The Age of Steel (TV story)

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The Age of Steel was the sixth episode of series two of Doctor Who.

Beginning in Rise of the Cybermen, this was the second part of a two-part story that featured the return of Cybermen (albeit a parallel universe version) and the departure of Mickey, who opted to stay in the parallel world. Mickey also had a moment of decisive character development, discarding his clumsy, cowardly nature to become a braver, confident, and focused man of action and heroism.

Tardisode 6 served as a prologue to this episode, depicting the issuing of an order to John Lumic's Cybermen to commence worldwide cyber-conversion.

The story was inspired by Marc Platt's 2002 audio play Spare Parts. Head writer Russell T Davies decided he wanted the two-parter Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel to be loosely adapted from the Big Finish play, albeit with a similar "feel", just like how series 1's Dalek was adapted from Jubilee. Platt was paid a fee for Tom MacRae reusing the basic concepts of Parts and was given a credit for both Rise and Steel. Initial drafts of the parallel Earth story were very close to Mondas' depiction in Spare Parts as a "dying world". (DWMSE 14)

Along with inspiration from Parts, writer Tom MacRae was supplied the television serials The Tenth Planet, The Tomb of the Cybermen, Earthshock, the DWM comic story The Flood and David Banks's Doctor Who: Cybermen. Director Graeme Harper also read Banks' book in preparation for this two-parter, along with the surviving episodes of The Invasion, which Harper's mentor Douglas Camfield directed. (DWMSE 14)


In the parallel universe, Lumic's insanity has reached its crescendo. The unwilling populace is being converted into Cybermen, the madman's twisted vision of perfecting humanity. Will the Doctor help prevent this Earth from falling to the Cybermen?


As the Cybermen close in for the kill, the Tenth Doctor uses the charging TARDIS power cell hidden in his hand, blasting the Cybermen with energy and disintegrating them. Mrs. Moore drives up in the Preachers' van and shouts for them to get in, but Pete wants to go back for Jackie. The Doctor tells him that anyone inside the house is dead and that if he wants to help, he should make sure Jackie's death was not for nothing. Pete reluctantly gets in the van. Rose also is torn about going back in, but the Doctor reminds her that this Jackie is not her mother, and the group make their escape from the rest of the Cybermen.

Inside the house, Jackie Tyler is trapped helplessly behind the basement door as the invading Cybermen patrol her mansion.

In the Preachers' van, the Doctor tells Mickey that the power cell will recharge in about four hours. Under threat of execution, as the Preachers view him as a traitor due to his association with Cybus, Pete reveals that he is actually "Gemini", the source of the Preachers' inside information on Lumic. He only joined Lumic to feed information to the Security Services, but instead got the Preachers. Ricky also confesses that he is indeed London's "most wanted" — but for parking tickets. The Doctor then grimly promises them that, "This ends tonight!".

John Lumic starts the Ultimate Upgrade.

Meanwhile, Lumic is inside Battersea Cyber-factory. Pleased and ready to begin his next plan, he broadcasts a signal via the EarPods throughout London. In the city streets, the population is suddenly stopped by the signal and Lumic takes them under his control. They all walk slowly towards the factory to be converted into Cybermen. In her house, Jackie's EarPods also become controlled and she too walks towards the factory. At the factory, Mr Crane takes his EarPods off, not wanting to be converted.

The Cybermen begin stalking the streets as the city is sealed off; the Doctor and the others have arrived amidst this and Rose suggests removing the EarPods from people, but the Doctor warns her that this would be too dangerous as it would cause a "brainstorm". Jake and Ricky report that the Cybermen are everywhere, taking the people to their lair. When asked, Pete tells the Doctor that Lumic's base of operations is at Battersea and that the Cybermen were born out of the dying Lumic's obsession with prolonging his own life, no matter the cost. Rose recognises the Cybermen from the head she saw in Henry van Statten's museum and the Doctor confirms that the Cybermen in their universe began on "an ordinary world just like this one", and then swarmed across the galaxy.

The group decides to split up to increase their chances of getting out of the city. Ricky and Mickey will head in one direction as Mrs Moore and the others go in the other. Fleeing from the advancing Cyber army, Mickey and Ricky match each other's personalities before splitting up. Elsewhere, the Doctor, Mrs Moore, Pete and Rose also run from the Cybermen. Whilst hiding around a street corner, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to send a Cybermen platoon away.

