TARDIS art gallery

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The Doctor's TARDIS contained at least one art gallery. The Doctor collected famous works of art which he rescued from the disasters which history stated had destroyed them. (AUDIO: Dust Breeding)

During her time on the TARDIS, Susan Foreman stored her artistic attempts in the gallery, painting recreations of famous human art and her own sketches of Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. (COMIC: In-Between Times)

The Fourth Doctor used the ancillary power station as an art gallery. The walls were lined with paintings, including The Arnolfini Marriage, while the Venus de Milo was in the centre of the room. When the TARDIS was invaded by Sontarans, Kelner and a Sontaran found the ancillary power station and activated a secret button on the Venus de Milo's leg which shut down the ancillary power. In the process all the art work disappeared. (TV: The Invasion of Time)

When Ace got lost while the Seventh Doctor reconfigured the layout of the TARDIS, she briefly entered an art gallery through a hatch on the floor. (COMIC: Cat Litter)

The Tenth Doctor visited the art gallery when the Acari invaded his TARDIS. (COMIC: Tesseract)

The Seventh Doctor said that he "rescue[d]" paintings which were about to be destroyed as a way of obtaining pieces for his TARDIS gallery. (AUDIO: Dust Breeding)

Another TARDIS art gallery existed which had several floors which were mainly populated by sculptures. It also contained Zhe Ikiyuyu portraits of the Second, Third, and Sixth Doctors. When Gabby Gonzalez gave Cindy Wu a tour of the TARDIS, she showed Cindy Zhe's portraits to give an example of some of the Doctor's former selves. (COMIC: Lady of the Blue Box)