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Timeline for 1966
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1966 was a year.



On 1 January, the TARDIS departed from Trafalgar Square, where it had arrived during the New Year's Eve celebrations. (TV: "Volcano" [+]Part of The Daleks' Master Plan, Loading...{"namedep":"Volcano (8)","1":"The Daleks' Master Plan (TV story)"})

Also on 1 January, Jill and Bob Mason were married in Crook Marsham. Bob died of a brain aneurysm only four months later. (AUDIO: Nightshade [+]Loading...["Nightshade (audio story)"])

In March, the World Cup trophy was stolen by a goldsmith. He stole the trophy to get gold to repair an alien ship that crashed. The First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet found the trophy and helped the aliens leave Earth. The Doctor left the trophy in a bag in a street and it was discovered a few minutes later. (AUDIO: This Sporting Life [+]Loading...["This Sporting Life (audio story)"])

During the summer, on Thursdays, the first eleven numbered incarnations of the Doctor visited artist Andy Warhol individually. Warhol painted them on one painting. (PROSE: The War of Art [+]Loading...["The War of Art (WEB short story)"])

On 5 July, Ben Jackson began a five-month shore posting, and on 12 July met Polly Wright at the Inferno nightclub in Covent Garden. (TV: The War Machines [+]Loading...["The War Machines (TV story)"])

The First Doctor and a War Machine. (TV: The War Machines [+]Loading...["The War Machines (TV story)"])

From 12 July to 20 July, WOTAN, from its base in the Post Office Tower in London, directed mind-controlled human and robot War Machines. (TV: The War Machines [+]Loading...["The War Machines (TV story)"])

16 July was initially set as C-Day, when all of Earth's computers would be placed under WOTAN's control. (TV: The War Machines [+]Loading...["The War Machines (TV story)"], PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy [+]Loading...["Who Killed Kennedy (novel)"])

On 20 July, the First Doctor and Dodo arrived in London and battled the War Machines. The Doctor left with new companions Polly Wright and Ben Jackson. (TV: The War Machines [+]Loading...["The War Machines (TV story)"]) After defeating WOTAN, the Doctor checked to see if the Hand of Omega had been buried in Shoreditch Cemetery as per his instructions in November 1963, only to discover that it had been removed. He determined that his future self would arrive at an earlier point in order to deal with it. (PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story [+]Loading...["The Rag & Bone Man's Story (short story)"])

Also on 20 July, the Second Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie McCrimmon became involved with the schemes of the Chameleons at Gatwick Airport. Ben and Polly decided to stay behind in their own time. (TV: The Faceless Ones [+]Loading...["The Faceless Ones (TV story)"]) Meanwhile, the Daleks stole the TARDIS. (TV: The Evil of the Daleks [+]Loading...["The Evil of the Daleks (TV story)"])

Sometime after Ben and Polly returned to Earth, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler visited London, where the Kustollon Igrix planned to change history by firing at the Moon, preventing humanity from having a space programme and ultimately meeting and fighting the Kustollons. The Doctor and Rose turned Igrix's artificial Lend-a-Hand girls into humans using a virus containing genetic information from Rose, and also gave Igrix's organic spaceship humanity by spraying the virus at it, stopping his plans, and making the spaceship wish to explore the universe. (COMIC: The Love Invasion [+]Loading...["The Love Invasion (comic story)"])

The Ninth Doctor read a Daily Mirror article about "Wilson's wage freeze". He believed this was a "bad idea". (COMIC: The Love Invasion [+]Loading...["The Love Invasion (comic story)"])

On 30 July, the 1966 World Cup Final was held in England, with the hosts winning (AUDIO: Changing of the Guard [+]Loading...["Changing of the Guard (audio story)"]; PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story [+]Loading...["The Rag & Bone Man's Story (short story)"], Extra Time [+]Loading...["Extra Time (novel)"]) 4-2 against West Germany. Igrix changed history so that England won 5-2, but after stopping Igrix' plans, the Ninth Doctor mentioned that he "oughta fix" the extra goal. (COMIC: The Love Invasion [+]Loading...["The Love Invasion (comic story)"]) The final was played in Wembley Stadium. After trying to attend but missing the correct date by 1000 years the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams eventually attended the game. (COMIC: They Think It's All Over [+]Loading...["They Think It's All Over (comic story)"]) They would later attend for a second time. (PROSE: Extra Time [+]Loading...["Extra Time (novel)"])

