The Lost Dimension (comic story)

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The Lost Dimension was a miniseries published by Titan Comics. It served as a four-way crossover between Titan's ongoing series Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor, Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor and Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor, uniting the four Doctors and their companions, similarly to Supremacy of the Cybermen and Four Doctors.

Plot summary[[edit]]

Part one: Alpha[[edit]]

In a section of space, a white hole has opened and is consuming the surrounding space and planets. It has reached the planet, Sultath, where Jack Harkness and Tara Mishra are. Jack is trying to get the two of them off the planet, but interference from the hole prevents the vortex manipulator from working. He tries to contact the Ninth Doctor, but the interference affects the communication, and the Doctor assumes Jack is in a bar somewhere. With the Doctor not coming to their rescue, it seems all is lost, until the arrival of a mysterious woman in Gallifreyan armour.

At St Luke's University, the phone in the Doctor's chambers starts ringing. Nardole answers the phone, and tells the person calling to hold, while he takes the phone and runs off down the hallway.

Over in the library, the Twelfth Doctor is looking at history books and tossing aside ones that are inaccurate, an act that makes it difficult for Bill Potts to study. Nardole arrives, handing the phone to the Doctor. The person on the other end tells him that she's dropping in for tea. The Doctor walks over to the nearby window and sees something that makes him turn around and yell for everyone to get out.

A starship crashes into the library, demolishing it completely but with the trio unharmed, with Nardole protecting Bill. Pulling himself out the rubble, the Doctor reverently recognises the craft as a bowship before the pilot steps out, revealing herself as Jenny, the Doctor's daughter from Messaline.

Meanwhile, the Tenth Doctor, Gabby Gonzalez, and Cindy Wu are travelling in the Doctor's TARDIS. The Doctor is telling the two women about an adventure he had, when the Cloister Bell starts ringing. Suddenly, the trio find themselves in an earlier version of the TARDIS, and the Third Doctor is on the floor, being consumed by some white energy. The Tenth Doctor tries to help him, but the Third Doctor and his TARDIS fade away, leaving the trio back in their own TARDIS. According to the Tenth Doctor, the two TARDISes were merging, so his TARDIS had used an emergency temporal displacement to escape.

Back at the university, the four have moved to the Doctor's chambers and are enjoying some tea. Nardole is concerned. The Doctor assumes it's about the Vault, but he checked it, and it's completely fine. Nardole corrects him by saying he's more concerned about the crashed bowship, but the Doctor has dealt with that by calling in UNIT.

At the crash site, Kate Stewart has had the area closed off, via a D-notice as always. As Petronella Osgood marvels at the ship, she gets shocked by the strange white energy saturating its hull.

Back with the quartet, Jenny explains why she came here. For some time now, Jenny had been tracking a white hole anomaly that has been devouring the universe and followed it to Sultath where she ran across Jack and Tara. Though Jenny tried to save them, the white hole ultimately consumed them both, Jenny flying in after them in her bowship. Unfortunately, the gravity waves proved too much for the ship until the Fifth Doctor arrived. Though he attempted to create a gravity shell to tow the bowship to safety, the local gravity was too strong, leaving him no choice but to physically ram the bowship to freedom. The cost of this was leaving the Fifth Doctor to be consumed by the white hole.

Meanwhile, the Eleventh Doctor finishes repairing the TARDIS's translation matrix, allowing Alice Obiefune to be able to understand what he's saying. An alarm starts going off, prompting the Doctor to go check the console. The Doctor reveals that he lied when he told Alice that hearing the Cloister Bell was the worst thing that could ever happen. The alarm is being caused by the TARDIS's Doomsday Circuit, which goes off when it detects the end of time, or, in this case, space. The TARDIS flies into the white void.

Back at the university, the Twelfth Doctor asks how Jenny found him. She tells him that this is the only place and time he has stayed still long enough for her to locate him, given that she couldn't get past Trenzalore's shield. Bill has heard enough and knows they need to do something to help the Fifth Doctor, Jack, and Tara. Running over to the TARDIS, she reaches out her hand to open the door. As she touches the door, she is attacked by the white energy, which enters her body. At that moment, Kate and Osgood arrive. The Doctor asks Osgood to help him analyse the white energy attacking Bill, but she refuses. Osgood, Kate, and the UNIT soldiers have been possessed by the white energy. Osgood states that Bill will soon know peace, and so will the others.

Part two: Ninth Doctor Special[[edit]]

On the Pacific Ocean, in 1886, a ship hits something beneath the water. Using a net, the men pull the object aboard, revealing it to be the TARDIS. The door opens and Rose Tyler steps out, wanting to know where she is. Not long after, the Ninth Doctor emerges and very quickly gets into an argument with one of the sailors, only for it to be broken up by the captain of the ship, Madame Vastra, who welcomes the duo aboard the Mary Anning.

Inside her quarters, Vastra and Jenny Flint serve tea to their guests. Vasta and Flint explain to Rose about Vastra's origins. The Doctor asks Vastra why she's here. Vastra explains about how a Silurian corpse, one from the scholar class, was found and she is now looking for other possible Silurian survivors. The Doctor quickly dismisses the idea and starts to depart with Rose only for the shopgirl to mention that the Doctor is taking her to meet a guru who has three eyes, a description perfectly matching a scholar Silurian. Vastra knows the Doctor is hiding something and confronts him, but before she can get any answers, the ship is hit by a creature who wrecks the boat.

The next morning, Rose awakens to find herself, the Doctor, Vastra, Flint, and a couple of sailors alive on an island. Vastra identifies the creature as a Myrka. She's angry at the Doctor for keeping his secrets, as they have now cost her the ship and half her crew. At that moment, the group is surrounded by Silurians. Vastra starts to greet them, but one of them shoots her. The Silurians take everyone except Flint away, while she stays behind to tend to the unconscious Vastra.

The group is led to the leaders of the tribe. The Doctor greets one of them, Horlak, who recognises the Doctor. Horlak asks the Doctor why he has come here. The Doctor brings Rose forward. After the incident with Addison Delamar, Rose's mind was left fractured. According to the TARDIS, Rose is on the verge of a full psychotic episode. Horlak reaches into Rose's mind and begins healing it. A voice calls out from within Rose's mind, one Rose recognises to be Jack Harkness.

Jack has established a psychic projection through Horlak, so he can communicate with the Doctor and Rose. The Doctor asks Jack how he pulled this off, and Jack steps aside to allow someone else to speak. To the Doctor's surprise, the person responsible is the Fourth Doctor. The Fourth Doctor begins to explain that the universe is being devoured before the projection begins to break down. The Ninth Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to boost the signal, but gets interrupted by the arrival of Vastra and Flint, resulting in the projection fading away.

The Doctor is furious with Vastra, but Vastra is just as angry. She demands for the Doctor to tell her why he hid this tribe from her. As it turns out, this tribe of Silurians have a disease, Raldoma Syndrome. It doesn't affect the scholar Silurians, but it does affect the warrior Silurians, like Vastra. Years ago, the Sixth Doctor helped set up this place, a location to keep these Silurians under quarantine, so they can't infect any other Silurians.

As the Doctor instructs Vastra to flee the island, Rose calls out to him, pointing out that some of the Silurians have been infected by the white energy before even Vastra and Flint fall victim to it. Rose quickly picks up one of the Silurian guns and shoots Vastra, freeing her from the energy. The Doctor quickly takes the gun from Rose but not due to his usual distaste for guns, but so that he can amplify it with his screwdriver. The gun's stun setting works by interfering with neural networks and the amplification can allow it to free everyone else in the room from the corruption.

After freeing everyone, the Doctor asks Horlak if he can borrow another gun, as his modification ruined the first gun. Horlak agrees and states that he and the others will creating a telepathic dam to block the corruption of the white energy. As everyone begins to leave, Horlak calls the Doctor back, in order to give him another message from his past.

Later, the Doctor joins everyone else back at the TARDIS. The Doctor moves the TARDIS to 13 Paternoster Row. He then asks Vastra to look after Rose, as he's going somewhere dangerous that might be the end of him. The Doctor departs in the TARDIS. Flint assures Rose that the Doctor knows what he is doing, most of the time. Unknown to the two of them, Vastra and the sailors have been possessed by the white energy.

Part three: The Tenth Doctor[[edit]]

In his TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor stares at a projection of the Third Doctor being attacked by the white energy, while Cindy is wondering just how old the Doctor really is. Suddenly, the TARDIS shakes. The Doctor checks the console and sees they've encountered a temporal funnel and extreme gravitational stresses that pull the TARDIS back into N-Space.

The TARDIS ends up near a space station poised on the brink of the gravity well of a cluster of neutron stars, linked to another region of space via a hyperspace corridor. The Doctor makes an emergency landing aboard the station, while wondering what kind of force could draw the TARDIS off course.

The trio step outside, and the Doctor realises that the station is a power refining facility, from the late Expansion Era, mining energy from the neutron helix. An alarm tells them that the station, Poseidon, is on lockdown. At that moment, two officers, Co-ordinator Akiyama and Senior Hyperspace Tech Mouchgober enter the room. They call out to the Doctor, apparently recognising him. However, it turns out they are mistaking him for Doctor Bell, who is supposed to be visiting the station to conduct an inspection. Using quick wits and psychic paper, the Doctor and Gabby quickly trick them into believing that Bell is detained and that the trio are a replacement team.

The two officers bring the trio to Central Control, where Director Jessop is not happy to see them. The trio have come at a bad time, as the neutron helix, known as Hades' Helix, is flaring up. The helix is producing a large amount of electromagnetic radiation. The Doctor quickly moves over to a nearby console. With some adjustments, the Doctor not only fixes the shields, but improves them. With the immediate crisis resolved, Jessop asks Akiyama to take Cindy on an inspection tour, while he will show the Doctor and Gabby around Central Control.

Jessop explains that the station is the core collection point for the energy mining. They use collection probes to mine the energy. The probes beam the energy to the station, which transmits the energy through the corridor to the power collection plant at Ultima Tarsus. The corridor also serves as the anchor for the station, protecting it from the helix's gravitational forces.

Meanwhile, Akiyama and Cindy are down at the docking ports. Akiyama points out one of the collection probes, floating in space. She mentions that two probes when missing some time ago. Cindy notices that the probe is moving to dock with the station, something that the probes are not supposed to do. Cindy suggests it might be one of the missing probes. To Akiyama's shock, it is one of those probes.

Back in Central Control, Jessop tells the Doctor about the missing probes. One of the officers calls the group over to his console. According to the readings, the helix is collapsing inward at an impossible rate, becoming a black hole. The Doctor states it's not impossible, but is widely accelerated, possibly artificially. At that moment, Gabby gets a text from Cindy, about the missing probes docking with the station. The Doctor patches Cindy into the comm unit and tells her to get away from the docking port. Whoever is inside the probe is not friendly.

The station shakes as it's bombarded by time distortions. According to the Doctor, this is not a natural phenomenon, but one that's been engineered. Looking at a nearby screen, the Doctor and Gabby see the distortions are being caused by the white energy they saw attack the Third Doctor. The scanners then detect approaching ships, that turn out to be Cyber-ships. The Doctor yells at Cindy to run away from the docking port, as the station is being invaded by the CyberNomads. At that moment, the docking hatch opens, and Cybermen start swarming into the station, overpowering the security officers, while Akiyama and Cindy run.

Back at Central Control, the Doctor watches the Cybermen infect the security officers, with what looks like some new Cyber-virus. Mouchgober reports that the second probe is docking, which means there will be more of them, but Jessop has changed the access cipher, which will slow them down. The Doctor is unconvinced as he directs their attention to the Cyber-ships spewing out reinforcements before telling Jessop that Poseidon must be evacuated.

While Jessop gives the evacuation order, the Doctor talks to Gabby. The Cybermen were already here, planning the attack. But, the helix's sudden mutation means something else is going on here. Right now, they need to plot a safe route for Cindy and Akiyama to get back to Central Control. While Gabby does this, the Doctor overhears Jessop talking to another officer. The civilian personnel have been safely launched from the station and into the corridor. However, the Cybermen have trashed the lower docking ring. There are no escape ships left for the officers to use.

The station shakes, as the Cyber-ships starting ramming into it. This baffles the Doctor, as the Cybermen aren't acting logically. Then it hits him. There is no Cyber-virus. It's the white energy, which has infected the Cybermen. The Doctor does a deep scan of the collapsing helix, and finds that it's not becoming a black hole, but a white hole. Streams of time distortions are emanating from the hole, reaching out for the station, even accounting for the station's continual drift. There is an intelligence within the hole.

The Doctor tells Jessop that he and his crew need to evacuate now. Since there are no escape ships, the crew will have to use the collection probes. The Doctor will use the station's power beam to push the probes through the corridor, allowing them to safely arrive at Ultima Tarsus. They should also destroy the station, so that the Cybermen can't use the corridor. The Cybermen were planning on taking over the station, intending to use as a platform to stage an invasion of Ultima Tarsus, before the white energy infected them. Jessop and his crew need to make it back to Ultima Tarsus, to inform people about what happened here, so something like this can't happen again. Jessop agrees and begins working on the evacuation, and priming the station to self-destruct.

Gabby then reports a problem. The increasing number of Cybermen is limiting the options she can use to safely guide Cindy. The Doctor points out that they can go through the vacuum core. But, the core is where the energy beam is generated and there's no air in there. Cindy hears this and tells the Doctor that she hates him. The Doctor ignores this and tells Cindy to go through the core.

Outside the core, Akiyama gives Cindy a cube, containing a self-enclosing E-Suit. All she has to do is tap the cube to her chest and the suit will form around her. As Akiyama begins explaining what will happen when they open the access hatch, Cindy puts on her suit. She then notices the Cybermen behind Akiyama and tries to warn her. But, it's too late, as a Cyberman grabs Akiyama, infecting her. Her suit cube files out of her hand and into Cindy's. The Doctor tells Cindy to not let the Cybermen touch her. She tosses the cube at the Cybermen, causing the lead one to stumble and slow down the others. However, the infected Akiyama grabs Cindy's ankle, just before Cindy opens the access hatch, and everyone is blown into the core.

The Doctor orders Gabby to go get Cindy and to take her back to the TARDIS, without removing Cindy's suit. The Doctor heads over to Jessop and his crew, who have boarded a collection probe. Jessop thanks the Doctor for his help, before launching the pod. The Doctor then re-aligns the energy beam, pushing the pod safely through the corridor.

As the station enters its death throes, the Doctor runs back to the TARDIS, noticing that the white hole has begun consuming the local space. At the TARDIS, he meets Gabby and Cindy. To his surprise, Cindy isn't infected. With no time to ponder on this, the trio quickly get inside the TARDIS and dematerialise, seconds before the station self destructs. The TARDIS is unable to get away, however, as one of the white hole's tendrils grabs onto the ship, dragging them off-course. As the Doctor ponders over everything, someone or something starts knocking on the door, which the Doctor proclaims to be impossible.

Part four: The Eleventh Doctor[[edit]]

Inside the white void, the Eleventh Doctor confirms that there's nothing outside the TARDIS. Alice comments on it, giving the Doctor an idea. Even nothing has to have some substance, a point of origin. Scanning again, the Doctor detects a pinhole anomaly, so small that it's almost undetectable. The Doctor decides to fly the TARDIS through the anomaly, but that requires for him to shrink the TARDIS's external dimensions to do so. Despite Alice's protests, the Doctor goes through with it.

On the other side, the TARDIS returns to normal size as it lands on a planet. Checking the console, the Doctor is shocked to discover where they landed. They are on Gallifrey, in the ancient past. Alice suggests that they should leave, but the Doctor reveals that the fluid links were evaporated. They need mercury to repair the TARDIS, and they can only get some from outside. Since they are on Gallifrey, the Doctor must not interfere with events, so the two will have to lay low.

To prevent the TARDIS from being discovered, the Doctor sets up a dampening field and moves the ship to a house the two rent. Since he can't get the mercury, the Doctor spends his days checking over the other systems on the TARDIS, noting that the TARDIS is strangely exhausted from its trip through the micro-conduit.

One day, the Doctor decides to check out a trading post in the Higher City, that dealt with secondhand scientific equipment, with the hope it might have something he can use. As they pass near the TARDIS shipyard, they find themselves in a time loop, but not a powerful one, as the Doctor is able to shield both himself and Alice from the effects with his sonic screwdriver. The two investigate to discover a group of scientists attempting to use a D-Bubble Fluxer to imprint a Type 1 TARDIS with larger interior dimensions. However, the time capsule has gone out of control, and is attacking and consuming the scientists.

Using his screwdriver, the Doctor has the time capsule focus on him. He speaks to it, calming it down, and resulting in it releasing the scientists it has captured. He gives the scientists some advice and asks for some spare fluid links. The scientists ask who he and Alice are, so he introduces them as "Alice and the other one". The Doctor and Alice try to come up with a name for him to use, before the Doctor decides to have everyone call him "Theta-Sigma". Watching all this from a balcony is Rassilon, who orders Prefect Sarkis to bring Theta-Sigma to him.

In his office, Rassilon studies the Doctor's screwdriver, noting how sophisticated it is. He also has the distinct feeling he has met the Doctor before. The Doctor denies this, stating that he is a humble inventor from the cheese-making quarter of the Lower City. Rassilon isn't fooled. The Doctor is clearly a Level 7 Evolved Time Sensitive, just like Rassilon is. Rassilon asks the Doctor how he was missed by the census. The Doctor reveals it was because he put down making cheese as his primary skill, telling him to ask Alice to confirm this. This leads to Rassilon mistaking Alice to be the Doctor's wife.

Rassilon asks the Doctor why he asked the scientists for fluid links. The Doctor makes a comment that the current use of validium in the links is dangerous, and that they should use mercury or rubidium instead. Rassilon is impressed with the Doctor's knowledge and decides to have him become one of the test pilots. Instructing his two scientists, Arno and Zika to fast track the Doctor through the training program.

As the days go by, the Doctor helps the Gallifreyans develop the time capsules in ways that were unobtrusive or would have little impact on future developments. One day, a test flight is scheduled to occur. Three time capsules will be jumping days forwards and backwards in time. The Doctor has been selected as one of the pilots. He plans to move the time capsule to where the TARDIS is, and then use the capsule's fluid links to repair the TARDIS, allowing the duo to depart.

Alice heads back to the TARDIS to wait for the Doctor. When she gets there, she finds a floating hypercube inside. The cube greets her, projecting the image of the Second Doctor. The Doctor tells Alice to warn his future incarnation to avoid piloting the Type 1 TARDIS at all costs.

As Alice runs to the test chamber, the Eleventh Doctor is already there. He notes that the capsule assigned to him is the same one he calmed down before. Rassilon had done this on purpose, as he figured that the flight would go more smoothly, since the Doctor has a sort of bond with the capsule.

The test commences and the first two TARDISes dematerialise successfully. However, when the Doctor tries to dematerialise his capsule, something goes wrong. Rassilon tells him to abort the flight, but it's too late, as the TARDIS vanishes after entering the Time Vortex.

One of the scientists has determined that there was an extra dimensional bubble hidden in the capsule, likely left over from the first attempt to insert internal dimensions inside the plasmic shell. This second bubble was unstable. The moment the capsule entered the vortex, the bubble burst, causing a catastrophic dimensional breakdown.

Alice runs into the room, asking where the Doctor is. Rassilon breaks the news to her. The Doctor is lost, forever. Alice collapses to the ground and cries.

Part five: Special #1[[edit]]

River Song[[edit]]

