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Hidden Mysteries (formerly known as An Unlikely Heist at launch) was a video game released by Tilting Point LLC for iOS onto the Apple Arcade.

It featured the Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan in a puzzle solving mystery.


Dive into a mysterious new adventure right now! Doctor Who: Hidden Mysteries combines a thrilling new story and challenging puzzle gameplay into an epic adventure across time and space.

Play as the Thirteenth Doctor as you solve mysteries, search for hidden items, discover secret rooms, and complete exciting quests. Finding the smallest clues will help The Doctor solve this new, compelling mystery!


Episode 1[[edit]]

Present day…

A cat walks down the street when suddenly the sky grows darker and a purple mist approaches, scaring the cat. As it runs into hiding in the sewers, the mist follows, turning the cat into a multi-eyed monster. The camera moves back to reveal the sky filled with a thunderstorm-like enormous purple cloud in the sky creating mists that fills the London streets.

The TARDIS materialises in the middle of the city, and out steps the Thirteenth Doctor followed by Yaz, examining the purple cloud, questioning the lack of people around. They take note of a voice in an old chariot on the roadside screaming "Help". Entering an antique shop to get a crowbar, they get the man out, who explains that everyone had been taken by alien robots. The Doctor notes that everything is covered in some material she calls Paradox Dust and it might help turn everything normal. As the man objects that no such thing is possible, he introduces himself as Doctor Erwin Green, which prompts the Doctor to show him what is actually possible, by throwing some Dust onto the chariot into a car again. Doctor Green immediately reacts with glee, telling them that he always thought there was more than met the eyes. He explains that people have been kidnapped by robots when the Cloud came.

A part of the Cloud dissipates from a nearby building, and Doctor Green tells them that the kidnapped people are held in there. The Doctor starts collecting more Dust to help save people. Upon collecting more Dust the building is turned back to normal, though the trio realise they're being watched from afar. More of the Cloud disappears, revealing a bus from the future that has to be reverted back to a present day bus. Collecting more Dust, they accomplish just that causing more of the Cloud to disappear. As they approach the building, Daleks approach them and kidnap Green. The Doctor speculates that the Cloud is a new weapon that the Daleks either created or found. Yaz also finds it curious that they're kidnapping people instead of killing them as they usually do.

The Doctor and Yaz return to the previous building they turned back to normal in order to investigate. They find a large glass cage with Green and other people in it, though everyone but Green is unconscious. The Doctor deduces that the lock needs two Dalekanium components in order to open but the Daleks return and surround the duo.

Episode 2[[edit]]

A Dalek is seen trapped by roots.

The Daleks surrounding the Doctor and Yaz demand for the Doctor to release the Dalek Commander or the captured humans will be exterminated. Although they don't know what the Daleks are talking about, they feign ignorance and pretend to have to go fetch him so they are released. Yaz isn't pleased with the Doctor negotiating with the Daleks but she says it was to stop them being killed and besides these Daleks are strange in the fact they're kidnapping rather than killing.

They collect enough Dust to turn the mall façade back, causing more of the Cloud to disappear. This reveals a cave with bats coming out of it which used to be an Underground station. Turning it back they decide to investigate it but notice a peculiar growling noise coming from a pet store. A dinosaur runs out, revealing itself to be the source of the noise. They transform the dinosaur into several small lizards and walk to the newly exposed building, which has flags of Starship UK. Turning them back to regular flags of Great Britain more of the Cloud disappears.

Entering the mall they are met with large plants covering their paths which has to be turned back to normal, likely a result of the Cloud once again. The Doctor uses the Dust to clear the plants and continues searching for the Dalek Commander. Before they can continue however, the Daleks catch up to them and tells them that their patience has worn thin. The Daleks fire at them, not hitting them but instead hitting a glass room containing the rooted Dalek Commander. The Daleks order him to be released or they will be killed so they use the Dust to clear the room of Cloud. The Doctor uses this to continue her negotiation of the planet, ordering them to free the humans and leave the planet. The Commander refuses, and tells her that the Dalek invasion has only just begun. The Doctor asks what time period the Daleks think they're at, to which it replies the 22nd century. The Doctor tells the Dalek that it has got it wrong and that it is the 21st century. The Commander proclaims that the Doctor may have stalled them with the Cloud but that the Daleks will triumph. The Doctor comes to the realisation that the Cloud is not the Daleks' doing.

