Clara Oswald splinters

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Some of Clara's echoes along with Winnie Clarence, including Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald. (COMIC: Blood and Ice)

Several splinters from Clara Oswald were created when she stepped into the Doctor's time stream.

Described by River Song as "copies" of the original Clara, these splinters met the Doctor in many forms (every form was a person with time sensitivity)[source needed], living full lives in the process. Through her splinters, Clara met and saved the lives of the Doctor's first twelve incarnations (excluding the War Doctor). She noted, however, that he rarely ever noticed her. (TV: The Name of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Name of the Doctor (TV story)"]) Though Clara initially believed that all of her splinters had died after saving the Doctor, she later learnt that many had survived encountering him and lived their own lives. (COMIC: Blood and Ice [+]Loading...["Blood and Ice (comic story)"]) Clara retained jumbled memories of her echoes, remembering some moments of their lives in great detail while recalling others only as vague dreams. (PROSE: Into the Nowhere [+]Loading...["Into the Nowhere (short story)"], GAME: Lost in Time [+]Loading...["Lost in Time (video game)"]) Although River Song initially told Clara that the echoes "wouldn't be [her]", (TV: The Name of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Name of the Doctor (TV story)"]) the prime Clara sometimes referred to elements of her splinters' lives as things which had occurred to her personally. (GAME: Lost in Time [+]Loading...["Lost in Time (video game)"])

Her many lives and encounters with the Doctor included, but were certainly not limited to:

Clara on Gallifrey. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

At one point after Amy Pond and Rory Williams were sent to the past in New York City, an elderly echo of Clara noticed that Amy had a similar "glow" about her that the Doctor had, but Amy's was fading. She decided to follow Amy, in case she ever needed help. One fall, when Amy and Rory vacationed at Lake Erie, Amy finally spoke to her and the echo asked her to pass on a message: "Run you clever boy, and remember..." Amy later wrote about this encounter in a foreword to an edition of her book Summer Falls, addressing it to the Doctor; her description of the encounter and her quoting of Clara left it unclear as to whether this echo ever actually encountered the Doctor. (PROSE: Summer Falls: Introduction [+]Loading...["Summer Falls: Introduction (short story)"])

In November of 1963, PC Oswald filled out the missing person report for Susan Foreman. (PROSE: Susan's Diary [+]Loading...{"page":"11","1":"Susan's Diary (short story)"})

According to a set of linked accounts, splinters of Clara replaced several individuals across time: a splinter replaced Anne Chaplet in the 16th century; (PROSE: The Traveller From Beyond Time [+]Loading...{"page":"20","1":"The Traveller From Beyond Time (short story)"}, TV: The Massacre [+]Loading...["The Massacre (TV story)"]) another replaced Gia Kelly as manager of T-Mat Earth Control in the late 21st century; (PROSE: Second Session [+]Loading...{"page":"46","1":"Second Session (short story)"}, TV: The Seeds of Death [+]Loading...["The Seeds of Death (TV story)"]) another replaced Bettan during the genesis of the Daleks; (PROSE: Still Need a Title! [+]Loading...{"page":"82","1":"Still Need a Title! (short story)"}, TV: Genesis of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Genesis of the Daleks (TV story)"]) another replaced Rachel Jensen of the Intrusion Counter-Measures Group in the 20th century; (PROSE: The Runes of Fenric [+]Loading...{"page":"151","1":"The Runes of Fenric (short story)"}, TV: Remembrance of the Daleks [+]Loading...["Remembrance of the Daleks (TV story)"]) and another replaced Sarah Clark. (PROSE: Mickey's Blog [+]Loading...{"page":"173","1":"Mickey's Blog (short story)"}, TV: Father's Day [+]Loading...["Father's Day (TV story)"])

Other linked sources also showed new splinters where there hadn't been before: one splinter was present when the First Doctor and Susan were surrounded by Daleks (PROSE: Susan's Diary [+]Loading...{"page":"12","1":"Susan's Diary (short story)"}, TV: The Daleks [+]Loading...["The Daleks (TV story)"]) during the Thal-Dalek battle; (AUDIO: Return to Skaro [+]Loading...["Return to Skaro (audio story)"]) another was near the Third Doctor when he made a telephone call during Operation Golden Age; (PROSE: Greyhound [+]Loading...{"page":"70","1":"Greyhound (short story)"}, TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs [+]Loading...["Invasion of the Dinosaurs (TV story)"]) another was near the Fifth Doctor and Tegan Jovanka; (PROSE: When It Was Fun [+]Loading...{"page":"119","1":"When It Was Fun (short story)"}, TV: Enlightenment [+]Loading...["Enlightenment (TV story)"]) another was near the Sixth Doctor in the UK Habitat circa 2,000,000; (PROSE: The Dark Scrolls of the Valeyard [+]Loading...{"page":"141","1":"The Dark Scrolls of the Valeyard (short story)"}) another was with Melanie Bush and the Vervoids on Hyperion III; (PROSE: The Dark Scrolls of the Valeyard [+]Loading...{"page":"143","1":"The Dark Scrolls of the Valeyard (short story)"}) another was with the Eighth Doctor, Chang Lee and Grace Holloway (PROSE: The Eighth Doctor Part 1 [+]Loading...{"page":"157","1":"The Eighth Doctor Part 1 (short story)"}, TV: Doctor Who [+]Loading...["Doctor Who (TV story)"]) after the Regeneration Operation; (PROSE: The Secret Diary of the Master [+]Loading...["The Secret Diary of the Master (short story)"]) and another was present with the Ninth Doctor and Gabriel Sneed in Sneed and Company in the 19th century. (PROSE: Mickey's Blog [+]Loading...{"page":"170","1":"Mickey's Blog (short story)"}, TV: The Unquiet Dead [+]Loading...["The Unquiet Dead (TV story)"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Ashlyn Oswin as depicted on the cover of The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns.
  • Ashlyn Oswin, a recurring character from the independent series 10,000 Dawns, was suggested to be a splinter of Clara Oswald, with both the design of the character being based off the likeness of Jenna Coleman and the April Fools' Day special The Forgotten Heroines of 10,000 Dawns implying she was a lost splinter, as well as implying that she was the individual posing as Clara whom the Twelfth Doctor briefly interacted with in Twice Upon a Time, rather than actually Clara herself as was the official intent. As the story featured no license to any DWU elements, it isn't covered by this Wiki, although the crossover story Birthdays are Made for Memories that featured a cameo of Ashlyn, is covered.
  • Alice Watson, the main character from The Time Machine, is performed by Jenna Coleman, though there is no indication given whether or not Alice is an echo of Clara.