Twelfth Doctor wearing a nightshirt in a bed; and on of a Dalek. (PROSE: The Doctor's Diary [+]Loading...{"page":"8-9","1":"The Doctor's Diary (DWAN 2015 short story)"}) The Twelfth Doctor's diary also included photos of a dinosaur in Victorian London, the Twelfth Doctor riding a horse, and of a hot-air balloon made of skin. (PROSE: First Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...{"page":"31","1":"First Day of the Doctor (short story)"})

The Thirteenth Doctor's diary contained two photos, one of "Tim Shaw", and another of the Doctor, Grace O'Brien, Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair, and Graham O'Brien. (PROSE: First Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...{"page":"31","1":"First Day of the Doctor (short story)"})