Ice cream

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Ice cream
Amelia enjoys some ice cream. (TV: The Eleventh Hour [+]Loading...["The Eleventh Hour (TV story)"])

Ice cream was a type of food which could come in various flavours. It could be eaten from an ice cream cone or straight out of the tub.


Traditional flavours[[edit]]

Traditional flavours included vanilla, chocolate, and sprout. (PROSE: Our Flavours [+]Loading...["Our Flavours (feature)"])

Millingdale flavours[[edit]]

Various flavours were provided by Millingdale in addition to the above "traditional" flavours. These included Golden Age Delight, Christmas Surprise, Henrik's Surprise (which replaced Christmas Surprise), Red Pit of Delight, Chalk and Cheese, Royal Turkish Delight, Death By Chocolate, Madame du Popadom, Magpie Mayhem, Fish and Chips, Lady of The Lake, Silver Giant, Welsh Rarebit, Ghost Glace, and Peas, Peas, Peas. (PROSE: Our Flavours [+]Loading...["Our Flavours (feature)"])

Other flavours[[edit]]

Other flavours included raspberry ripple, (COMIC: Forever Dreaming [+]Loading...["Forever Dreaming (comic story)"]) Archberry, (COMIC: Empire of the Wolf [+]Loading...["Empire of the Wolf (comic story)"]) and mindorolan and janissary-flavoured ice cream. (PROSE: Most Beautiful Music [+]Loading...["Most Beautiful Music (short story)"])


A photograph of a Millingdale ice cream. (PROSE: Our Flavours [+]Loading...["Our Flavours (feature)"])

When she was a child, Jo Grant's grandfather often bought her ice cream behind the backs of her mother and father. He always used to say, "What's the harm? Life's too short." (AUDIO: The Mists of Time [+]Loading...["The Mists of Time (audio story)"])

At the age of three, Tegan Jovanka did not like ice cream. (TV: Kinda [+]Loading...["Kinda (TV story)"])

The Seventh Doctor once distracted from telling viewers of The Ultimate Challenge, he was hosting, what the meaning of the universe was by producing an ice cream. (TV: Search Out Space [+]Loading...["Search Out Space (TV story)"])

The First Doctor enjoyed chocolate ice cream while going to Bide-a-Wee on 1933. (PROSE: Bide-a-Wee)

Amy Pond's saddest memory was of dropping an ice cream at a fairground in 1994. An older version of Amy in a nightgown gave her another and told her to cheer up, making it also her happiest memory. (HOMEVID: Good Night [+]Loading...["Good Night (home video)"])

Millingdale was an ice cream company which existed in both the Doctor's universe and Pete's World. (PROSE: Our Story [+]Loading...["Our Story (short story)"], GAME: Cybus Spy [+]Loading...["Cybus Spy (video game)"], TV: Love & Monsters [+]Loading...["Love & Monsters (TV story)"], etc.)

Rhys Williams had ice cream shortly after leaving the Torchwood Hub, where he was patched up by Owen Harper. (TV: Meat [+]Loading...["Meat (TV story)"])

According to the Tenth Doctor, Penhaxico Two had the most expensive ice cream in its galaxy. (COMIC: Escape to Penhaxico [+]Loading...["Escape to Penhaxico (comic story)"])

The Tenth Doctor enjoyed a brand of ice cream called Dhäkan-Dazs. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name [+]Loading...["A Rose by Any Other Name (comic story)"])

Donna Noble bought two tubs of mindorolan and janissary-flavoured ice cream at the Church of the High Exalted during the interval at the Concert of the Most Beautiful Music, and offered the Tenth Doctor his. It was bright green. Neither felt like finishing theirs. (PROSE: Most Beautiful Music [+]Loading...["Most Beautiful Music (short story)"])

The Eleventh Doctor gave Amy a raspberry ripple ice cream cone during a visit to 1960s Britain. (COMIC: Forever Dreaming [+]Loading...["Forever Dreaming (comic story)"])

When Miss Evangelista's data ghost was beginning to fade, she began repeating, "Ice cream." These were her last words of consciousness after death, which ran on a loop and was detected in the form of the ghost by her neural relay. (TV: Silence in the Library [+]Loading...["Silence in the Library (TV story)"])

In 1996, Amelia Pond enjoyed some ice cream from a tub. (TV: The Eleventh Hour [+]Loading...["The Eleventh Hour (TV story)"])

The Doctor once ate ice cream sundaes while bouncing around on the trampoline-like surface of the planet Fintleborxtug, citing it as a mistake. (PROSE: Things She Thought While Falling [+]Loading...["Things She Thought While Falling (short story)"])

Osgood and Bonnie went to get some ice cream after the departure of the Twelfth Doctor. (TV: The Zygon Inversion [+]Loading...["The Zygon Inversion (TV story)"])

The Doctor complained of an ice cream headache shortly before getting tasered by Majenta Pryce, but thought nothing of it. (COMIC: The Age of Ice [+]Loading...["The Age of Ice (comic story)"])

Rose Tyler was disappointed that, when the Tenth Doctor told her he had a brilliant idea, he meant stamp collecting, not something fun like going to Mardi Gras or visiting a planet where everything was made out of ice cream. (PROSE: Stamp of Approval [+]Loading...["Stamp of Approval (short story)"])

The Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan eat ice cream on top of the TARDIS. (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"])

In Pete's World, ice cream counted as part of a person's five a day, something Rose Tyler saw as an upside to life in this universe. (PROSE: The Turning of the Tide [+]Loading...["The Turning of the Tide (short story)"]) Rose's favourite flavour of ice cream was Archberry, a fruit found only on Pete's World. Mia shared the preference. (COMIC: Empire of the Wolf [+]Loading...["Empire of the Wolf (comic story)"])

When her regeneration process was triggered, the Thirteenth Doctor shared ice cream cones with Yasmin Khan before going off to regenerate alone. (TV: The Power of the Doctor [+]Loading...["The Power of the Doctor (TV story)"])