Tamasan's TARDIS

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Major Tamasan travelled in a Battle TARDIS during the Last Great Time War. She travelled to Derilobia and discovered Carvil had transformed the planet into a weapons factory to use against the Daleks.

When a Dalek agent contacted the Daleks to alert them to Carvil's plan, the Time Lords were forced to evacuate. Tamasan was forced to take Bliss into her TARDIS to save her when the Daleks attacked the planet while Carvil launched his missiles, one of which was not completely fuelled but the chronodite inside the warhead was enough to create a time storm to destroy the Daleks.

Tamasan used her TARDIS to rescue the Eighth Doctor because of standing orders from the War Ollistra and insistence from Bliss.

Carvil's TARDIS was deliberately sacrificed by Tamasan to give his fellow Time Lords the means to escape, including Tamasan's. Tamasan summoned the Doctor's TARDIS into hers when Derilobia was destroyed. (AUDIO: The Lords of Terror)

The Doctor later stole Tamasan's Battle TARDIS with Bliss to attempt to penetrate the time lock around Grahv. The Time Lords revoked this TARDIS' authorisation as they were doing so. Although the Doctor and Bliss were successful, the impact reduced Tamasan's TARDIS to mere scrap in the process. (AUDIO: The War Valeyard)