Ricky is killed by the Cybermen.

In the process of fleeing, the Cybermen catch up with Ricky while he is climbing a fence. They grab him by the foot and electrocute him as Mickey watches in horror from the other side. Ricky drops to the ground, dead, and Mickey glares at the Cybermen in anger before fleeing.

Mr Crane's demise.

Inside the factory, Crane is brought before Lumic for his seeming treachery. Crane claims that his EarPod malfunctioned and requests an upgrade, but this is only a ruse to get him close to Lumic's wheelchair, and when he is close enough, Crane grabs Lumic's vital breathing apparatus and damages it badly, causing Lumic to go into shock. The Cybermen quickly come to his aid and electrocute Crane, but the damage has already been done. The Cybermen say Lumic must be converted, but he protests, not wanting to upgrade until his last breath. The Cybermen ignore him, and automatically move his chair into a conversion room.

Near the river, the team all meet up beneath a bridge. When Mickey arrives and tells them of Ricky's demise, Jake reacts with a mixture of grief and anger, turning on Mickey. The Doctor says that they can mourn Ricky when London is safe, but for now they must move on.

The team walk up a hill to view the Battersea Cyber-factory from across the river, and see Zeppelin moored on the roof. The Doctor states that the whole of London has been sealed off, and the entire population is being taken inside the factory to be converted. They must get inside the factory and shut it down.

Mrs Moore calls up a schematic of the factory, which shows old cooling tunnels that lead beneath it. Pete suggests another way in: through the front door, using dummy EarPods provided by Mrs Moore. Rose demands to go with Pete, even though to successfully infiltrate the building neither of them must show any emotion. The Doctor relents and thinks of a third way, to sabotage the EarPod transmissions so the people do not walk to their deaths like sheep. He tells Jake to take out the transmitter, which the Doctor, using the sonic screwdriver, determines is on the Zeppelin. The Doctor and Mrs Moore will enter the factory from below, through the cooling tunnels.

The group are about to set off when Mickey realises that, once again, he has not been assigned a role, and complains about being the "tin dog". He says he will go along with Jake, despite Jake's resentment at his survival. Ultimately, however, Jake lets Mickey go with him, and the Doctor wishes him luck.

The Doctor and Mrs Moore enter the cooling tunnels, which they find are filled with hundreds of inactive Cybermen. He tells Mrs Moore to move carefully and keep an eye out for any trip devices.

Meanwhile, outside the factory, hundreds of Cybermen patrol the area as thousands of hypnotised citizens walk inside to be converted. Amongst them, Rose and Pete retreat behind some barrels and place the EarPods upon their ears. They then successfully join the line of humans entering the factory and manage to fool the Cybermen they walk past.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Jake make it to the mooring station on the roof. The Zeppelin is guarded by two hypnotised guards. Jake wants to kill them, but Mickey makes him realise that if he does, there's no difference between him and a Cyberman. Jake then shows Mickey several knock-out drops provided by Mrs Moore that should prove effective. They launch upon the guards and render them unconscious with the drops. The two then climb into the airship.

The Doctor and Mrs Moore in the tunnels.

In the cooling tunnels, Mrs Moore tells the Doctor that she used to work for Cybus Industries, until one day she read a file that she was not supposed to on the mainframe. As a result, she was hunted by Lumic and went on the run, eventually finding the Preachers. She also reveals that her husband and two children think she is dead and that her name is not really "Mrs Moore". She took that from a book, assuming the alias to bolster the impression that she had died and to protect her family. Her real name is Angela Price, but she makes the Doctor promise not to tell a soul. Neither of them notice a red light flashing at their passing.

Inside the factory control room, two Cybermen notice an alarm in the tunnels. They activate the stored army to remove the intruders, and Inside the tunnels, the hundreds of Cybermen suddenly awake. The Doctor and Mrs Moore quickly escape just in time through a hatch which the Doctor seals behind them.

Pete and Rose infiltrate the Cybus factory.

In the main conversion area of the factory, Pete and Rose move towards the conversion chambers, keeping an eye out for Jackie. The conversion machines activate, and many unfortunate humans walk inside. The machinery swoops down from above, with sharp cutting equipment, and the human's brain is removed and put into a Cyberman. Rose and Pete watch as a woman is converted.

Suddenly, a Cyberman approaches them, identifying Pete. To Pete and Rose's horror, it reveals that it was once Jackie Tyler. Pete shouts out that this is impossible but the Cyberman confirms this, stating that Pete worked with Cybus Industries and must be rewarded — by force. Rose and Pete are captured and taken to Cyber Control as the Cyberman that was once Jackie fades back into the mass of identical steel creatures.

Mickey and Jake aboard the Zeppelin.

On the bridge of the Zeppelin, Jake and Mickey search for the transmitter controls and suddenly find a Cyberman in the bridge. However, it is just an empty shell being shown for display. They dismiss it and continue to look.

In the tunnels, the Doctor and Mrs Moore meet a Cyberman, which Mrs Moore quickly deactivates with an EMP bomb. The Doctor opens the chest of the downed Cyberman, finding bits of an organic nervous system and an emotional inhibitor. He explains that if the Cybermen realised what they had become, they would go insane. The Cyberman stirs, and with its inhibitor broken, it remembers that it was once a bride-to-be named Sally Phelan. The Doctor apologises and eases her into death with the sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor realises this is the solution: if they could find the cancellation code for the inhibitor and feed it throughout the system, the shock of realising what they are would probably kill the Cybermen. He hesitates at the thought of this, but Mrs Moore convinces him that they have to do this before they kill anyone else. Suddenly, a Cyberman appears from behind and electrocutes Mrs Moore before two more appear. The Doctor is outraged, but the Cyberman's only response is to note his alien biology; his binary vascular system registers as an "unknown upgrade". The Doctor is to be taken to the factory's central command to be studied further.

On the Zeppelin, Mickey finds the transmitter control behind a steel plate, but there is no way to cut through it. Jake suggests setting the autopilot of the ship to crash and then escaping. Mickey begins to hack into the ship's systems but activates a silent alarm in the process.

The Doctor is brought to Cyber Control where he meets Pete and Rose, who tell him of Jackie's demise. The Doctor asks where Lumic is, and a Cybermen tells him that Lumic has been upgraded into a superior Cyberman model — the Cyber-Controller. A wall slides back and reveals what was once Lumic, now a specialised Cyberman with glowing eyes and a transparent braincase, seated upon a mechanical throne. "This is the Age of Steel and I am its creator," he triumphantly states to the Doctor, Pete and Rose.

The Cyberman on the Zeppelin comes to life in response to the silent alarm and tries to kill Mickey and Jake. Mickey goads the Cyberman into punching him, ducking out of the way at the last second so it punches through the steel plate protecting the transmitter control instead. Electricity crackles through the Cyberman's body and it falls at the same time the transmission is cut off.

The humans in the factory snap out of their trances and, seeing the conversion machines above them, realise exactly where they are. They panic and flee the factory, screaming in terror and knocking aside the Cybermen in their way. In Cyber Control, the Doctor hears the cries and realises that his friends have succeeded. However, the Cyber-Controller refuses to admit defeat, saying that he has factories around the world, and if he cannot use the EarPods, the conversions will take place by force.

Knowing that Jake and Mickey are observing through a monitor in the Zeppelin, the Doctor stalls Lumic, challenging his assertions of an emotionless utopia. The Doctor points out that Lumic is creating a world without imagination, emotion and creativity and that with such thinking humanity will cease to progress. Lumic may have an army, but he is forgetting about the ordinary people, and even an ordinary person — some "idiot" — can save the world.

Mickey, listening, realises the Doctor is referring to him and is dropping hints about finding a code that will shut down the emotional inhibitors. Mickey picks up on this and searches the Lumic database to decrypt the code, which he sends to Rose's mobile phone. The Doctor points out to Lumic that in his drive for technological dominance, he made his systems able to interface with anything. The Doctor proves this by plugging Rose's phone into the console, sending the code across the Cyber system.

The Doctor deactivates the emotional inhibitors.

All over the factory, the Cybermen's inhibitors shut down; they see each other and realise what they have become, overloading from the emotions they start to feel. The Cybermen begin to malfunction and collapse, some even exploding. One Cyberman catches sight of its reflection and shakily touches the image, emitting heartrending gasping sounds as the human inside it realises what it has become; the Doctor can only solemnly apologise.

The Cyber-Controller calls out to the Doctor in the horror of what is happening to his fellow Cybermen, all his creations, demanding to know what he has done. The Doctor retorts that he has given the Cybermen back their souls; the Cybermen can now see what Lumic has done, and it's killing them. He, Rose and Pete run out of the control room as the factory begins to be consumed in fire and explode from the inside.

All the exits are blocked by the crazed Cybermen and the Doctor realises there is no way out. Despite Jake's urgings, Mickey refuses to leave the others behind. He calls Rose and tells her to make for the roof. Rose, the Doctor and Pete retreat up the stairs as the factory explodes all around them. In the midst of the flames, the Cyber-Controller, displaying pure rage at the destruction of his creations, frees himself from his chair and goes after the Doctor.

Mickey meanwhile, lowers a rope ladder from the Zeppelin for the Doctor and the others. As the Doctor, Rose and Pete climb upward, escaping the factory's destruction, the ladder is suddenly jerked by a great weight — the Cyber-Controller climbing up after them. The Doctor throws Pete his sonic screwdriver and tells him to use it on the rope. Pete says "Jackie Tyler — this is for her!" and cuts the ladder. As the rope parts, the Cyber-Controller loses his grip, falls from the Zeppelin and into the burning wreckage below, as he is consumed by a huge fireball which rises up from the burning factory, presumably destroying him. Pete, Rose and the Doctor keep hold of the remaining ladder as the Zeppelin fades away into the night.

Later in the night, the Doctor returns to the TARDIS with the fully charged power cell and restores power to the ship. Outside, Rose tries to persuade Pete into boarding the TARDIS but he refuses. She tries to explain about parallel universes and that she is his daughter, but he is unable to handle this information and leaves to tell the authorities about Lumic and the other factories.

The Doctor says they have only five minutes of power and have to leave. He tells Jake Mrs Moore's real name, asking him to find her family and tell them how she died saving the world. However, Mickey announces he is staying. This world lost its Ricky, there are other Cybermen factories to destroy, and his blind grandmother needs looking after. Rose promises that they will come back and see him, but the Doctor reminds her that they only arrived in this parallel universe by accident, and when they leave they must seal the crack behind them, meaning they can never come back. The Doctor gives Mickey Rose's mobile phone, telling him to get the code out there and wishes "Mickey the Idiot" luck.

Rose and Mickey reminisce about their childhood and how they had wondered what they would do with their lives, never imagining they would be travelling amongst the stars. They share an emotional farewell, and Rose tearfully returns to the TARDIS, which dematerialises before Jake's astonished eyes.

Mickey and Jake set off to liberate Paris.

The TARDIS rematerialises in Jackie Tyler's flat. Rose breaks down in tears upon seeing her mother alive and hugs her tightly. Jackie wonders where they went, and asks the Doctor where Mickey is. The Doctor simply responds that Mickey has "gone home".

On the parallel Earth, Mickey tells Jake that he does not intend to replace Ricky but be his own man. They can remember him by fighting in his name. He wonders if there is a Cyber-factory in Paris, and suggests they go liberate the city. Jake is sceptical that they can do that with the two of them in a van. Mickey tells him there is nothing wrong with a van. After all, he once saved the universe with a big yellow truck...


Uncredited cast[[edit]]


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Not every person who worked on this adventure was credited. The absence of a credit for a position doesn't necessarily mean the job wasn't required. The information above is based solely on observations of the actual end credits of the episodes as broadcast, and does not relay information from IMDB or other sources.



  • Jake and Mickey save a young woman when they shut down the signal.
  • A Cyberman reports that 6500 people have been converted.



Foods and beverages[[edit]]

  • The Doctor asks Mrs Moore if she is carrying a hot dog.
  • Vitex Lite was developed by Pete.

Cultural references from the real world[[edit]]


  • Taking the EarPods off when they are active will cause a brainstorm.
  • Mickey believes they are using smelling salts to knock out the guards.

The TARDIS[[edit]]

  • Five minutes of power is enough power to return the TARDIS to N-Space from a parallel world.


