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You may be looking for the cricket side or the Land of Oz.

Australia, sometimes colloquially called "Oz" (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People [+]Loading...["Invasion of the Cat-People (novel)"]) and officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three [+]Loading...["Children of Earth: Day Three (TV story)"]) was both a continent and a nation located on Earth. It was part of Australasia (AUDIO: The Transit of Venus [+]Loading...["The Transit of Venus (audio story)"]) and was located in the southern hemisphere. (PROSE: Iceberg [+]Loading...["Iceberg (novel)"], Time and Relative [+]Loading...["Time and Relative (novel)"])

The people of Australia were known as Aussies. (PROSE: Direct Action [+]Loading...["Direct Action (short story)"])

According to the Fourth Doctor, Australia had a population of 14000000, lots of water, healthy places, healthy people, and lots of space. According to The Wind in the Willows, which the Doctor used to research Australia, it was "a sunburnt country of sweeping plains, rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains". (TV: Dr. Who For Keep Australia Beautiful [+]Loading...["Dr. Who For Keep Australia Beautiful (TV story)"])


Early history[[edit]]

Circa 40,000 BC, five Euterpians stranded on Earth visited Australia and taught the Aborigines to sing. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People [+]Loading...["Invasion of the Cat-People (novel)"])

Circa 35,500 BC, Monarch travelled to Earth in his ship. Australia was the site of his first visit. He abducted several Aborigines, including their leader Kurkutji, and gave them android bodies. He promised Kurkutji rulership of his people when Monarch made his final visit to conquer the planet. (TV: Four to Doomsday [+]Loading...["Four to Doomsday (TV story)"])

In 1590, when Tom looked up at Earth from the surface of the Moon, he found that Australia was entirely missing. (PROSE: Minions of the Moon [+]Loading...["Minions of the Moon (short story)"])

The Dutch explorer Tasman charted the north and west coasts of Australia and he called the land New Holland. (AUDIO: The Transit of Venus [+]Loading...["The Transit of Venus (audio story)"])

In 1658, Polsbroek described Australia as "an inhospitable, desolate island". (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam [+]Loading...["The Waters of Amsterdam (audio story)"])

18th century[[edit]]

In the 18th century, the south coast was charted by Captain James Cook of the Endeavour and, on 28 April 1770, his nephew Isaac Smith became the first Englishman to step foot on the east coast. The First Doctor and Ian Chesterton had been on this voyage, and on 11 June 1770 the ship was forced to land on the coast after hitting the Great Barrier Reef, with the Doctor and Ian disembarking on the east coast of Australia, where they were reunited with Barbara Wright and Susan.

Later, the British Empire claimed the land of Australia and used it as a prison colony to ship convicts to. The idea was recommended to the British government by Joseph Banks after he was confronted by Ian Chesterton who accidentally gave Banks the idea. (AUDIO: The Transit of Venus [+]Loading...["The Transit of Venus (audio story)"]) By the 1990s, the period of Australian history which followed would be referred to as a European "invasion" rather than a "colonisation", as it was referred in the 1970s. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People [+]Loading...["Invasion of the Cat-People (novel)"])

19th century[[edit]]

In 1863, the Third Doctor dropped off Charlie Fisher in Australia to give him a new life. (COMIC: Backtime [+]Loading...["Backtime (comic story)"])

George's ship off the coast of Australia. (COMIC: Ghosts of the Seas [+]Loading...["Ghosts of the Seas (comic story)"])

In 1881, the Flying Dutchman appeared off the coast of Australia. It was watched by the Twelfth Doctor from a nearby ship which was transporting Prince George. (COMIC: Ghosts of the Seas [+]Loading...["Ghosts of the Seas (comic story)"])

In the 1890s, it was an idyllic tourist destination for those wealthy enough to afford the trip. Three separate adverts for trips to Australia from London or Plymouth appeared in an 1890s copy of The Times. (TV: Deep Breath [+]Loading...["Deep Breath (TV story)"])

20th century[[edit]]

Mjovic Jovanka, the paternal grandfather of Tegan Jovanka, emigrated from Yugoslavia to Australia. He always referred to Australia as "the New World." (PROSE: Cold Fusion [+]Loading...["Cold Fusion (novel)"])

In the 1910s, Australia, as part of the British Empire, was involved in World War I. Along with New Zealand, their soldiers made up the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp (ANZAC) which fought alongside the British Army. In 1915, ANZAC fought the forces of the Ottoman Empire in the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. (PROSE: Direct Action [+]Loading...["Direct Action (short story)"])

