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The Doctor's TARDIS was equipped with at least one Olympic-sized swimming pool. (PROSE: Loving the Alien)


The swimming pool was used by Leela, and Borusa also hid from the Sontarans in this area. Both the Fourth Doctor and Leela referred to this room as a "bathroom", and the Doctor described what K9 called "[being] totally immersed in H2O" in this room as a "fine time to take a bath". (TV: The Invasion of Time) Sarah Jane Smith had earlier taken a swim in the pool. (PROSE: Evolution)

During the Doctor's fourth incarnation, the TARDIS had two pools. (AUDIO: White Ghosts) One of them was down the hall from the café. (PROSE: The Last Thing You Ever See)

The Fourth Doctor once left his Five Hundred Year Diary at the TARDIS swimming pool. (AUDIO: The Final Phase)

While looking for Leela aboard the TARDIS, the Fourth Doctor checked both swimming pools, along with the boot cupboard, the sculleries, and the lagoon. He found her in the library, reading. (AUDIO: White Ghosts)

Peri Brown once used liquid nitrogen to freeze the pool into a skating rink, much to the Fifth Doctor's displeasure. (AUDIO: The Roof of the World)

The Seventh Doctor once jettisoned the TARDIS' pool due to leakage, which Mel found bothersome as she wanted to go swimming at the time. (TV: Paradise Towers) The Doctor mentioned to Richard that they'd removed the pool as every time they crash landed, it flooded the ship. (TV: The Disney Club)

He later restored the pool, and used it to brew bootleg beer in order to infiltrate 1929 Chicago's gangster subculture. Ace failed to appreciate the state of the pool when she wanted to swim, nor did she appreciate the Doctor's joke that swimming in the beer would "give it added body." (PROSE: Blood Harvest)

When Izzy Sinclair had her body temporarily swapped with that of the alien Destrii, Izzy had to occasionally use the Eighth Doctor's swimming pool to keep Destrii's amphibious body alive. (COMIC: Beautiful Freak)

Liv Chenka found a bakery near the swimming pool. (AUDIO: Paradox of the Daleks)

Rose pollutes the TARDIS pool. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

When the Tenth Doctor and K9 visited a planet for several hours to help sort out an issue on a planet of slobbering dog monsters, Rose-the-cat became very bored and began doing random things in the TARDIS. One of these involved visiting the TARDIS pool and throwing potted planted into it.

Sometime later, when the Doctor was attempting to form a list of things to clean in the ship, the pair discovered the plant-polluted-pool. Rose acted just as shocked as the Doctor was, pretending to be wholly unaware how such a thing could happen. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

The Tenth Doctor cited the swimming pool as a major sight in the TARDIS, while explaining it was bigger on the inside even than the control room would have people believe. (AUDIO: Death in the New Forest)

When he first met Amy Pond near Easter 1996, the Eleventh Doctor was soaked because — as he explained to her — he had just climbed out of the pool which had fallen into the TARDIS' library during the crash. After the TARDIS finished repairing itself, the Doctor mentioned that he wasn't sure where the swimming pool was now and suggested that it was possibly in the wardrobe. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

The Doctor implied that he swam laps in the pool as a way of avoiding Amy and Rory when they were being amorous. (TV: Amy's Choice)

The Doctor took Alice Obiefune to the pool during her first visit on the TARDIS. She mistook several creatures swimming in the water for goldfish and the Doctor explained that they were actually "a highly aquatic alien race whose world was destroyed," one of whom was named Reg. Later, Alice witnessed the Kharitite and its owner, a giant adolescent walking squid, playing together in the pool. (COMIC: After Life)

John Jones is approached by the Talent Scout after he was transported to the TARDIS pool. (COMIC: Four Dimensions)

John Jones ended up in the TARDIS swimming pool after a crash that separated him from the Eleventh Doctor, Alice, and ARC across four separate dimensions. (COMIC: Four Dimensions)

The Doctor landed the TARDIS against a partially constructed skyscraper in July 1969, with its exterior oriented face-up. He then instructed Amy to open the doors all the way to the swimming pool. A moment later, River Song dove from several stories above into the pool, breaking her fall. Her impact was sufficient that some water splashed even beyond the exterior doors. This was done to fake River's death in the eyes of the Silence. (TV: Day of the Moon)

The Eleventh Doctor later burned up the swimming pool to get enough energy to enter the bubble universe. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)

Clara comes across the pool. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

The pool was back in the TARDIS in its next incarnation, and Clara Oswald came across it while trapped inside. (TV: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

A longer scene involving the TARDIS swimming pool was cut from The Doctor's Wife because Karen Gillan couldn't swim. (REFThe Doctor: His Lives and Times)