Laundro-Room of Doom (comic story)

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Laundro-Room of Doom was a comic story published in Free Comic Book Day 2015.


Chaos strikes when the Doctor and Gabriella Gonzalez attempt to do their laundry aboard the TARDIS!


The Tenth Doctor and Gabriella enter the TARDIS, with Gabriella complaining about the rain, and the Doctor arguing that the TARDIS overshot Summer. The Doctor leads her down into the TARDIS to the laundry room. Gabriella stops at the boot cupboard and asks for the purpose. The two reach the Laundry Room where the Doctor tells Gabriella how the system works and what features it has. He starts it up, forgetting that his Sonic Screwdriver is still in his jacket pocket. When they reach the wardrobe, Gabriella sees the Sixth Doctor's outfit nearby and questions it to which the Doctor replies it was the height of fashion when he wore it. As the two go through the wardrobe, a mud creature ends up coming out of the laundry system, carrying the Sonic Screwdriver and lurches through the TARDIS to the Doctor's location. Gabriella ends up screaming and as the Doctor grabs his Screwdriver the mud creature collapses. The Doctor exclaims and realises the Screwdriver agitated the dirt and mud molecules and with a low-level telepathic field, caused the mud to form into a golem-like creature.



  • Gabby sees the Sixth Doctor's suit in the TARDIS wardrobe and the Doctor defends the outfit by claiming "it was the height of sartorial splendour."
  • Parts of the Fourth, Fifth and Eighth Doctor's costumes appear in the TARDIS wardrobe.