In the 1920s, the Doctor met Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba and learned her party trick of shattering glass with a high-pitched note. (TV: The Power of Kroll [+]Loading...["The Power of Kroll (TV story)"])

In 1932, the Doctor met Australian cricket champion Donald Bradman and took five wickets for New South Wales. (TV: Four to Doomsday [+]Loading...["Four to Doomsday (TV story)"])

A map of Australia in 1957. (COMIC: Operation Volcano [+]Loading...["Operation Volcano (comic story)"])

On 9 October 1957, the British government detonated a 26.6 kiloton plutonium-based Hydrogen bomb at Maralinga in South Australia. (COMIC: Operation Volcano [+]Loading...["Operation Volcano (comic story)"])

In the 1960s, Janet's younger brother Gareth moved to Australia. He was bit on the backside by a large spider and died there. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark [+]Loading...["Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark (novel)"])

By the early 1970s, some fruit from Western Australia became contaminated with mercurial dioxide, due to fallen particles of dust from outer space. These were later stored in the C19's Vault. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice [+]Loading...["The Scales of Injustice (novel)"])

Also in the 1970s, the Third Doctor, in an attempt to escape his exile, got the TARDIS to materialise in the Australian desert, where, with the aid of Murray Stevens and some Aborigines, he thwarted Rudolph Steiner's Gemini Plan. (COMIC: Gemini Plan [+]Loading...["Gemini Plan (TV Action comic story)"])

Some time later, a group of Daleks based underneath Antarctica used captured nuclear submarine the USS Jefferson to attack Sydney. Their plan to use the city as a base from which to convert humans into Daleks and conquer Earth was defeated by the Doctor with the aid of Lt Davis. (COMIC: *Sub Zero [+]Loading...["Sub Zero (comic story)","*Sub Zero"])

Later still, the Doctor and Sir Humphrey Picton visited an Australian radio telescope base to observe the test run of Dr Louis French's new radio wave accelerator. The Doctor realised that its use would cause disaster, and tried in vain to prevent it. The accelerated radio waves disrupted Earth's atmosphere, creating a huge storm that heavily damaged the research station and resulted in French's death. (COMIC: Is Anyone There? [+]Loading...["Is Anyone There? (comic story)"])

In 1979, the remains of Skylab fell over Australia. One piece endangered Paul Forbes, who was in the Gibson Desert, but he was saved when the Seventh Doctor advised him to take three steps to the left. (PROSE: Three Steps to the Left [+]Loading...["Three Steps to the Left (short story)"])

Towards the late 1970s, the Fourth Doctor was challenged by a computer about his knowledge of Australia in a space station orbiting Earth. The Doctor was seemingly correct about his knowledge of Australia, except for the development, as revealed by a data-scan the computer had access to, that Australia's life-support systems were in danger of imminent collapse due to pollution. The Doctor decided to head to Australia to help prevent this. (TV: Dr. Who For Keep Australia Beautiful [+]Loading...["Dr. Who For Keep Australia Beautiful (TV story)"])

In the 1980s, Bruce and Angela Healy resided in Australia, where they had a veterinary practice. (COMIC: Yonder... The Yeti [+]Loading...["Yonder... The Yeti (comic story)"])

Also in the 1980s, Ace's friend Midge once went to Australia on holiday. He sent her a postcard saying how lonely he felt so far from home. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation [+]Loading...["Timewyrm: Revelation (novel)"])

On 14 July 1993, the Seventh Doctor met with the 37-year-old Dorothée in a café in Glebe, Sydney. (PROSE: Set Piece [+]Loading...["Set Piece (novel)"])

In 1995, the Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield visited the interdimensional café in Glebe. (PROSE: Set Piece [+]Loading...["Set Piece (novel)"])

At the same time, Kathy Chambers set up her Chambers Pharmaceuticals company in Brisbane as cover for experiments with Cybermen technology. (AUDIO: The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"])

In 1996, the Doctor, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester visited Sydney for a week. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad [+]Loading...["Return of the Living Dad (novel)"])

21st century[[edit]]

On 22 September 2006, Brisbane's phone network was hit by an electronic attack to cover for the creation of System. Tegan Jovanka was running a small animal feed company in the city at the time, having taken it over from her father. (AUDIO: The Gathering [+]Loading...["The Gathering (audio story)"])

In 2007, Australian soldiers were involved in a war in Indonesia. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead [+]Loading...["Cat's Cradle: Warhead (novel)"])