Episode 3[[edit]]

Bluffing, the Doctor lies to the Daleks and tells them that she created the Cloud but that it has grown out of control and only the Daleks can contain it. He bargains once more, asking them to take control of the Cloud if she releases the Commander from the trap created by the Cloud. After freeing it, she tells the Commander that to control the Cloud it must enter an area where the Cloud is highly concentrated and then take over. The Commander, not trusting her, warns her that if she's lying she'll be exterminated. The Commander enters, which causes the Cloud to swirl into a tornado form and lightning, which turns the Commander and the two other Daleks into toy robots.

They then turn futuristic lamps back into normal lamps, clearing up the bit of the Cloud. There's a Dalekanium shard lying where the Cloud was, meaning they only need one more to open the prison with the human captives. They return to the TARDIS to build a Dalekanium Detector, and decide to test it out in the TARDIS. Yaz notices that the interior looks different, which the Doctor claims the TARDIS did herself, suggesting a malfunction in the telepathic circuits or that she got a cold.

They fire off the Dalekanium Detector which reveals the location of the second piece. They then transform medieval display dummies into regular ones, causing more Cloud to disappear. They speculate that whoever or whatever made the Cloud is not making any more there and that the Cloud may have brought the Daleks to this location. Then the TARDIS light bulb flashes red, the Doctor claiming the TARDIS is sending them a message. Upon returning to the TARDIS they are met with a hologram of the Tenth Doctor explaining that they have to find the source of the Cloud or things could get bad, and that the real source isn't London but somewhere into space.

Eventually they enter the restaurant that contains the second Dalekanium fragment, only to be met with the sight of a portal going through the Cloud. The Doctor is aware the Cloud had influence here as none of the food is from Earth. Using the Dalekanium Detector they find the second fragment. They return to the prison in order to free Erwin and the others. Able to open the lock, they free Erwin though are still worried by the fact all the other people are still unconscious. Speculating on whether they'll wake up when the Cloud disappears.

Reunited with the TARDIS team, Erwin tags along with them to the restaurant wherein they transform the alien food back into normal food. This causes the portal and the Cloud to disappear in a ray of light shooting up into the sky. As the signal is light based, the Doctor says she has a receiver in the TARDIS that can be used to trace it. The Doctor and Yaz introduce Erwin to the "bigger on the inside" TARDIS, with the Doctor able to find the receiver. They step outside to trace the signal, London back to being lively as all the humans are awake again. The Doctor says that she doesn't believe people will remember the Daleks as the Cloud will have scrambled their memories, though Erwin is able to retain all of his. The receiver places the source as Satellite Five, a place she hasn't visited in a while. The Doctor and Yaz part ways with Erwin as they go off to locate the source of the Cloud.

Episode 4[[edit]]

The TARDIS lands on Satellite Five, with the Doctor and Yaz emerging to meet a woman impressed by the materialisation. The woman wonders if they're from the rescue team and note a similarity to a Type 44 capsule. However before the Doctor catches her name, the Satellite begins to shake violently. They need to leave the room but are unable to, as a cabinet appeared to block the door. Using the Dust she transforms it back into a robot called Spiky and upon leaving is met the sight of the Paradox Cloud. The Doctor familiarises the girl with it and asks for her name, revealing herself to be called Mia, a Repair Bay worker.

The Satellite begins to shake again so Mia asks the Doctor to transform the arcade machines back to normal as they used to be the ship's controls which could be used to access the security. The Doctor successfully manages to do so and talks to Yaz while Mia uses the controls. The Doctor expresses concern over being able to have enough time to deal with the crisis and that they have to quickly find the source of the signal. Mia figures out that that the defence field of the Satellite is offline and there's an incoming meteor shower. The Doctor suggests flooding the system with energy as an option for bringing the field back online but that they'd need access to the generator. Mia leads them to the generator but it's been turned into junk.

The Doctor transforms the generator back to normal but it's still not working, with Mia speculating a deficit in the batteries. The batteries are located in rooms on either side of the generator but the doors have been transformed. The Doctor transforms the medieval one back to normal. The Doctor then transforms the prehistoric display case back to batteries and reminisces about the time she was there with Rose Tyler, explaining the events which caused her to regenerate.

The Doctor transforms the fireplace back to normal to be met with giant carnivorous plants, which eats Mia. The Doctor is able to save her by transforming it back into a battery, which goes towards the generator.