In August, (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy [+]Loading...["Who Killed Kennedy (novel)"]) the Great Intelligence attacked London through the London Underground. London was evacuated and web from the underground began rising into the streets. The Intelligence was defeated by the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield, and Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. (TV: The Web of Fear [+]Loading...["The Web of Fear (TV story)"]) The "London Event" was covered up by the government as an industrial nerve gas leak. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy [+]Loading...["Who Killed Kennedy (novel)"])

On 11 September, the first cybernetic arms appeared in Mondasian shops. (PROSE: Time Traveller's Diary [+]Loading...["Time Traveller's Diary (novel)"])

On 24 December, the Eighth Doctor visited Whitehall. (PROSE: For the Man Who Has Everything [+]Loading...["For the Man Who Has Everything (short story)"])

Undated events

Manhattan. (TV: "Flight Through Eternity" [+]Part of The Chase, Loading...{"namedep":"Flight Through Eternity (3)","1":"The Chase (TV story)"})

The Doctor's TARDIS and the Dalek time machine materialised on an observation deck of the Empire State Building. (TV: "Flight Through Eternity" [+]Part of The Chase, Loading...{"namedep":"Flight Through Eternity (3)","1":"The Chase (TV story)"})

Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom ended up in East Berlin following a collision between the First Doctor's TARDIS and the experimental time travel vessel Hank Morgan IV. (AUDIO: The Anachronauts [+]Loading...["The Anachronauts (audio story)"])

The First Doctor and Steven Taylor visited London, where they met Oliver Harper. (AUDIO: The Perpetual Bond [+]Loading...["The Perpetual Bond (audio story)"])

Tony Barker, Amy Barker and Butch stowed away on the Doctor's TARDIS. (PROSE: The Monsters from Earth [+]Loading...["The Monsters from Earth (short story)"])

The Fifth Doctor dropped off his companions Peri Brown and Erimem in Monte Carlo and instructed them to prevent the Veiled Leopard from being stolen while the Seventh Doctor's companions Ace and Hex were simultaneously trying to steal it. However, the two sets of companions did not interact and remained ignorant of what they had in common. (AUDIO: The Veiled Leopard [+]Loading...["The Veiled Leopard (audio story)"])

While in a bubble prison, Iris Wildthyme imagined attending a party hosted by Warhol in London. Other guests included Mick Jagger, Twiggy (with whom Iris had a feud), Jimmy Page and Julie Christie. (AUDIO: Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme? [+]Loading...["Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme? (audio story)"])

Lake Ontario froze over. (PROSE: Christmas in Toronto [+]Loading...["Christmas in Toronto (short story)"])

Sean Connery starred as James Bond in Voodoo Something To Me. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen [+]Loading...["Mad Dogs and Englishmen (novel)"])

The Psychadelic Shop opened in San Francisco. (PROSE: Wonderland [+]Loading...["Wonderland (novel)"])

Neville Lewis was Wallasey's Junior Boxing Champion. (TV: War of the Sontarans [+]Loading...["War of the Sontarans (TV story)"])

A time machine crashed on Earth. It was found by Robert, who spent the next thirty years time travelling. The First Doctor returned him to this year at Christmas to take his dying brother Christopher's place. (PROSE: The Little Drummer Boy [+]Loading...["The Little Drummer Boy (short story)"])

Other realities

In a parallel universe, Kit Pedler worked with Gerry Davis to create the Cybermen for the TV show Doctor Who. (COMIC: The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who [+]Loading...["The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who (comic story)"])

In an alternate timeline, Queen Elizabeth II abdicated and became a private citizen. Great Britain joined the International Communist Republic of Mokoshia. (AUDIO: Red Planets [+]Loading...["Red Planets (audio story)"])

Births and deaths

Peri Brown, a companion of the Doctor during his fifth and sixth incarnations, was born. (TV: Planet of Fire [+]Loading...["Planet of Fire (TV story)"], AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"])

Katherine Chambers was born. (AUDIO: The Reaping [+]Loading...["The Reaping (audio story)"])