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Paper Cuts was the one hundred and twenty-fifth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Marc Platt and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and India Fisher as Mila.

Released in September 2009, it features the return of the Draconians, who had already appeared in four audio dramas in the Bernice Summerfield series. This story saw the Doctor unknowingly travel with Mila, an enemy from the previous story who'd taken on Charley's form and masqueraded as her.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

The Empire is lost. The Deathless Emperors are dead. The future may never happen.

An urgent summons returns the noble Doctor to a planet he saved from disaster long ago. But Draconia, so elegant yet so savage, is in worse turmoil than ever.

Who will be next Emperor? The highest Prince? The lowest peasant? The soldier with no name? Or the Doctor himself — his life at their command? Who controls the army of deadly origami warriors? And is the truth about Charley painted on paper walls in the Emperor's tomb?

History is taking revenge on the Doctor.


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