The Three Doctors (TotT TV story)

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The Three Doctors was the fourth episode of the series Tales of the TARDIS and was released on BBC iPlayer on 1 November 2023 by the BBC, written by Phil Ford and directed by Joshua M.G. Thomas.

This story consists of two newly recorded scenes placed on either side of an omnibus version of the TV story The Three Doctors.


Jo Jones and Clyde Langer meet again as she remembers when the Time Lords summoned three Doctors to fight an awesome adversary from Gallifrey's past.


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  • The use of an archive recording was utilised to allow Stewart Bevan to posthumously reprise his role as Clifford Jones.
  • This is the only instalment of Tales of the TARDIS that features a character who was not in the original episode, and one who didn't originate from the 1963-1996 era — namely Clyde Langer, a friend of Sarah Jane Smith from the spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures.