Vengeance on Varos (TotT TV story)

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Vengeance on Varos was the third episode in the Tales of the TARDIS series, released on BBC iPlayer on 1 November 2023 by the BBC, written by Phil Ford and directed by Joshua M.G. Thomas.

This story consists of two newly recorded scenes bookending the omnibus version of the TV story Vengeance on Varos, and ties in with the events of The Eternal Mystery, covering Peri's life following the events of Mindwarp and The Ultimate Foe.


The Doctor and Peri meet to remember their first conflict with Sil on the planet Varos.


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  • Peri has had songs written about her as a Warrior Queen, with the Doctor having heard minstrels sing them in the Scorpion Nebula and the outer rings of the Medusa Cascade. According to him, some of them are "very catchy".
  • When Peri travelled to 21st century Earth, she noticed that it "[felt] like Varos".


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