Story notes[[edit]]

  • Several elements of this story refer back to TV: The Tomb of the Cybermen, specifically, the Cybermen using a form of mind control, characters being startled by a mock-up Cyberman, and Cybermen killing with electricity from their hands.
  • People often confuse the power cell the Doctor used to vaporise the Cybermen as being his sonic screwdriver. The most amusing example is in Surviving Fury from the Deep, where Frazer Hines mistakenly refers to the Doctor using his screwdriver to destroy the Cybermen.
  • According to an interview with Andrew Hayden-Smith, and comments given by Russell T Davies in a press conference, Ricky and Jake were initially intended to be gay and lovers. A deleted scene included in the Complete Series Two DVD box set confirms this. It was cut because Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson were both concerned that no groundwork had been laid to suggest a romantic relationship between the two characters.
  • The scene of Mr. Crane ripping off his EarPods had a section cut for time. After Crane rips off his EarPods, he approaches some Cybus guards who are standing stone-faced outside the International Electromatics truck and tries to ask one of them, Jackson, for answers as to what Lumic's done. The guard doesn't even blink or move an inch as Crane gets more demanding. Frustrated by a lack of answers, Crane gripes, "Right. Time I went freelance..." and stomps off to go confront Lumic.
  • Mrs. Moore was going to be killed when she and the Doctor were escaping from the awakening Cybermen. In the same scene, the two Cybermen who woke the army were going to have different voices. This was changed due to both Helen Griffin and the character being popular with the crew.
  • In the original script, the emotive Cyberman euthanised by the Doctor was an eleven year-old boy.
  • In the original script, Rose killed the Cyberconverted Jackie.
  • The climactic action involving the destruction of the Cyber-Controller originally took place in a lift rather than on the roof, with the transformed Lumic trying to break through the compartment's floor.
  • In the original ending, the link between the TARDIS and the other universe was just sufficient to allow the Doctor to take "his" Jackie there, to be united with the "other" Pete, while Rose elects to continue travelling with the Doctor. However, Russell T Davies subsequently felt that this was too depressing a choice to confront Rose at this stage in the season, especially given that the alternative world would be revisited in the finale.
  • Lumic's expression of "Excellent!" is a reference to the off-key rendition of the word that the Cybermen have used in previous stories (beginning with the Fourth Doctor story Revenge of the Cybermen).
  • It was thought that Uskmouth Power Station could be shut down for six hours to allow the crew to film, but an unseasonable cold snap, and the resulting increased power demand, made this impossible.
  • The scene with the Cyberman with the malfunctioning emotional inhibitor was meant to be filmed at Victoria Park Playground in Cardiff. At this stage, the woman was called Kerry rather than Sally, and the encounter took place during the journey to Battersea, which meant that it also featured Rose, Mickey, Pete and Jake. This was abandoned due to snowy weather.
  • Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones played one of the Cybemern in the street, as he was filming a segment for the show.
  • It was originally supposed to be ambiguous as to whether Mickey or Ricky was killed by the Cybermen.


  • 7.64 million (UK final)[3]

Filming locations[[edit]]

  • Battersea Power Station and MI5 in London
  • Uskmouth Power Station, Newport
  • Brackla bunkers, Bridgend
  • Treforest, Pontypridd

Production errors[[edit]]

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • When the Cyberman on the Zeppelin attacks Jake and Mickey, the first shot shows it with its arm down, then in the next shot it has its arm up, and in the third shot, it is raising its arm.
  • When Jake and Mickey drive off at the end of the episode, ostensibly in London, a sign showing they are in Newport is clearly visible.
  • As Rose and Pete pretend to be mind controlled, some of the extras in the Cyber-factory do not appear to have EarPods.
  • When Rose puts the fake EarPods in her ears, they are noticeably not secured in place and stick out. By the next scene, this has been amended.
  • Rose's hair is over her ears prior to entering the factory, but is then tucked behind her ear while in the factory.
  • Rose's fake EarPods are flashing at a quicker pace compared to the others, including Pete's.
  • Some extras appear at the factory multiple times, though this is simply down to the limited number of extras required for such scenes.


Home video releases[[edit]]

DVD releases[[edit]]

Blu-Ray releases[[edit]]

  • This story was released in the Series 2 Blu-Ray set in November 2013 along with the rest of the series. Despite not being filmed in HD, the Blu-Ray features an upscaled picture and fewer compression artefacts.
    • This release was initially bundled with the first seven series of the revived Doctor Who.

Digital releases[[edit]]

  • This story is available for streaming via Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. It can also be purchased on iTunes.
  • It was also released in the Monsters: Cybermen bundle on iTunes, alongside The Tomb of the Cybermen and Rise of the Cybermen.

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