The Mind Robber (TotT TV story)

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The Mind Robber was the second episode of the series Tales of the TARDIS. It was released on BBC iPlayer on 1 November 2023 by the BBC, written by Pete McTighe and directed by Joshua M.G. Thomas, and was notable for featuring the televised returns of the Second Doctor companions Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot.

This story consists of two newly recorded scenes placed on either side of an omnibus version of the TV story The Mind Robber.


Jamie and Zoe meet again and remember their encounter with robots, clockwork soldiers and Medusa in a Land of Fiction governed by a mysterious master.


Jamie McCrimmon appears in the remembered TARDIS, and asks where he is when Zoe Heriot arrives to tell him she thinks it's the Doctor's TARDIS. After they embrace, Jamie and Zoe discuss the Time Lords wiping their memories and how they have regained their memories since they entered this new TARDIS.

Jamie and Zoe discuss the conspicuous absence of the Second Doctor before moving on to the subject of family. Jamie says that he has five daughters and nineteen grandchildren, and Zoe tells him about her son, James. Zoe says she married a man she met on Earth, in Australia, and reveals that she is in her third inauguration as president.

They discuss how their experiences with the Doctor still influenced them, all through their lives, even if they couldn't previously remember them. Zoe says that they keep the Doctor alive by telling their stories and the lights in the TARDIS whirl. Two chairs appear and the pair take a seat. They begin to discuss the time they went into the Land of Fiction and memories start to flood back...

As the memories fade, the two discuss the events of the story. Zoe says that the TARDIS has restored their memories for good. They settle down for another story and they begin to discuss the Ice Warriors and Victoria Waterfield. Zoe reassures Jamie that Victoria will have thought of him every day and they go quiet, reminiscing...



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  • This is the first live-action appearance of Jamie since Emperor of the Daleks in 1994 and Zoe, albeit as an illusion, since The Five Doctors in 1983.
  • Jamie and Zoe talking of Victoria in the epilogue also serves to eulogise the late Deborah Watling. Similarly, the focus on Jamie getting a different face in The Mind Robber could be seen as a little homage to the late Hamish Wilson, who played Jamie when his face was altered.


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