TARDIS drawing room

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The TARDIS drawing room was a room in the Doctor's TARDIS. The Eleventh Doctor called it his "private study" and kept mementos of his travels in it.

Its contents included numerous clocks, a New Paradigm Dalek eyestalk, the Book of the Weeping Angels, the Doctor's recorder, a chronon blocker, a map of Medieval Venice, a distress beacon, Liz Ten's face mask, an Ood translator, a Cyberman chest piece, a biodata module fob watch, a Time Lord staff, the Doctor's scarf, a gramophone, a cricket ball, a sonic blaster, A Journal of Impossible Things, and a Sycorax Staff of Helkaac-ak-ac.

The drawing room was also the detaining place of the Entity, a malevolent energy being the Doctor had captured and locked up in a vase. When Amy Pond entered the room at the Doctor's behest, she found it unexpectedly tidy, yet cluttered. While looking for the Saxon Master's laser screwdriver, Amy accidentally released the Entity by breaking the vase in which it was contained. (GAME: TARDIS)