By 2007, H.C. Clements had an office in Australia. (TV: The Runaway Bride [+]Loading...["The Runaway Bride (TV story)"])

In 2008, UNIT Australia fought off an advance party of Ice Warriors. (COMIC: The Age of Ice [+]Loading...["The Age of Ice (comic story)"])

In the same year, Australia's national science agency CSIRO was part of a teleconference on the Atraxi crisis. (TV: The Eleventh Hour [+]Loading...["The Eleventh Hour (TV story)"])

After Earth was returned from the Medusa Cascade in approximately the 2000s,[nb 1] Sydney was one of the cities celebrating. (TV: Journey's End [+]Loading...["Journey's End (TV story)"])

In 2009, Australia was among the nations which agreed to let John Frobisher speak on their behalf to the 456. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Three [+]Loading...["Children of Earth: Day Three (TV story)"])

John O'Brien and his parents visited Australia in 2009 for three weeks. (AUDIO: The Ghost House [+]Loading...["The Ghost House (audio story)"])

In 2010, a Chronal wave hit Sydney as part of a major Skith assault. (COMIC: The Age of Ice [+]Loading...["The Age of Ice (comic story)"])

In the 2010s, Australia was among the places where newly-hatched Zygons were settled across the world as part of Operation Double. (TV: The Zygon Invasion [+]Loading...["The Zygon Invasion (TV story)"]) At some other point in the 2010s, the Twelfth Doctor, Nardole and Bill Potts visited Sydney to escape from a sentient oil creature that had been in a puddle. (TV: The Pilot [+]Loading...["The Pilot (TV story)"])

In 2018, Australia was part of the Australasian Zone and the malevolent Ramón Salamander had set up a research facility there back in 2013: here, he had tricked scientists into causing "natural" disasters. An anti-Salamander group under Giles Kent was based near the facility. The Second Doctor and his companions Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield arrived on an Australian beach and were drawn into Kent and Salamander's machinations. (TV: The Enemy of the World [+]Loading...["The Enemy of the World (TV story)"])

In 2020, Amy Pond discussed the Australian outback as a possible place for the Silurians to live, when considering the prospect of both races living together openly. (TV: Cold Blood [+]Loading...["Cold Blood (TV story)"])

In the 2040s, Ed Gold pushed for Australia to get involved in the space race. Sometime after 2044, Australia had built a space elevator off its western coast. (TV: The Waters of Mars [+]Loading...["The Waters of Mars (TV story)"])

In 2058, Australia would be part of the Bowie Base One mission on Mars. (TV: The Waters of Mars [+]Loading...["The Waters of Mars (TV story)"])

In 2096, Australia was the most stable nation on Earth after the Myloki conflict of the 2060s, due to a dispersed population and comparative wealth. (PROSE: The Indestructible Man [+]Loading...["The Indestructible Man (novel)"])

However, soon afterwards Australia fell victim to the massive economic and social upheavals caused by widespread use of the Interstitial Mass Transit System, becoming destitute and starving. Many Australians fled, most of them ending up at the Achebe Gorge refugee camp. (PROSE: Transit [+]Loading...["Transit (novel)"])

22nd century[[edit]]

In the 2110s, the Second Doctor, Zoe Heriot, and Jamie McCrimmon visited the Whitaker Institute in central Australia. There, they encountered and defeated an artificial life form known as the Achromatics. (AUDIO: Echoes of Grey [+]Loading...["Echoes of Grey (audio story)"])

During the 22nd century Dalek occupation of Earth, a human resistance movement was formed in Australia, but was crushed by the Daleks within days. (AUDIO: Masters of Earth [+]Loading...["Masters of Earth (audio story)"])

Far future[[edit]]

In the 42nd century, there was a TV show based off Iris Wildthyme's autobiography, Ugg Boots and Catsuits: My Fabulous Life, and Panda was replaced by an Australian kangaroo, Hoppy. (AUDIO: The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society [+]Loading...["The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society (audio story)"])

In the 51st century, Australia was either part of or occupied by the Supreme Alliance. Magnus Greel became known as "the Butcher of Brisbane" for his horrific experiments carried out there. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang [+]Loading...["The Talons of Weng-Chiang (TV story)"]; AUDIO: The Butcher of Brisbane [+]Loading...["The Butcher of Brisbane (audio story)"])

By this time, Brisbane was known as "the Brisbane Death Zone." (AUDIO: The Butcher of Brisbane [+]Loading...["The Butcher of Brisbane (audio story)"])

