Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook (comic story)

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Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook was the seventh story of the Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor comic strip series, published in 2015. It was a Doctor-lite story focusing on other characters, and saw the series debut of Jack Harkness.


Gabby's best friend Cindy remained on Earth at the end of her last adventure with the Doctor – a decision Cindy immediately regretted! Now, with only Gabby's sketchbook of unseen adventures to guide her, she must find her way back to the Doctor... but sinister forces already have her under surveillance!


Cindy sits on a park bench, reading Gabby's book. Reading a line of text mentioning Dorothy Bell, she drops the book on the bench, shocked by the fact that she had time to write it after the previous events.

The book begins to float, and turns to a page talking about a "Dark Anubis" and Sutekh. She quickly shuts it, and reopens it to find the page missing. However, the drawing of Dorothy has changed, and she realises it was not Gabby altering the book, but Dorothy.

Cleo walks over to her, and they talk. Suddenly, a man named Ebonite appears and accuses Cleo of hiding something. Cindy tries to sneak away with the book, but Ebonite releases a floating skull which discovers it. Cindy runs, and Ebonite disappears. Cleo shoots the skull and runs over to Cindy. However, the skull survived, and shoots Cleo.

Ebonite reappears and threatens Cindy to hand over the book. Erik arrives and argues with Ebonite. Ebonite shoots Erik, who falls to the ground, seemingly dead. Cindy grabs Cleo's gun and points it towards the book, threatening to destroy it. She mentions the Doctor, which shocks Ebonite.

The skull is about to shoot again, but another man walks up to Ebonite, saying he's a friend of the Doctor and has been tracking Ebonite. He shoots Ebonite, causing him to split into many smaller versions of himself. Ebonite flees as Erik gets up, saying he was saved by a personal shield generator.

Cindy and Cleo thank the man who saved them, asking for his name. He steps into the light, revealing himself to be Captain Jack Harkness.



  • Gabby and Cindy went to Echo Lake when they were ten or eleven.
  • Cindy compares the shrunken form of Mister Ebonite to the people of Lilliput.


  • The Tenth Doctor and Gabby Gonzalez do not appear in this story, outside of drawings within Gabby's sketchbook. This makes this a Doctor-lite story.

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