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Bulgaria was a country in Europe, on Earth. A person from Bulgaria was known as a Bulgar. (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil)


Philippopolis, the Bellova Forest, and East Rumelia were all known to be a part of Bulgaria. (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil)


In the late 1880s, a revolution led to East Rumelia's independence from the Ottoman Empire, at which point it became a part of Bulgaria. Henry Gordon Jago and George Litefoot encountered some people from this region in the 1890s, including a Bulgar from the Bellova Forest and Sofia of Philippopolis. (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil)

During World War II, the forces of Nazi Germany moved into Bulgaria. (PROSE: Just War) Subsequently, partisan movements subsequently emerged in Bulgaria as well as Greece. They built paths to allow more secretive movements around their countries.

In the 1970s, Jack Canning was on assignment in Bulgaria when his cover was blown and he was forced to make a run for the border. He made it, but not before being shot in the leg by one of the Bulgarian soldiers who were pursuing him. (PROSE: The Touch of the Nurazh)