Susan's TARDIS bedroom

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During her travels in the TARDIS, Susan Foreman had a bedroom. According to one account, it was later inhabited by Vicki Pallister, (PROSE: Scribbles in Chalk [+]Loading...["Scribbles in Chalk (short story)"]) Dodo Chaplet, (AUDIO: Fugitive of the Daleks) Polly Wright, Victoria Waterfield, Sarah Jane Smith, Leela, (PROSE: House [+]Loading...["House (short story)"]) Romana, (AUDIO: Psychodrome [+]Loading...["Psychodrome (audio story)"]) Nyssa, (PROSE: House [+]Loading...["House (short story)"]) Tegan Jovanka, (TV: Snakedance [+]Loading...["Snakedance (TV story)"], Terminus [+]Loading...["Terminus (TV story)"]) Peri Brown (PROSE: House [+]Loading...["House (short story)"]) and Sam Jones. (PROSE: The Bodysnatchers [+]Loading...["The Bodysnatchers (novel)"])

By another account, they all had separate bedrooms, later kept in the TARDIS holding ring, and Susan's room remained preserved, exactly as she'd left it, all the way into the Eighth Doctor's time. (AUDIO: Relative Dimensions [+]Loading...["Relative Dimensions (audio story)"])


For some of the time Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright were aboard the TARDIS, Susan slept in a communal room (that had two beds and a table) to appear more sociable. (PROSE: The Rag & Bone Man's Story; TV: The Edge of Destruction)

By the time of her departure, Susan had Alydon's coat (TV: The Daleks) and a Blitzen fish (AUDIO: Quinnis) in her room. According to one account, Susan's room remained untouched in the TARDIS holding ring after she left, soon joined by the rooms of other companions. (AUDIO: Relative Dimensions) Minutes after Susan was left on 22nd century Earth, Barbara noticed that the door to her room had already disappeared. (PROSE: Venusian Lullaby)

The Eighth Doctor brought her bedroom out of the holding ring as a Christmas gift for Susan. The Blitzen fish was brought back to life in the process, and wreaked havoc, destroying most of Susan's old possessions. The Doctor later deleted the room so as to move on from the past. (AUDIO: Relative Dimensions)

Used by other companions[[edit]]

According to other accounts, the room continued to be utilised, the first of which was Vicki Pallister (TV: The Web Planet, PROSE: Scribbles in Chalk) and after she left, the First Doctor planned to give the room to his new companion, Katarina. (PROSE: Scribbles in Chalk) Her untimely death soon after prevented this, however. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan)

Instead, it went to Dodo Chaplet. Right after the Incherton incident, the Robot Doctor trapped Dodo aboard the TARDIS in her room. An older Vicki heard her knocking when she came to lie down in her old bedroom. After a number of short adventures with the Robot Doctor, she finally let Dodo out of her old bedroom, expecting to find the real First Doctor. Embarrassed, Dodo apologised for "trespassing" on Vicki's space. (AUDIO: Fugitive of the Daleks)

Polly Wright, Victoria Waterfield, Sarah Jane Smith and Leela later used the room during their travels. (PROSE: House)

Bryony Mailer found herself in this room when looking for psy fluid while the TARDIS was under attack by the Bah-Sokhar, which caused it to slowly shrink its interior dimensions. At the time it matched the Fourth Doctor's current brown control room interior, decorated with velvet and Persian rugs as well as dials and switches, with many of the Doctor's gadgets and trinkets lying around such as a yo-yo and a model of a leopard. The erratic quality of the room reminded her of a Victorian-style opium den. Her visit was only shortly after Sarah had left, so Bryony found and wore her "Andy Pandy" overalls as well as some socks and shirts clearly belonging to the Doctor after having a bath. (PROSE: The Drosten's Curse)

During Romana's time in the TARDIS she used multiple rooms including this one. (AUDIO: Psychodrome) Another of her bedrooms was jettisoned soon after she left. (TV: Logopolis) When Tegan Jovanka joined the TARDIS, Adric showed her to one of Romana's rooms as it was not far from the control room. (AUDIO: Psychodrome)

When Nyssa and Tegan travelled concurrently in the TARDIS, they shared the same room. Among the features were a clothes hanger including Tegan's attire from 1920s England and some laboratory equipment used by Nyssa. (TV: Snakedance, Terminus) By this time the room had been moved and was now two rooms from the console room. In the separating room was a box which included in its contents a fire extinguisher.

Nyssa destroyed a Terileptil android with a machine she had made when it entered her room in the TARDIS. (TV: The Visitation)

A mirror in Tegan's TARDIS bedroom. (COMIC: Blood Invocation [+]Loading...["Blood Invocation (comic story)"])

During the Fifth Doctor's second recall to Gallifrey, Tegan stayed in her bedroom due to feeling poorly, and was ambushed by a vampire there. Immediately prior to the attack, she was seen looking at her reflection in a small, frame-less mirror on the wall. (COMIC: Blood Invocation [+]Loading...["Blood Invocation (comic story)"])

On one occasion, Tegan slept in her bed and was influenced by the Mara which caused her to dream of it and a cave mouth on Deva Loka. The Fifth Doctor created a hypnosis machine to block out the influence and she woke up. (TV: Snakedance)

A door to Terminus opens in the TARDIS. (TV: Terminus)

On other occasion, due to the tampering of Vislor Turlough on the orders of the Black Guardian, the TARDIS began to break up and the outside universe began to merge with the interior. A door to the space station, Terminus opened up in the bedroom which destroyed Nyssa's apparatus in the process. Nyssa boarded the station and when the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough attempted to follow the door began to close but the Doctor threw a chair in the gap to jam it. Over the course of the adventure, Nyssa decided to leave the TARDIS and help cure Lazar's disease. (TV: Terminus)

When Turlough saved Peri Brown from drowning he carried her into this room to recover. (TV: Planet of Fire) She later adopted this as her own room and practised her farewell speech to the Sixth Doctor in it but he burst in and postponed the moment indefinitely. (PROSE: House) She studied botany in there, intending on completing her studies once she returned to her time and place. (PROSE: Attack of the Cybermen)

A long time later, Sam Jones lived in this room. Sam had her own en suite bathroom connected to her bedroom. (PROSE: The Bodysnatchers) Also in her room was a Victorian writing desk, an ergonomic chair from the mid 2050s, a mammoth wardrobe with children's coloured stickers and peeling paint, a 14th century Persian rug, and a 4 poster bed. (PROSE: Vampire Science)

All the bedrooms were deleted when House possessed the TARDIS. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)