TARDIS laundry room

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Gabby Gonzalez and the Tenth Doctor in the TARDIS laundry room (COMICLaundro-Room of Doom)

The Doctor's TARDIS had a laundry room.

Mel said that the Sixth Doctor used the TARDIS laundromat to wash his clothes. (AUDIOThe One Doctor

Ba's ship once became trapped in the TARDIS laundry room for four weeks. (PROSEA Life in the Day)

When the Eighth Doctor's coat was damaged by Tractites, the laundry machine repaired it. (PROSESeeing I)

By the Doctor's ninth incarnation, he hadn't seen the TARDIS laundry room in a while. He believed it was sulking. Rose Tyler asked the Doctor to bring her back to the Powell Estate so she could get her laundry done. (AUDIO: Retail Therapy)

The Tenth Doctor took Gabby to the TARDIS laundry room after their trip to Quompipping, calling it the "Landro-Demat". He explained that the washing machine worked by dematerialising and analysing the clothes and then separating out the dirt and putting everything back together which meant nothing ever came out damaged. It also had an option that enabled the user to scent their clothes with any of thousands of scents, but it did have a glitch that caused the clothes to become crumpled. After accidentally putting his sonic through the wash, it caused a mud monster avatar to develop from their dirty clothes and at the end of the cycle, the Doctor's suit ended up with Gabby's flower print and her shirt ended up with stripes. (COMICLaundro-Room of Doom)