They turn on the generator to have it in working condition again. The Doctor then uses the sonic screwdriver to have the force field activating again, saving the Satellite from the threat of a meteor shower but not the Cloud just yet which constantly threatens to transform any of the ship's systems. Mia suggests finding Mark, her fiancé and one of the chief engineers of the station. She uses the controls and communicates to someone, only to be turned into a Weapons-grade Cyberman by the Cloud. She attempts to delete the Doctor and Yaz, only to be stopped by stepping on wires. The Doctor believes that this wasn't an accident and that she was intentionally converted to stop them. They use their opportunity to change Mia back. Then someone attempts to open the door, Mia believing it to be Mark. Yaz however is not so sure and opts not to open it, but the Doctor decides to open it as there's no way out of the Repair Bay otherwise.

They open the door, and more Cybermen pour out. The Doctor activates a force field around the door and comes to the conclusion that the Cloud has turned every person on the station into Cybermen.

Episode 5[[edit]]

The force field around the Cybermen is set to not last much longer. The Doctor attempts to transform the two Cybermen back, but the Dust only works with one - Sam, one of the station's mechanics. The other Cyberman flees, as it seems to take more Dust to transform two at a time. The control panel burns out, though Sam is aware of another one in one of the security rooms. They transform the rope barriers on the other side of the door to clear out more Cloud, revealing the Food Court. The security room has been transformed into a medieval armoury, which the Doctor transforms back. However it's locked and requires three key cards. They find one nearby but need to transform more items, now revealed by the Cloud, to access it.

Transforming the Giant Crab into a fruit stall, some of the Cloud disappears, which shows a Cyberman but it walks off back into what remains of the Cloud. Transforming the saloon reveals the area near Mark's office, but it's still covered by Cloud which could be removed if they transform the scarecrow.

By transforming the fruit stall once again they see the Cyberman but it flees into a vent. While the Doctor confesses the behaviour of this Cyberman is unusual, their focus should be on locating the source of the Cloud. They find another key card on a nearby robot, with an inscription saying "Time is running out". The Doctor guesses this message has something to do with the Cyberman. They clear the scarecrow which reveals the third key card they need and an empty office. Mark is nowhere to be seen but there is a message detailing something strange happening on Floor 500, a floor Mark would've had access to. Before they make their way there, their next objective is to head to the security room.

They finally enter after decoding the lock, entering the room which monitors which access the security cameras all over the station. The situation is worse than believed, with Cybermen everywhere and not a single human in sight. In order to proceed they need to transform the door to the next room. In doing so Mia uses the control panels, but there's an issue as the power systems are overloaded, which puts the station at risk of exploding. There's a button to reset the system on the other side of a fridge door, so upon transforming it back to normal they attempt to go through. The door is too hot however, so the Doctor attempts to open it with the screwdriver.

On the other side of the room, a Cyberman hits the button that resets the system. The trio gain access, wondering why the Cyberman saved everyone. Analysis shows that there's a high concentration of Paradox Cloud in the Cyberman, meaning it must've been close to the source when it got turned. The Cyberman tells them to stop the evil, so the Doctor attempts to turn him back. She can't, however, as the concentration of Paradox Cloud is too high. The Doctor sees that it's dying with it's life support systems failing. The Cyberman speaks, stating that he saw the source of the Cloud and that it controls all systems. The Cyberman shows familiarity with Mia, revealing it to be Mark the entire time. Mia begs the Doctor to save him, but the Doctor is unable to do so.

Episode 6[[edit]]

Using the sonic, the Doctor determines that the Cyber body is damaged and may not last much longer. The plan is to give him medical attention so he can live outside of the Cyber form, and Mia takes her to the med bay while Yaz watches over Mark. After clearing obstacles to reach it, they arrive by the door but find they require a password to open it. They go to Sam who says he had it written down on a notebook he dropped earlier near the food court. Just then the light bulb on the TARDIS flashes red to indicate an incoming call.

The Doctor takes Mia into the TARDIS, and a hologram of the Tenth Doctor appears once again. The Tenth Doctor reveals that there's something powerful in Floor 500 and that it's controlling the station's systems using the Cloud. He tells them not to trust any of the technology on board, and begins to reveal that to use to save Mark but the call shuts off before he can finish. They return to the food court and transform things back to normal, with Mia going back to check in on Mark and sending Yaz down to help the Doctor. Transforming one of the stalls into a Robo Food mart, the robot waiter begins to attack the duo. By transforming the robot they eventually clear a path to the notebook but it's missing the vital page to unlock the med bay doors. By transforming a table nearby they find the missing page and return to the medical bay. They gain access but need to transform the components in order to rig up Mark to a life support system.

