Hebe Harrison

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Dr Hebe Harrison was a companion of the Sixth Doctor.


Early life[[edit]]

Hebe required the use of a wheelchair from a young age due to a problem with her legs, although she could use a walking stick for short periods of time. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep) She was somewhat scared when she first had to use a wheelchair (AUDIO: The Tides of the Moon) and sometimes wished that she could have somebody else's body, but she came to love herself and dismissed such thoughts. (AUDIO: Maelstrom)

Hebe watched The Little Mermaid in the cinema when she was eight or nine and shouted when the mermaid left the sea to become human, believing that life under the sea was far more beautiful and interesting. Her mother told her to stop or she would not have any ice cream.

Studying at Sheffield Hallam University, Hebe befriended Evelyn Smythe, who told her to make use of emergency packages containing chocolate cake and also gave her a button for her mobile phone to use when she was in trouble; unbeknownst to Hebe, the button could send an SOS to the TARDIS. She became a marine biologist and earnt a doctorate, although she rarely used the title it afforded her. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep)

Travels in the TARDIS[[edit]]

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Hebe went to a rig in the North Sea to determine its effect on nearby sea life and decide whether it should be dismantled. When those aboard began dying, she was separated from the others due to the lift being out of service and pressed the button that Evelyn gave her. She soon met the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush and, after learning that the phenomena was because of the contaminated water supply, she joined the TARDIS crew at her request. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep)

The Doctor took Hebe and Mel to the Moon at a time when water was abundant. There, Hebe was attracted to Wulk and fascinated by the Gilleans, later learning that the Gilleans were connected to the Sheega and helping them leave in their ship. (AUDIO: The Tides of the Moon)

Hebe became infected by the Holomorph after picking up Lydia Betancourt's name badge on Zoda-Kappa in 3895. She regained control of her body after Dr Betancourt placed a psionic inhibitor on her head, after which she connected with Mel in the Dream to relay the algorithm that she was working on to save Mel and everybody else in her position. The Holomorph was imprisoned once more, curing Hebe. (AUDIO: The Dream Nexus)

Psychological profile[[edit]]


On account of her disability, Hebe constantly proved herself as an independent person and gravely detested people presuming her limitations and deciding her feelings for her. The Doctor believed that she fought very hard to be angry; at first, he thought this was a defensive measure, to protect herself from being afraid or patronised or infantalised, but he later came to see that she was also capable of great compassion that he felt he should direct inwards too. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep)

Hebe was very inquisitive and eager for new experiences to learn from, even if it meant she acted impulsively or against the Doctor's wishes. She seemed very proud of her academic achievements as a marine biologist and regularly demonstrated her expertise in environments where sealife thrived. (AUDIO: The Tides of the Moon, Maelstrom)

Hebe was also very trusting, even in situations she was sceptical about; she believed Evelyn Smythe's promises that she'd respond to her panic button even though she doubted she could do much (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep) and even came to like Patricia McBride during their few adventures. However, the latter also proved Hebe to be a greatly sensitive person, as following the revelation of Patricia's real views about the disabled, such as herself and Elise, she was thoroughly distraught. Nevertheless, she still managed to combat her distress in the face of a crisis and focus on the matter in hand. (AUDIO: Chronomancer)

Hebe often referred to Mel as "Melanie-Mel", Mel having introduced herself as such, and had a strong tendancy towards sarcasm and teasing her and the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep, The Tides of the Moon, Maelstrom)

Hebe dearly loved her friend Elise, with whom she'd bonded during their college days over their disabilities, having been part of a group they called the "Lame Ducks". She told Mel she knew the name was in bad taste but it was okay for her and her friends to use it but not Mel. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep, Chronomancer)

Relationship with the Doctor[[edit]]

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Hebe had tan skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair with blonde streaks. She relied on a wheelchair to assist in her mobility. (AUDIO: The Rotting Deep)

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

Hebe was the first companion to require the use of a wheelchair.[1]