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The Thirteenth Doctor officiates a wedding in the Punjab. (TV: Demons of the Punjab [+]Loading...["Demons of the Punjab (TV story)"])

Weddings were ceremonies in which two people were married. A heterosexual married couple consisted of a man and a woman, known as the groom and bride or husband and wife respectively. (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"])

In some cases, families arranged marriages for their offspring. (TV: Marco Polo [+]Loading...["Marco Polo (TV story)"])

Weddings were preceded by a marriage proposal, (TV: Nightmare in Silver [+]Loading...["Nightmare in Silver (TV story)"]) then engagement. (TV: Black Orchid [+]Loading...["Black Orchid (TV story)"]) The eve of a wedding was commemorated by a hen do for the bride (TV: Something Borrowed [+]Loading...["Something Borrowed (TV story)"]) and a stag party for the groom. (TV: The Vampires of Venice [+]Loading...["The Vampires of Venice (TV story)"])

Weddings were attended by the couples' friends and family, (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"], The Big Bang [+]Loading...["The Big Bang (TV story)"]) including a best man (TV: Something Borrowed [+]Loading...["Something Borrowed (TV story)"]) and bridesmaids. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith [+]Loading...["The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (TV story)"]) Traditionally, married couples put on their wedding rings during the ceremony, (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith [+]Loading...["The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (TV story)"]) where the bride wore a wedding dress prepared beforehand. (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"]) Weddings were officiated by registrars (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith [+]Loading...["The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (TV story)"]) or, in religious ceremonies, church vicars. (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"]) Wedding vows were invoked during the ceremony. (TV: The Power of Three [+]Loading...["The Power of Three (TV story)"]) In addition, the couple received a wedding cake (TV: Something Borrowed [+]Loading...["Something Borrowed (TV story)"]) and wedding presents. (TV: The Green Death [+]Loading...["The Green Death (TV story)"])

Weddings were commemorated in a wedding anniversary. (TV: The Power of Three [+]Loading...["The Power of Three (TV story)"])

The Doctor[[edit]]

Over the course of the Doctor's life, they were married more than once.

The Eleventh Doctor marries River Song. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

In 1562, the wedding between the Tenth Doctor and Queen Elizabeth I was attended by the Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald and the War Doctor. This came about after the Tenth Doctor accidentally proposed to her in a ploy to prove that the Queen was in fact a Zygon. When it turned out that it was instead his horse that was the Zygon, though, he was forced to carry through with the marriage. (TV: The Day of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Day of the Doctor (TV story)"])

In 1782, a wedding ceremony was held between the Eighth Doctor and Scarlette. (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street [+]Loading...["The Adventuress of Henrietta Street (novel)"])

In Hollywood in 1952, the Eleventh Doctor accidentally found himself engaged to Marilyn Monroe, and ended up having to leave the party with her to get married. Marilyn got his phone number and attempted to call him, but he denied the legitimacy of the chapel where they were apparently married. (TV: A Christmas Carol [+]Loading...["A Christmas Carol (TV story)"])

In the 2000s,[nb 1] about 20 minutes before the Red Hatching, the Tenth Doctor told Sally Sparrow that due to time travel he was "rubbish at weddings, especially my own." (TV: Blink [+]Loading...["Blink (TV story)"])

In an alternate timeline on 22 April 2011, the wedding of River Song and the Eleventh Doctor was held on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. (TV: The Wedding of River Song [+]Loading...["The Wedding of River Song (TV story)"]) The wedding taking place in a collapsing timeline, as well as lacking any of the usual amenities, caused River to have insecurities about its legitimacy. (AUDIO: R&J [+]Loading...["R&J (audio story)"]

Weddings of the Doctor's companions[[edit]]

In 1986, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler attended the wedding of Pete Tyler and Jackie Prentice. A year later, Pete and Jackie attended the wedding of Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark, during which Pete was hit by a car outside the church and killed. (TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"])

The Seventh Doctor originally did not attend the wedding of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and Doris, but later changed time to a minor extent so that he did attend it. (PROSE: A Romantic Evening [+]Loading...["A Romantic Evening (short story)"])

On 29 October 2009, the wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and Peter Dalton was revealed to be part of the Trickster's scheme and averted with help from the Tenth Doctor. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith [+]Loading...["The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (TV story)"])

On 24 April 2010, the Seventh Doctor assembled the guests and musicians for the wedding of Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane in Cheldon Bonniface. (PROSE: Happy Endings [+]Loading...["Happy Endings (novel)"])

On 26 June 2010, the Eleventh Doctor attended the wedding of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. (TV: The Big Bang [+]Loading...["The Big Bang (TV story)"])

Amy Pond later accidentally married Henry VIII on her anniversary with her proper husband, Rory Williams. Her excuse was that she just heard someone talking and said "yes." (TV: The Power of Three [+]Loading...["The Power of Three (TV story)"])