Rigged up, the plan is to transform Mark with the life support system keeping him alive. They need the power of the TARDIS to help boost the power of the Paradox Dust. Finally the plan kicks off, with Mark restored back to humanity though remaining unconscious. The Doctor is sceptical that the plan has gone without faults, and just then Yaz disappears...

Episode 7[[edit]]

The Doctor speculates that Yaz has been teleported elsewhere when she receives another call. Mia electing to stay behind with Mark, the Doctor takes the call alone. The Tenth Doctor reveals that Yaz has been teleported to Floor 500, but that the Doctor will have to make a decision and do whatever it asks her to do.

Back outside Mark is awake and well, and reveals that everything is being controlled from Floor 500. Mark leads them to the elevator and reveals that he went up to Floor 500 to investigate after losing comms with them, and he saw something lurking in the Cloud before he blacked out. The Doctor arrives on Floor 500 to see Yaz trapped in a cage, and using the Dust frees her. What appeared to be a rock blocking their path turned out to be a Slugster but is cleared away by the Dust. They finally find the source of the Cloud which was integrated into the station's systems and using the television broadcast signal to spread the Paradox Cloud, meaning the Cloud in London was being spread from Floor 500. There are two portals that need transforming to find out more information and a key.

The enter the Entertainment Content room, and transform some toys into a power switch that they needed. They activate it which causes the signal to start working again. They transform the second portal and enter the News Content room. By transforming another object in there, they reveal a broadcast signal transmitter, and by using the sonic screwdriver has removed the second safeguard keeping the source locked. They prepare themselves for something clever and dangerous and open it revealing a CyberTelosian as the source of the Cloud and it's waking up.

The Cyberman speaks to them, explaining how someone used him as an experiment and put a core inside them, making him into a monster. The Cyberman begs the Doctor to deactivate him and put him out of his pain. They disable the Cyberman, switching off the core in the process. Mia and Mark catch up with them revealing that the Cloud is gone from the station. They analyse the core to gain answers.

The Doctor and Yaz return to the TARDIS, and the Doctor determines that while not knowing what it is, she knows that it's Time Lord technology. The substance however it still unknown to her. She plugs it into the TARDIS to see if the ship can get a trace and the TARDIS triangulates its origin to Regnidorch II - their next destination.

Episode 8[[edit]]

The duo arrive in a cave on Regnidorch II, a planet that once resembled the Earth with luscious greens and life, but something had happened which has left it in a bad state. The mineral they are searching for is deep underground. A ghostly apparition shows up and disappears, and they investigate a nearby house. They realise it doesn't really belong in a cave and transform it using the Dust and turn it into a bridge. They find it peculiar that there is Cloud nearby but that it wasn't visible in the atmosphere. The ghostly figure appears again, pointing to a nearby gravestone.

They transform it, in its place a structure resembling a face, but upon analysis shows it is actually a really advanced computer, but the nearby batteries are drained. The ghost appears again, indicating that the nearby crypt and well need to be transformed. Transforming the crypt reveals a foundry for bending and shaping metal. Using the Dalekenium Detector they find a fully charged battery. Transforming the well reveals yet another battery. They plug it into the computer and turn it on, with the ghost appearing again on top of it; showing the computer is a communication terminal. The figure warns them not to make any noise, and not to step on the sand before the computer completely disappears into the sand.

They transform a pile of gold, opening another path to another area in the mine. There're steps further forward, but in their way is more sand. Deciding they need to cross it, first they decide to check what is in the sand. An analysis shows nothing, but after a box falls in a giant worm like creature rears its head up and eats it - and this wasn't a creature created by the Cloud. The nearby terminal activates, the ghostly hologram interface telling them that the only way to stay safe is to follow the water. They clear a path, but the Doctor detects something wrong her sonic as if someone is trying to contact her. By triggering the screwdriver, a hologram of the Tenth Doctor appears asking who she's met so far. When they explain the hologram and the worm, he says he's on time and that the duo will soon meet a Regnidorian named Ragil and that they need to convince him to help by explaining what is happening on the surface of the planet - in that all life has been destroyed by the Cloud. The Regnidorians still remain however, but are in hiding and can still be saved. On top of that, Ragil has a key.

