TARDIS garage

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The Doctor's TARDIS had at least one garage.

The Tenth Doctor kept a Vespa motor scooter in storage within the TARDIS. (TVThe Idiot's Lantern) The Sixth Doctor once rented a Volkswagen and stored it in the TARDIS as well. (PROSEInstruments of Darkness)

There was a "tiny garage space" in the Eighth Doctor's TARDIS. It was there that he stored his Volskwagen beetle until it was melted down; later, during an adventure in World War II, he materialised the TARDIS around an entire Panzer tank in such a way that it materialised inside the garage space, only just fitting in the space. (PROSE: Autumn Mist [+]Loading...["Autumn Mist (novel)"])

The Eleventh Doctor had an anti-gravity scooter which he took out of the TARDIS. (TVThe Bells of Saint JohnClara Oswald once parked a motorcycle in the console room; it was subsequently removed from the room. (TVThe Day of the Doctor) The Doctor's beloved old car, Bessie, was also kept around as well. (COMICWhat He Wants...)