In 200100, Australia and its neighbours collectively formed Australasia. When the Daleks attacked Earth, Australasia was referred to as "just... gone" after a bombing run. (TV: The Parting of the Ways [+]Loading...["The Parting of the Ways (TV story)"])


The primary language in Australia was English, (TV: A Christmas Carol [+]Loading...["A Christmas Carol (TV story)"]) for Australia was settled by the British. However, there were also many languages spoken by the Aborigines, (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People [+]Loading...["Invasion of the Cat-People (novel)"]) both prior to European settlement (TV: Four to Doomsday [+]Loading...["Four to Doomsday (TV story)"]) and afterwards[source needed].

Other facts[[edit]]

The Doctor once lived in the outback for 123 years. (TV: Spyfall [+]Loading...["Spyfall (TV story)"])

One of the Fourth and Fifth Doctor's companions, Tegan Jovanka, was a native of Australia, having grown up on her father's farm near Brisbane. (TV: Logopolis [+]Loading...["Logopolis (TV story)"])

Her aunt Vanessa was also from Australia, (TV: Logopolis [+]Loading...["Logopolis (TV story)"]) as was her cousin Colin Frazer (TV: Arc of Infinity [+]Loading...["Arc of Infinity (TV story)"]) and her maternal grandfather. Andrew Verney (TV: The Awakening [+]Loading...["The Awakening (TV story)"])

Tegan, who described herself as "downright Bolshie," was a supporter of Australian republicanism. (AUDIO: The Children of Seth [+]Loading...["The Children of Seth (audio story)"])

The redback spider inhabited Australia. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People [+]Loading...["Invasion of the Cat-People (novel)"])

The Third Doctor bought a beach-house in Sydney while his house in Kent was being painted. (PROSE: SLEEPY [+]Loading...["SLEEPY (novel)"])

Eugene Jones planned to take his friend and co-worker Linda to Australia. (TV: Random Shoes [+]Loading...["Random Shoes (TV story)"])

Martha Jones told Plummer that she had been to Australia. (TV: Reset [+]Loading...["Reset (TV story)"])

Abigail Pettigrew photographed in front of Uluru and a typical kangaroo crossing sign. (TV: A Christmas Carol [+]Loading...["A Christmas Carol (TV story)"])

The Eleventh Doctor visited Australia with Kazran Sardick and Abigail Pettigrew, visiting Uluru and the Sydney Opera House. (TV: A Christmas Carol [+]Loading...["A Christmas Carol (TV story)"])

When Gavin left Earth to rule his planet in 2010, Sarah Jane Smith had Mr Smith covered it up by saying that he had moved to Australia. (TV: The Empty Planet [+]Loading...["The Empty Planet (TV story)"])

Turlough once jokingly told Tegan that "stubbornness is one of Australia's greatest exports." (AUDIO: The Emerald Tiger [+]Loading...["The Emerald Tiger (audio story)"])

In an account where Susan was not a student at Coal Hill School, but was instead tutored by Barbara Wright, she thought that Australia was in the Atlantic Ocean, when it was emphatically not. (PROSE: Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks [+]Loading...["Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks (novelisation)"])

According to the Fourth Doctor, Bradman's best test score was 428, and the country's best export was Dame Edna Everage. (TV: Dr. Who For Keep Australia Beautiful [+]Loading...["Dr. Who For Keep Australia Beautiful (TV story)"])

Behind the scenes[[edit]]

  • Janet Fielding is Australian while Katy Manning is a naturalised Australian citizen.
  • The spin-off, K9, was produced in Australia.
  • Australia was the second country to buy Doctor Who[1] and the only country to buy every missing episode — except "The Feast of Steven", which was never exported anywhere.
  • Damian Shanahan and Ellen Parry discovered a wide collection of censor clips from Doctor Who in 1996.[1]
  • Beginning with series 10 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation aired a fan program after Doctor Who entitled Whovians, where they discuss the episode they have seen, interview cast members and theorise over the series story arc. For series 10, when Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving they held mock auditions for the Thirteenth Doctor with ABC personalities.



  1. The present day of Doctor Who's fourth series is not consistently dated, with TV: The Fires of Pompeii, TV: The Waters of Mars, and AUDIO: SOS setting the present of the 13 regular episodes in 2008 (heavily implied by TV: The Star Beast and TV: The Giggle as well), and PROSE: Beautiful Chaos setting them in about April to June 2009.


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