They clear a path further into the mine, and come across Ragil, who wants to go to the surface but they warn him it's dangerous and ask if he has a key. Ragil says that they sound just like a man who came from the stars. He tells them that the wall has been turned into Azbantium and asks them to destroy it as proof they want to help. She transforms it, gaining Ragil's trust, and he explains that they are peaceful people who just mined ore to trade with others until a man came from the sky whom they believed to be a God, and so they helped with his experiments.

Ragil takes them to their Great Hall, and explains that behind the giant doors lies his most powerful creation. There's a giant robot head in the way, so they transform it. Ragil says he has one of the keys but it's not enough to open the doors. He places a key on a pedestal that that unlocks a smaller door and he explains that they need three more which are being kept by the three other Regnidorians. She asks what happened to the rest of them, to which he says that the man from the stars drove everyone to the surface and sealed the entrances to the mine. The four remaining were dissenters, and that remaining trapped below was their punishment. When asked if that man has a name, he simply said that he was a Lord and he should be called that.

Episode 9[[edit]]

Ragil warns the duo about the dangerous statues on the way there - and upon walking down they see two big red statues which fires a laser, blocking their path onwards. The statues are transformed into machine guns, but they're seemingly non-functional. The Doctor presses a button to open the doors but the guns activate and the machine scans her but open the door to let them through. There's a wooden statue that Yaz says they should transform but due to its familiarity the Doctor wants to inspect it first. It is an Androzani tree which resembles the Wooden King she encountered before. They transform the statue eventually, but the Doctor picks up a paper with Gallifreyan text on it. They conclude that the man from the stars has to be a Time Lord, especially given the scanner allowed them through after scanning the Doctor.

The Tenth Doctor communicates with them again and reveals that it is the Master behind all of this, and he also points them in the direction of a fireplace. They transform it, revealing books on a shelf that appear to be a lock mechanism, with two missing books. They transform a jewel encrusted box, revealing a Dalek in a sort of hypnotic trance and one of the missing books. They then transform the piano into a desk which the Master used, containing a figurine of a Regnidorian and the last missing book. They unlock the door revealing a secret chamber filled with Dalek figurines. They also find a device and decide to find out what it is.

Upon further inspection, the Doctor finds out it is none other than a Tissue Compression Eliminator, but one that can restore subjects to its normal size, meaning that the collection of Daleks figures is actually an army. Just then, the Dalek that was previously under a trance is active and ready to kill, caused by the Doctor by accidentally using the TCE. The Doctor uses the TCE on the Dalek, turning it into a harmless figurine. They remember the figure of the Regnidorian on the desk from earlier and use the TCE to restore it back to normal, though the device ends up exploding. The Regnidorian is Reedly, a man who figured out the Master's plan and was thus silenced with the TCE. The three return to Ragil and Reedly uses his key to open another door. The room that just opened is the Master's laboratory, where he conducted experiments with the water supply, and that their friend Rivent is down there as well.

Episode 10[[edit]]

They come across a swamp with hands sticking out of it that needs transforming. Before doing so, the Tenth Doctor calls again, revealing that Regnidorch II has a glitch in its spatial-temporal makeup and that the drilling has caused it to now exist out of the universe's regular time flow. This was part of the Master's plan as no one was meant to find it. The Doctor also warns them that the Cloud has spread beyond the planet and that they need to seal of Regnidorch II to stop it spreading. They transform the swamp into a reservoir - a place the Master wanted to collate all the water in one spot. Going further into the lab they stumble across a converter, a machine that changes the water into something else.

They convert two statues, revealing skeletons in giant glass capsules with water, something the Doctor finds familiar. She decides to drain the containers to see if her hunch is right which it is as they reveal Cybermen, meaning the water is in fact Dark water. The room is flooded with it due to a burst pipe, and in a large pool of it is a figure. They transform some bellows into a pump and extract the water, revealing a pod like the one back on Satellite Five, and in it is Rivent.

They open it up, and although he seems alive it looks as though his soul is missing. Next to the pod is an eyeball creature that needs to be transformed. Once transformed, it is revealed to be the Nethersphere. They decude that his 'soul' is being kept there and so they liberate him. They return to the others and he puts the key down, opening the door to the Master's quarters, a place no one's been allowed to visit. He explains that Rowok has the last key, but obtaining it will be hard as he disappeared long before the Master activated the machine.

Episode 11[[edit]]

The duo walk into the room, with the door needing transformation, before the Tenth Doctor contacts them again. He is hardly legible, with all they could understand being "use the sound" before he disappears. They transform the door and some robots for the door handles and they open it. Transforming more objects they find a list of locations - London, Satellite Five, and Manhattan. They then discover a giant cloaking device machine that the Doctor walks into and when she walks out she looks just like Ragil. The last thing to look at it a device that generates subsonic frequencies, which they turn on. The giant worm from before smashes upwards from the ground but seems hypnotised, the device meant to control it.