River Song and Willdar are on a mysterious planetoid. River has a mining drone following her. River asks for 'charges', which Willdar is immediately confused about, but soon, the ground behind River explodes. She jumps around, throwing more charges down, exploding more of the ground and tossing Willdar around, eventually reaching the 'Dacha'. River exclaims this, pleasured. Willdar, who had just fallen down into the pit River had just blown up, worries over his helmet being broken, though he slows as an army comes rushing towards him. A woman, Terra, after grabbing, and taking Willdar, makes him realise that they are speaking Silurian. Meanwhile, River Song is examining the Dacha. She calls for Willdar, with no response. Puzzled, she assumes the cave is too deep, and is blocking the signal. River climbs up to a vantage point, only to find various portraits of the Third Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and Twelfth Doctor, along with two TARDISes. River orders the mining drone to find Willdar, while she goes to find more of the Dacha. Meanwhile, Willdar is translating the Silurian to himself, as they discuss Willdar being a corrupt human. Willdar is incredibly nervous. Soon, in front of him, he sees a Silurian. He is perplexed by his existence. Meanwhile, the drone is still flying to the dig site, when bits of an 'exploding asteroid' pass the drone. River states confidently that it's an 'exploding asteroid that will endanger the planetoid'. River spots a pot in the centre of the room, which she assumes is the Dacha, when a voice rejects this, and confirms that they are the Dacha. The voice turns out to be from another Silurian. River swiftly points her gun at the Silurian. The Silurian asks for help, in exchange for sparing Willdar, but River denies, claiming that she's not a 'saves everyone' type. Warriors ambush River, encircling her. Meanwhile, Willdar is in a pit, with a large dinosaur. Many people watch, cheering. River jumps down to help Willdar, and she finds out that Willdar has no charges left, and he didn't bring "the cutting laser". River starts to run, claiming that "she hates it when it's easy".

The Fourth Doctor and Romana[[edit]]

While preparing for an evening out in Spithead, the Fourth Doctor and Romana discover a rift in the multiverse and materialize on a Kroton ship, and the Doctor is immediately puzzled at the Krotons' relative level of power compared to his past experience with them. His confusion increases when the Krotons are attacked by Quarks, whom are also much more powerful than they should be. After the Krotons slay the boarders, they reveal that they come from a parallel universe, one where they reign supreme, a breach opened by the white holes and now intend to conquer this universe. As the Time Lord duo comments on the impossibility of inter-dimensional travel, the Ogron Confederation of Planets arrives. As the three fleets come to blows, the Doctor explains to Romana that the Ogrons native to their universe are thugs, usually hired help for greater evils like the Master or the Daleks.

As realisation strikes him, the Doctor and Romana scamper back to the TARDIS, using Romana's parasol to bluff their way past the Krotons. Out in space, the Doctor immobilizes the three flagships and broadcasts a message to all three fleets, confirming that they originate from alternate universes. The Doctor theorizes that all three parties originate from worlds where the Daleks do not exist given that the Daleks would have targeted such powerful entities long ago. The intruders are unconvinced, asking why the Daleks do not rule the universe if they are so powerful. Romana attributes that to the Doctor himself, always defeating the Daleks when they are on the verge of total victory before adding that there are more Time Lords in this universe and that the Doctor is rather unremarkable by their standards. After receiving an information packet on the Time Lords, the fleets retreat back into the rift, with the Doctor taking the TARDIS in after them to find out what caused the rift in the first place.

Part six: The Twelfth Doctor[[edit]]

Faced with the 'possessed' Kate, Osgood, and UNIT forces, the Doctor realises that the energy possessing them does not affect time-travelers, prompting him to order his companions to retreat to the TARDIS to figure out their next move. Once inside the ship, he realises that they have arrived in the TARDIS of the Tenth Doctor, who is joyfully reunited with Jenny before she identifies the Twelfth Doctor as his future self. As Gabby and Cindy explain regeneration to Bill, the two Doctors deduce that the white energy infecting the world is the energy of anti-time, which was brought here by Jenny's bowship. Deciding to analyse the bowship directly, the Doctors and Jenny evacuate the TARDIS in an improvised escape pod, the jettisoned art gallery, but are confronted by a mass of possessed students before those students are knocked out by the Ninth Doctor. The Ninth Doctor explains that he was instructed to come here by their fourth incarnation, before his successors scramble to analyse the bowship. No sooner have they deduced that the white energy is, essentially, a digestive acid that a massive white hole opens in the sky above them.

Part seven: Special #2[[edit]]

River Song[[edit]]

Using forcefields and showmanship, River Song is able to outmaneuver the dinosaur, ordering to be taken to the Dacha revealing to Willdar that she is a time traveller, here to save artifacts that would have been consumed by the white hole. Making her way to the inner chamber, River is confronted by a Dacha who reveals that the Doctor is in peril, showing her a glimpse of the crisis. River is not swayed, however, she trusts the Doctor to handle himself and he would call if he needed her. Once again, she offers to help the displaced Silurians but can do only one thing. Shatter the urn that's keeping their planet in this universe, sending it back through the Void. Years later, River meets Doctor Willdar at his graduation and tells him of what she had to do.


