TARDIS (Time, Love and TARDIS)

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The Doctor once was offered a newer model of TARDIS in perfect working order.


While the Doctor was led away to discuss the aforementioned matter with another Time Lord, this TARDIS, in the shape of a white column, remained on the beach with the Doctor's TARDIS.

The blue box told the column how she loved the Doctor and wondered if he loved her. The column dismissed this, pointing out that TARDISes were just machines to Time Lords; to be discarded when they were no longer useful. A renegade had little choice but to keep on travelling with a defective TARDIS that always looked like the same thing and willfully chose to go places that were dangerous.

Resigned to the fact that the Doctor deserved better and sure of what he would decide, the blue box asked the column to look after him. The Doctor, however, chose his old TARDIS, echoing what she had said before, "We've been together a long time." Before the column left with the other Time Lord, the column admitted that the Doctor did love the blue box after all. (PROSE: Time, Love and TARDIS)