The Doctor tinkers with the cloaking device machine, turning the giant worm back into Rowok. They return back to the others and he explains that he helped the Master created something called a Paradox Engine, but when he figured out what the Master was planning attempted, but failed to stop him. He places the final key down, finally opening the giant door. They find the Paradox Engine after having to transform it, and she quickly throws a device into it which destroys it, reversing the effects of the Cloud meaning that all the Regnidorians can continue with their lives as normal. Ragil reveals that the top of the stairs in the room is where the Master kept his TARDIS.

The TARDIS is gone, but they find a ticket for a film called The Magic Hut with the date 14 August 1932. With the date acquired, the Doctor and Yaz make their way to Manhattan.

Episode 12[[edit]]

They arrive in Manhattan, though it's completely covered by the Cloud. They decide their first step should be to go to the cinema because of the ticket the Master had. The Doctor questions why things in New York look so great in spite of the Great Depression but due to the movie beginning soon, that's their priority. They finish the film and are intrigued as to why the plot, a magic hut bringing prosperity to New York, was chosen and why New York in the film looked as clean and glamorous as the one they currently occupied. One of the actresses from the film also leaves the theatre, so they talk to her. She says how honoured she is to star in a movie about their magic hut, but also says that she seems familiar. The Doctor suggests Hooverville, but the actress has no idea what that is, as there is no Depression as a result of their hut. The Doctor asks to go to see it and transforms her car back to normal. She introduces herself as Katharine Reed.

More of the Cloud clears, revealing a spilling waterfall with a ship on the road, but Katharine doesn't find it odd or unusual. They transform the waterfall into a water fountain, and Katharine talks about how she had seen the Doctor before by a water fountain, where an old woman gave her a letter and a hand-drawn portrait, with the letter telling her to give an address to the person in the portrait. The portrait is of the Doctor, and the location of the address is blocked by the Cloud. Transforming a ship and billboards reveals a building with a written "Doctor, don't blink!" and giant eyeballs on the building.

They transform the torches and the eyes which unblocks the road from the Cloud. Before they can leave in Katharine's car, an alligator emerges from the Cloud, which the Doctor tries to transform but it runs away. Instead, they proceed onwards to the address.

Episode 13[[edit]]

The address from the letter leads the duo to the Magic Hut Office. As they decide to investigate, a woman walks by and tells them the building is closed as the Cloud got in. She reveals that the alligator is actually her pet turtle and introduces herself as Kara. They transform it back to normal, causing some of the Cloud to disappear. Kara explains more details about the Magic Hut - a building in Central Park that gives people technology, luck, and joy, and that it arrived two years prior. They transform the advert for Petrichor revealing a statue. They go into the office to clear more Cloud but by the time they exit, the statue is gone.

The Doctor and Yaz continue to transform things, such as an ice cream van and a nearby hospital housing Kara's daughter who has an illness with no cure. This clears up the entrance to Central Park. Kara reveals she found the hut, and that it's bigger on the inside. There's also a nearby package labelled "For Doctor", but it's deadlocked and with two pieces missing. The Doctor, having pretended to be an inspctor reveals her name to be the Doctor to Kara who runs off into the Cloud infested Central Park.

They then talk to the hologram Tenth Doctor in the TARDIS, who reveals the hut is the Master's TARDIS - something Kara has travelled a long way to track down. The Doctor transforms more things, like a bicycle and a Varga plant to clear more of the Cloud and finding one piece of the lock. Suddenly as two people are walking down a street, Weeping Angels come out and displace them in time.

Episode 14[[edit]]

The Doctor and Yaz talk to a policeman, a witness to the Angel attack on two people and brief him on their mechanics - the Cloud being perfect cover for them to move and feast. Upon learning the Doctor's name, he gives her the second piece to the package, given to him by an old woman. Inside the package is a map to the Magic Hut. They transform a church's hologram grave into normal ones, but one of the graves has the policeman's name, Peter Brooks, on it, with corresponding date of birth too. With Brooks' death by Weeping Angel appearing to be a fixed event in time, one comes out to attack them.