Very shortly after leaving Messaline, Jenny's ship runs out of power, but she is eventually able to reconfigure her ship's shields into a wormhole generator. After jumping through space, she arrives on a planet in the Kulontor system orbited by a mysterious moon, Terebek, that appears every six months for a short time before it disappears again. After spending six months on the planet, trading her technical skills for the resources needed to craft her armour, Terebek reappears. Using her wormhole generator, Jenny finds the cause of the temporal distortion is a wrecked bowship. Drawn by the Seal of Rassilon, something Jenny felt compelled to decorate her armour with, Jenny repairs the bowship, in about thirty minutes, before shooting off, picking up Jack Harkness' distress signal.


Refusing to believe that the Eleventh Doctor has died, Alice waits until nightfall, before sneaking into the lab and stealing one of the two remaining Type 1 Time Capsules, who likewise refuses to believe her sister is dead, setting off to try to find the Doctor.

Part eight: Omega[[edit]]

The four Doctors.

As the Doctors face the rift above the university, the Twelfth Doctor suggests that he, the Ninth and Tenth Doctors use their TARDISes to create a gravity shell and move Earth ever so slightly to take it out of range of the rift. A plan they cannot implement because the Tenth and Twelfth Doctor's TARDISes have merged. As the mob continues to advance, destroying the Ninth Doctor's gun, everyone races into his TARDIS, finding that it too has merged with its counterparts. As the Twelfth and Tenth Doctors try to find their console rooms, the latter runs into the Eighth Doctor and Josie Day coming out of another rift forcing everyone out of the TARDIS.

After the Eighth Doctor explains that the other Doctors have become trapped on the other side of the rift, the Ninth, Tenth and Twelfth Doctors depart in Jenny's bowship while the Eighth Doctor remains with the companions on Earth to try and contain the situation. Travelling through the rift, the three Doctors followed the destroyed planets to a stellar version of the Eleventh Doctor, drawing everything into him. Entering the rift, the bowship detects a Type 1 TARDIS nearby, one whose shell is mimicking the Eleventh Doctor, before they find all the planets being "digested" before they are contacted by their previous selves who use their TARDISes to enhance the bowship's shielding allowing them to crash into the Type 1's control room.

Pulling themselves out the wrecked ship, the Twelfth Doctor asks his predecessor what happened who reveals that the leftover dimensional bubble caused the Type 1 to panic and wind up in the Void. Content with such peace, she refused to return to Gallifrey prompting him to pull his usual trick of showing the wonders to be experienced in the cosmos via the telepathic circuits. Instead the Type 1 saw only chaos and found solace in another of the Doctor's memories. The phrase "Silence Will Fall." Acting on this, she used the Void to open the white holes and draw creation into herself so as to bring order to the chaos.

The Tenth and Twelfth Doctors declare that all they need do is tell the Type 1 to stop but the Ninth laughs off the idea. TARDISes aren't known for listening to Time Lords. Those words strike a brainwave in the Doctors and they establish a psychic link with their previous selves. A TARDIS may never listen to a Time Lord but it will listen to another TARDIS. All eight versions of the Doctor's TARDIS link to the Type 1 allowing it to reevaluate its view on things, jettisoning its cargo.

Back on Earth, the white energy fades away as the Doctors return, confirming that the white holes are closing and all is as it should be, more or less. With everything sorted, the Twelfth Doctor rather brusquely shunts everyone into the Ninth Doctor's TARDIS for lifts home as the memories of all non-Time Lords begin to fade away. While Nardole and Bill initially misread his joy at this as an invitation to clear off, the Doctor only drags them both away for a story about a TARDIS that she just wanted some peace.



