The Curse of Fenric (TotT TV story)

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The Curse of Fenric was the sixth and final episode in the Tales of the TARDIS series, released on BBC iPlayer on 1 November 2023 by the BBC, written by Pete McTighe and directed by Joshua M.G. Thomas.

This story consists of two newly recorded scenes bookending the omnibus version of the TV story The Curse of Fenric.


The Doctor and Ace meet again and remember their battle against an ancient evil in World War Two where a Viking curse is bringing the dead back to life.


Ace appears in the remembered TARDIS and looks around to find both the Seventh Doctor's hat and the baseball bat that she once used to damage an Imperial Dalek. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks) After the Seventh Doctor says that she gave the Dalek quite a beating, Ace embraces him before he takes his hat from her.

Ace tells the Doctor that he was a hologram the last time she saw him and he has become older. (TV: The Power of the Doctor) The Doctor goes on to explain that time streams are funny things and there are some time streams where he doesn't regenerate. After Ace explains that she was in a meeting when she appeared in the TARDIS, the Doctor explains that they are standing in a memory TARDIS where old friends come together to remember certain events.

The Doctor sits in a chair and moves a chess piece across the board before telling Ace that he thought about her every day. Ace says that she wishes she never left the Doctor, prompting the Doctor to tell her that the remembered TARDIS is forever and they can return to it whenever they like with a wish.

Ace remembers that she wished she was somewhere else, and she soon got her wish when she was transported to Iceworld by Fenric as part of his game of traps. She then becomes reluctant to remember her encounter with Fenric, but the Doctor tells her that they both should remember as pain comes to define them along with the joy. As the Doctor decides to remember the day that both he and Ace met Fenric, he takes Ace's hand as the memories begin to flood back.



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  • When Ace asks why he looks so old, the Doctor cryptically replies how "time streams are funny things" and that his regenerating is "all a matter of perspective."
  • The Doctor mentions the Rani, and suggests she may have played a role in his and Ace's falling out.
  • After she left the Doctor, Ace visited Kathleen Dudman before she died in a care home, and believes she recognised her as the young woman who helped her flee Maiden's Point for London.
  • The chess set set up between the two chairs is set up in the same way the Doctor set up the game for Fenric. The Doctor also plays the solution.


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