The duo move back to Central Park to clear more of the Cloud, catching a glimpse of Kara who runs off again toward the hut. They hear a scream and clear more Cloud to see it's Katharine, before an Angel comes out at her too. The Doctor devises a trap against them and heads back to the TARDIS. After a bit the Doctor states she needs mirror. Going back to Katharine they notice an arrow drawn on the floor and clear more Cloud to follow it. It points to a restaurant with a note telling the Doctor to look inside.

Transforming the restaurant back to normal and clearing a bridge with the Pterodactyl on it, Yaz decides to help Katharine with the Angel as the Doctor investigates inside, finding a mirror crystal for her Anti-Angel Device. She receives a signal from her TARDIS - an incoming message from the Tenth Doctor.

Episode 15[[edit]]

The Tenth Doctor tells the Thirteenth that he left something in a panel in the console - a mirror crystal. She adds it to the device and primes it, creating a projection of Angels in front of the real ones so they're constantly observed and frozen in place. They transform the pterodactyl into a duck, but Peter charges through into the Cloud, getting sent back by a Weeping Angel.

The Doctor, Yaz and Katharine head into the Central Park zoo and transform several animals such as a flying shark and mammoth to clear more of the Cloud, spotting Kara run through with a worried look on her face. As they go deeper into Central Park, they notice a plinth missing a statue. Just then Angels appear behind them, and in surprise the Doctor drops her Anti-Angel Device. The Doctor goes to retrieve it, but Katharine, believing the Doctor has to save New York, retrieves it instead and throws it to her before being sent back in time by an Angel. She fires the device, leaving the group of Angels trapped.

The clear all the Cloud from Manhattan, but notice that the Master's TARDIS is gone, and wonder if Kara was able to fly it by herself. An older woman catches up with them - the Katharine who had grown up in the past. As it turns out she's the one who left behind all the clues to avoid running into her past self directly. She also reveals she found Peter, and fell in love. Using the sonic screwdriver, the Doctor figures out the TARDIS only recently took off, and using her own TARDIS finds that the Master's TARDIS is in New New York.

Episode 16[[edit]]

The Doctor and Yaz arrive outside the New New York Hospital following Kara's trace who has brought the Cloud with her. Entering the hospital they see a Pting run through and a Catkind of the Sisters of Plenitude in a glass tank filling with water. The Doctor transforms the tank, freeing her who introduces herself as Nym, the head of the hospital. They ask for her help in locating Kara but needs access to the entry records in the hospital. The Doctor transforms everything to accomplish this but before the check goes through the Pting eats through an old fuse box causing the power in the hospital to diminish.

The Doctor transforms it to a more contemporary piece of technology, repairing it in the process. As Nym goes to check the records again she notices her access card is broken and needs to get to the admin hub to get another. The Doctor clears a way to the hub, as well as transforming it and its components back to normal. The search for Kara determines that she's in Ward 26 which has nothing but standard medical equipment and patients. There are obstacles and Cloud in the way however. The trio begin their journey to reach her.

Episode 17[[edit]]

They progress onwards, converting obstacles such as Nestene plastic, a World War II bunker door - the latter of which leads to Judoon exiting and talking to the Doctor. After discussing, the Judoon let her continue on with locating Kara. They enter the war and see a poorly Duke of Manhattan with his medical apparatus corrupted by the Cloud. They restore it, healing him, with the Judoon entering to help Kara. They offer a reality modulator to track her. The reality modulator shows her going further into the ward and firing an energy weapon before the modulator breaks. The Doctor fixes it but needs power cells so they venture where they saw Kara head.

They clear the Cloud and find a power cell, though the medicine cabinet and monitor have been changed. Turning it back, medicine cabinet reveals there is missing B-Gamma Gel which is lethal in high doses and is a numbing agent for connecting patients to life-saving devices. The Doctor speculates on whether Kara wants to connect her daughter to the Master's TARDIS. They check the monitor and confirm the suspicions that Kara was checking information on connecting patients to life-saving technology. She mentions that in rare instances the heart of a TARDIS can sustain life, which provides a problem as the Master's TARDIS is generating the Cloud but turning it off could kill her daughter. Suddenly the hospital rocks and shakes. Outside the door, the Pting is trying to get in.

They hear gunshots as they open the door, but the Pting is scared off before they see it. Outside, they find another power cell. Activating the modulator again, they confirm the intruder is a Pting and that Kara fires at it. They see that the Pting has opened a hole in the floor and the Judoon decide to try and stop it before it destroys the hospital. The Doctor covers the hole with restorative foam, meaning that problem is down, but the Cloud and Pting are still at large.