  • Jenny travels in a Bowship.
  • Jenny's body suit bears the Seal of Rassilon.
  • The Ninth Doctor and Jack agreed to meet in the 1880s, but the Doctor is cut off before the specific year can be heard. The Doctor and Rose are later seen in 1886.
  • The Twelfth Doctor tells the students to go eat beans on toast, or watch others do it on YouTube.
  • Nardole claims the Doctor has more lives than a cat nun.
  • Osgood is wearing another outfit inspired by the Doctor, this time heavily based off the Sixth Doctor's fashion sense.
  • Romana was given a parasol as a gift from Emmeline Pankhurst.
  • On Earth, the Void spread to Bristol, London, Sydney, Delhi, Shanghai, Dubai, and Pontefract.
  • Willdar's maternal grandmother was a Zygon, and he implies the rest of his heritage is human, making him a hybrid.


  • This is Jenny's first appearance outside of flashbacks and cameos since her introduction in 2008's The Doctor's Daughter.
  • Jenny is elated to make contact with the Fifth Doctor and exclaims, "Dad!", when she hears his voice. This is a nod to the fact that, in the real world, Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison is the father of Georgia Moffett, who portrayed Jenny in the series.
  • In the final panel of issue 1, the Twelfth Doctor is drawn with his Series 8 appearance.
  • The Ninth Doctor Special addresses the differences between the Silurians seen across the TV series, featuring all three variants. Vastra, of the subspecies first seen in The Hungry Earth, is identified by Silurian guards, identical to the original Silurians from Doctor Who and the Silurians, as a "Warrior". She in turn identifies the corpse of such a Silurian as being of the "Scholar caste". This tribe is led by Horlak who is flanked by Silurians of the kind seen in Warriors of the Deep. The appearance of Horlak himself is derived from an unused "three eyed" design which was sculpted for The Hungry Earth. Appearing separately in River Song's story is the Dacha, a Silurian male resembling Vastra's subspecies but with a third eye.
  • The Ninth Doctor converses with the Fourth Doctor via psychic projection, and later meets up with the Tenth and Twelfth Doctors. This marks the first time in the Doctor Who franchise where the Ninth Doctor is shown interacting with one of his other incarnations outside of a meeting involving every Doctor. The closest previous occurrence of this would be in the audio story Night of the Whisper, in which the Eleventh Doctor leaves a video message for the Ninth Doctor, who recognises his successor, but the two do not truly meet.
  • Despite Special #1 being marketed as three separate stories with River Song, the Fourth Doctor, and Jenny; only stories for the first two were in the issue. Likewise, Special #2 was marketed the same, but contained the conclusion to River's story, a story for Jenny between The Doctor's Daughter and the Alpha issue, and a story for Alice Obiefune immediately after issue four.
  • For the second time, the Tenth Doctor, upon meeting the Twelfth Doctor, assumes he is his immediate successor, as he only has one regeneration left. The first was in the comic story Vortex Butterflies. Interestingly, the Tenth Doctor does not comment that the Twelfth Doctor should not exist, as he does in Four Doctors, when he meets the Eleventh Doctor.
  • Issue six shows us that sections of the Tenth Doctor's coral TARDIS console room walls slide up to reveal doors, being one of the few stories to show how this console room connects to the rest of the TARDIS. Previously, a wide circular door opening to a spiral staircase that leads to the TARDIS laundromat is seen in the comic story Laundro-Room of Doom.
  • The Cybermen that appear in the comics resemble their designs that first appeared in Revenge of the Cybermen.
  • Unlike their usual design, the time rotor of the Seventh Doctor and War Doctors' TARDISes are not seen connecting to the ceiling.


  • Despite meeting the Ninth Doctor in 1886, Jenny Flint does not seem to recognise the TARDIS in 1888, nor catch onto regeneration despite having also met the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War, Deep Breath)
  • Despite Jenny's story in part seven beginning at the ending of the television story The Doctor's Daughter, Jenny is wearing a white t-shirt and not the army green t-shirt seen in the episode.
  • On the last page of Part 4, Alice's narration of "Impossible" is missing a text box. It is nearly illegible as it is written over Rassilon.
  • The colour of the Ninth Doctor's jumper changes from grey/black from The Ninth Doctor Special, to mauve in The Twelfth Doctor, to slate green in Omega, despite there being no narrative gaps between the latter two.