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Julie Gardner has more above the line credits than any other woman in the history of the DWU franchise. She is second only to Russell T Davies for most hours of DWU entertainment produced, and only falls behind him because she wasn't involved in the final two series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. She was RTD's most constant collaborator, and helped him launch not only Doctor Who in 2005, but also Torchwood and SJA.

She was the executive producer of Doctor Who as a consequence of being Head of Drama at BBC Wales, a title which held from before the start of production of Doctor Who until March 2009, when it was announced she was to join the staff of Los Angeles-based BBC Worldwide America as executive producer in charge of scripted projects. During the second Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who beginning in 2023, she returned as an executive producer as she was the cofounder of production company Bad Wolf Productions.

Although always credited as executive producer, she did at least once serve as the de facto producer. On The End of Time, she was actually in charge of day-to-day production issues when the credited producer Tracie Simpson was seconded by Steven Moffat to begin work on series 5. In fact, Gardner had actually toyed with the notion of stepping down from her executive position to be the producer of all of the 2009 specials, but in the end she had to be contented with producing David Tennant's finalé. (DWMSE 25) As she said on the episode's web commentary, "It was the perfect end."

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Gardner was a credited executive producer on all of the following episodes:

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