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Earthshock was the first episode in the Tales of the TARDIS series, released on BBC iPlayer on 1 November 2023 by the BBC, written by Russell T Davies and directed by Joshua M.G. Thomas.

This story consists of two newly recorded scenes bookending the omnibus version of the TV story Earthshock.


The Doctor and Tegan meet again and remember their terrifying adventure against the Cybermen to save the Earth... and the friend they lost along the way.


The Fifth Doctor is exploring a strange TARDIS, comprised of a mishmash of old elements, when Tegan Jovanka appears behind him. They see each other and hug, with the Doctor commenting on how they never really used to.

The Doctor remarks that he thinks the TARDIS they are in is a memory and figures out that it wants them to tell stories, just as the lights in the TARDIS begin to swirl. Two chairs appear in the middle of the room, on either side of a miniature version of the Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS console, its appearance mimicking a campfire.

The Doctor says they need to tell the strongest story of all, the day they met the CyberNeomorphs, which Tegan reluctantly agrees to and the two start reminiscing about the story. A television in the back of the TARDIS, with the aspect ratio 4:3, turns on and the memories start to fade in.

As they stop reminiscing about the past, and return to their senses, the Doctor and Tegan talk about Adric and about how they never stopped to talk about him. The Doctor comments that he never looked back, and Tegan wonders if that is the point of a Memory TARDIS; to help heal old wounds for those who have travelled in it. The Doctor remarks that talking about those events has done him good, and he then asks Tegan to tell him stories about her life. Tegan starts telling her about her campaign for the environment, and the stories go on...



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  • This story seemingly takes place after The Passenger for Tegan, as she says she "was fast asleep, in bed, [and had just] said goodnight to Nyssa". Alternatively, the dialogue may be a reference to Tegan and Nyssa being in a relationship, as suggested in Farewell, Sarah Jane Smith.
  • The Doctor mentions that he rarely hugged Tegan during their travels, in a sly reference to John Nathan-Turner's "no hanky-panky in the TARDIS" rule to prevent rumours of the Doctor and his companions having inappropriate relations, especially with the casting of Peter Davison, who was the youngest Doctor at the time.


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