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A jumper was an item of clothing, often worn over a shirt, made of knitted wool.[source needed]

Worn by the Doctor[[edit]]

The Fifth Doctor wore two similar cricketing jumpers under his two coats. (TV: Castrovalva onwards, The Awakening onwards) whilst the Twelfth Doctor wore a jumper patterned with holes. (TV: Listen et al.) The Thirteenth Doctor sometimes wore jumpers in navy blue (TV: Spyfall) or cobalt blue. (TV: Orphan 55)

The Ninth Doctor dressed almost exclusively in long sleeve jumpers, worn underneath his plain black leather peacoats. He wore a midnight blue jumper with a turtleneck collar during a trip to the Arctic. (AUDIO: Northern Lights) He wore some with v-neck collars in alabaster, (COMIC: The Promise) bottle green, (AUDIO: Food Fight) army green, (AUDIO: The Curse of Lady Macbeth) indigo, (AUDIO: Last of the Zetacene) bronze brown, (AUDIO: The Beautiful Game) plain maroon, (TV: Rose) navy blue, (TV: The Unquiet Dead) olive green, (TV: Dalek) eggplant purple, (TV: The Empty Child) bright lilac, (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction) emerald green, (COMIC: Doctormania) gunmetal grey, (COMIC: Official Secrets) sapphire blue, (COMIC: Monstrous Beauty) rust orange, (PROSE: The Guide to the Dark Times) and raven black. (TV: Bad Wolf) His successor, the Tenth Doctor, wore his black jumper before switching his outfit. (TV: The Parting of the Ways, Born Again, The Christmas Invasion)

Worn by Companions[[edit]]

Barbara Wright often wore a beige turtle-neck jumper. (TV: The Keys of Marinus, The Web Planet, The Space Museum, The Chase, etc.)

Sarah Jane Smith wore a burgundy and grey jumper with green diamonds when she and the Third Doctor helped to save Peladon from Azaxyr and Eckersley. (TV: The Monster of Peladon) She also wore a charcoal jumper when she, the Fourth Doctor, and Harry left the Ark to check Earth, (TV: The Ark in Space), met the Sontaran Field Major Styre, (TV: The Sontaran Experiment) and when she first sees Davros and some Mark IV Daleks on Skaro during the Dalek's origins. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks) She also wore an alabaster jumper when she first meets Zygons during the Zygon Gambit. (TV: Terror of the Zygons) She also wore a crimson jumper under alabaster overalls with scarlet stripes and three maroon stars during her last adventure with the Fourth Doctor, (TV: The Hand of Fear) and her reunion with the Third Doctor in the First Rani's trap. (TV: Dimensions in Time)

Leela wore a battleship grey jumper during the Fang Rock incident. (TV: Horror of Fang Rock)

Martha Jones wore an indigo jumper with a v-neck collar, (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem; AUDIO: Dissected) as did her clone during the 2009 Sontaran Invasion of Earth. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem|The Poison Sky)

Amy Pond wore a lavender jumper with a V-neck collar during the Total Collapse Event Incident. (TV: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang) She also wore a white jumper with sapphire blue stripes when helping to rescue dinosaurs on a Silurian Ark during 2367. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

Yasmin Khan wore jumpers done in rust, (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) turquoise blue, (TV: The Witchfinders) light rose pink, (TV: Arachnids in the UK) and alabaster. (TV: It Takes You Away)

Donna wore an eggplant purple turtleneck jumper when she corrected the paradox in the parallel world created by the Time Beetle. (TV: Turn Left) She also wore a charcoal jumper during her final adventures with the Tenth Doctor. (TV: Turn Left, The Stolen Earth|Journey's End) She also wore a rose pink jumper with maroon stripes during her adventures with the Fourteenth Doctor. (TV: The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder, The Giggle)                     

Jo Grant wore jumpers in magenta, (TV: Terror of the Autons) bottle green, (TV: The Mind of Evil) tan, (TV: The Claws of Axos) eggplant purple, (TV: The Sea Devils) and teal. (TV: The Three Doctors)

Rose Noble wore an emerald green jumper when she met the Fourteenth Doctor, Beep the Meep, and some Wrarth Warriors. (TV: The Star Beast)

Bliss wore a battleship grey jumper during her first adventures with the Eighth Doctor. (AUDIO: The Starship of Theseus, Echoes of War, The Conscript|One Life) She also wore one in emerald green. (AUDIO: The Famished Lands)

Liz Shaw wore a crimson turtle neck jumper during her first encounter with Early Silurians during the Wenley Moor Affair; (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians) and when helping many versions of the Doctor and companions. (GAME: Lost in Time)

Ruby Sunday wore a fuchsia pink jumper during her first adventure with the Fifteenth Doctor who wore a tangerine jumper when looking for goblins. (TV: The Church on Ruby Road)

Zoe Heriot wore an eggplant jumper when reuniting with Jamie McCrimmon on the Memory TARDIS. (TV: The Mind Robber)

Worn by the Master[[edit]]

The Master's UNIT incarnation wore an alabaster jumper during his first encounter with Sea Devils during the Seasprite Incident. (TV: The Sea Devils)

Worn by others[[edit]]

Petronella Osgood wore a beige jumper. (TV: The Zygon Inversion/The Zygon Inversion)

Rachel Jensen wore a sky blue jumper with a turtleneck collar when she first met the Seventh Doctor during the Hand of Omega Incident. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

Harriet Jones wore a silver grey jumper when she sacrificed herself to bring the Tenth Doctor to where the New Dalek Empire hid Earth during the Planetary Relocation Incident. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

Sylvia Noble wore a fuchsia pink jumper with a v-neck collar over a white shirt when she witnessed President Rassilon's End of Time gambit. (TV: The End of Time)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Information from invalid sources[[edit]]

Deborah (as played by Minnie Driver in the Doctor Who serial Father Time) had a "dowdy" appearance, as described by a costume designer, executed using unflattering jumpers and corduroy trousers. (PROSE: Father Time: "Set Visit" [+]Loading...["Father Time: \"Set Visit\" (short story)"])