The Fourth Doctor interrupted the wedding of Romana and Count Grendel on Tara. (TV: The Androids of Tara [+]Loading...["The Androids of Tara (TV story)"])

The Sixth Doctor did not attend the wedding of Evelyn Smythe and Justice Rossiter, much to her disappointment. (AUDIO: Thicker Than Water [+]Loading...["Thicker Than Water (audio story)"])

In 3999, the Eighth Doctor attended the wedding of Stacy Townsend and Ssard on Micawber's World. (PROSE: Placebo Effect [+]Loading...["Placebo Effect (novel)"])

The Fifth Doctor expressed regret at not being able to attend the wedding of Leela and Andred on Gallifrey. (TV: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (TV story)"])

Donna Noble[[edit]]

Donna Noble is "abducted" as she walks down the aisle. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

On 24 December 2007, the wedding of Donna Noble and Lance Bennett was interrupted when she was transported to the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS; her disappearance was captured by the wedding videographer. (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"])

Donna later married Lee McAvoy while in CAL's virtual world. The two lived a virtual life until the Tenth Doctor and River Song freed them from the virtual world. Donna was unable to find Lee again afterwards even though he was real and not a construct of the virtual world. (TV: Forest of the Dead [+]Loading...["Forest of the Dead (TV story)"])

After Donna stopped travelling with the Doctor, she got married again in spring of 2010, this time to Shaun Temple. The Tenth Doctor secretly attended this wedding. The first and last time the Doctor saw Donna, she was in a wedding dress. As a final gift to Donna, the Doctor gave her a lottery ticket to ensure her and her new husband's financial future bought with money borrowed from her deceased father. (TV: The End of Time [+]Loading...["The End of Time (TV story)"])


The Thirteenth Doctor officiates Umbreen and Prem's wedding. (TV: Demons of the Punjab)

On 18 August 1947, Umbreen was the first woman to be married in Pakistan. She married her husband Prem on the Pakistani border with India in a wedding officiated by the Thirteenth Doctor. As they were from two different religions, they performed both the Hindu tradition of having their hands tied together, and the Muslim tradition of the groom giving a treasured possession to the bride. Regrettably the marriage would not last, however, as Prem was murdered barely an hour later by Hindu fanatics led by his younger brother. Umbreen would later remarry and live happily with her new family, but never forgot her first marriage, however brief it might have been. (TV: Demons of the Punjab [+]Loading...["Demons of the Punjab (TV story)"])

The Doctor also once officiated the non-denominational wedding of Albert Einstein, whose parents did not approve of the union. (TV: Demons of the Punjab [+]Loading...["Demons of the Punjab (TV story)"])

The Ninth Doctor was the best man at the wedding of Dave Tonbridge's parents over forty years prior to 2005. (PROSE: Have You Seen This Man? [+]Loading...["Have You Seen This Man? (short story)"])

Both the Third Doctor and Ian Chesterton attended the wedding of Greg Sutton and Petra Williams. (PROSE: The Devil Goblins from Neptune [+]Loading...["The Devil Goblins from Neptune (novel)"])

The wedding of Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams was complicated by the activities of a Nostrovite. (TV: Something Borrowed [+]Loading...["Something Borrowed (TV story)"])

Nyssa was present at the wedding of her father Tremas and stepmother Kassia on Traken. The union was blessed by the Keeper of Traken. (TV: The Keeper of Traken [+]Loading...["The Keeper of Traken (TV story)"])

Once, Donna Noble attended the wedding of her friend Ginny, and was thrown out of the church by a monk. (PROSE: Most Beautiful Music [+]Loading...["Most Beautiful Music (short story)"])

Shortly before the 2323 Dalek invasion of Earth, two men were married at the Dalek Dome's Dalek Wedding Zone. (COMIC: Liberation of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Liberation of the Daleks (comic story)"])


Whilst the Doctor's first fourteen incarnations communicated with each other via the TARDIS' telepathic circuits, the Thirteenth Doctor, upon hearing her second and third incarnations quarrelling, jokingly told them they she would definitely be coming to their wedding, at which her predecessors scoffed. (WC: Doctors Assemble! [+]Loading...["Doctors Assemble! (webcast)"])



  1. While Blink itself uncontroversially sets its main setting in 2007 and "twenty minutes to Red Hatching" a year later in 2008—as Kathy Nightingale's letter describes taking "one breath in 2007 and the next in 1920", and the Tenth Doctor's side of his conversation with Sally Sparrow in 1969 happens 38 years before Sally says hers—these are contradicted by heavily conflicting dates in the Redacted audio series later on regarding both Kathy's disappearance and the Red Hatching. In Angels, Abby McPhail identifies 2008 as the year of Kathy's disappearance, which suggests 2009 as the year of the Red Hatching. In Salvation, the Thirteenth Doctor recognises the Red Hatching as the cause of death of Andy Proctor, who was last seen by his daughter Cleo "nearly 20 years" before 2022 according to Recruits.