Episode 18[[edit]]

They get through to the surgery and see Kara run off into the Cloud, a curious thing to do rather than head back to the Master's TARDIS. They clear a bit of the Cloud, revealing the Pting once again. The Judoon prepare to engage with it. In the ensuing battle the Judoon blast a hole in the wall that leaves the ceiling unstable. The Doctor dives through a hole in the wall before the ceiling falls on her, but the hole is blocked by the Cloud and the door is blocked by vines, leaving her separated from the others. Upon gaining access to the room, she sees Nym lying on the floor after she touched a bit of the wall the Pting touched. Due to the Pting's toxic skin, she's unwell but it's not a direct touch meaning she'll need first aid.

The Doctor activates a first aid robot which cures her and they devise a plan to incapacitate it using the generator in the basement. They transform a block of ice with an Ice Warrior in it, a stockade and jars. Approaching the door however they realise they need a key to open in. Underneath the Cloud an arm pops out with one of the key cards. With nothing to transform they drag him out of the Cloud but he's unwell as the Cloud transformed hit Vitality device. Transforming it, he feels fine and introduces himself as Brett Blathereen. Discussing Kara, he says he saw her with a little girl looking for equipment. They take the key, he himself having found it when Sister Dimy dropped it.

They open the door and go through but find the stairs blocked by ivy. Clearing it, they proceed to make their way to Kara, with Nym tagging along so she can access the generator.

Episode 19[[edit]]

They see the Pting and run after it. The generator is in the Cloud so they transform an old electrical cabinet. The Judoon approve of the Doctor's plan wherein the Pting feasts on the generator and feels too drowsy to eat through it's containment. The Judoon distract it as they transform the generator and its backup components so there's enough power to stun the Pting. They return to the TARDIS to build their trap and return to the basement to power it up. They go to the Pting and feed it the trap, stunning it once it eats it. The Judoon imprison it and leave to release it into deep space. With only Kara to deal with, they go back to confront her.

Nym tells the two that the Cloud is acting different to before, so they transform some lamps to clear the remaining Cloud from the hospital, removing Kara's cover. Kara is aiming a gun at them, with her daughter wired up to the Master's TARDIS. Kara gives the Doctor two minutes to talk, as she fears her wanting to take the TARDIS back. She negotiates, stating that she wants to keep her daughter Kaibra alive while also switching off the Cloud so that it doesn't kill others. A hologram of the Tenth Doctor appears, revealing the solution to seal off the planet, as sealing the Master's TARDIS from the rest of the universe may contain the Cloud while keeping Kaibra alive.

Kara wonders where they would be, the Doctor revealing that Regnidorch II is a quantum planet that could sustain them. Kara lets the Doctor calibrate the TARDIS. She does so, the TARDIS ready to head to Regnidorch II but reveals the catch that while the Doctor may try to find a way to free them, there's a chance they'll be stranded there forever. The three arrive on the planet, Kara approving of its beauty and safety.

She returns to New Earth. They ponder on where the Master himself actually is but don't know. Leaving Nym to continue her hospital duties, the Doctor and Yaz enter the TARDIS.




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Satellite Five[[edit]]



  • Despite the game being suggested, by Yaz being the Doctor's only companion, to take place during the gap between Revolution of the Daleks and The Halloween Apocalypse, Yaz is depicted as being unaware of regeneration or the Doctor's previous incarnations. Even if one were to discount non-televised media, this runs in direct contradiction of Yaz explicitly learning of these concepts in Spyfall and Fugitive of the Judoon.
  • Even though the Daleks depicted are that of the Bronze Dalek type, their necks light up red when they speak similar to that of the Reconnaissance Dalek in Resolution and the Defence Drones of Revolution of the Daleks.
    • The Doctor also noted that their behaviour was somewhat odd with them taking prisoners rather than exterminating them.
  • The Doctor's TARDIS is described as being a Type 44 throughout this game. The Doctor's TARDIS is, in most other stories depicting it with Gallifreyan origin, a Type 40.
  • The crystalline formations around the TARDIS Team in the cover art emulates that of the Series 11 promotional material.
  • Cybermats are referred to as "Cyber rats" in the game.
  • Katharine Reed's first name is written as "Katharine" in her dialogue box, but is also referred to "Katherine" in some of the Doctor's speech bubbles.
  • At launch, the game was titled "Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist". In the "Version 1.1.0" update on 9 May, 2023, the game was renamed "Doctor Who: Hidden Mysteries".


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