Victis Fleet

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The Victis Fleet (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass) was a mercenary fleet in the Dark Times.


The Victis Fleet was contracted by Ambassador Chalskal to enact a coup on his home planet Skalithai. After Brian exposed his schemes and handed him over to the authorities, he arranged for the mercenary forces to be given over to the Tenth Doctor to help him against the Kotturuh. The Doctor was officially made their admiral, though he was uncomfortable with this. The mercenaries were equipped with lifeshrouds that could work for a couple of hours before their Mordeela crystals failed and ordered to attack Mordeela.

After sentencing the Kotturuh to lifespans of fifteen minutes, the Doctor joined the fleet as they approached Mordeela, taking command of the flagship. The Kotturuh transmitted to the fleet, begging for the Doctor’s mercy, but he rejected them. He ordered the fleet to prepare to destroy Mordeela, intending to finish off the Kotturuh and seal off their power source. However before he could give the order to fire, the fleet was confronted by the Dalek Time Squad’s saucer, commanded by the Eighth Doctor, and a coffin ship of free Vampires, led by the Ninth Doctor. Despite the pleas of his earlier incarnations, the Tenth Doctor ordered his fleet to fire on Mordeela, (PROSE: The Knight, The Fool and The Dead) beginning the Battle of Mordeela. Mordeela was destroyed, prompting the Daleks to open to fire. The Dalek weapons swiftly destroyed several ships, being several billion years more advanced, however Brian was able to use ancient weaponry he’d collected to shield the fleet and push them back. Bloodsmen from the coffin ship bypassed the shields however and began picking off the crew of ships. Eventually all of the Victis Fleet except the Tenth Doctor’s ship had been destroyed or had fled. The Doctor managed to enact his plan to seal the gateway with the ruins of Mordeela and the last ship escaped.

The Doctor and Brian continued to travel aboard the last ship of the Victis Fleet, which the Doctor named the HMS Donna, (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass) though the Doctor was forced to connect its damaged engines to his TARDIS. (AUDIO: The Minds of Magnox) They eventually travelled to Entranxis to acquire new weapons for the ship. They were joined by the Eighth Doctor in tracking down the Daleks and used the ship to destroy a Dalek scout ship over Birinji. Whilst the Doctors conferred with the Ninth Doctor and Inyit, the crew scavenged materials from the scout ship and helped repair the biodome. The Doctors used the vessel a final time to defend Gallifrey from the Dalek Time Squad, with the crew deciding to help them. In the ensuing battle, the Donna was crippled so the Doctors decided to collide it with the Dalek saucer in a last ditch effort, hoping the ensuing paradox would destroy the Daleks, after the crew evacuated in escape pods. Their final manoeuvre was ultimately not used, as Inyit’s judgement caused the Daleks to retreat in panic, however the Donna was still beyond repair and eventually burnt up in the atmosphere of Gallifrey. (PROSE: All Flesh is Grass)