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The 584th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was cover dated December 2022.

It was the first issue to feature the Fourteenth Doctor on the cover and utilised the traditional "...is the Doctor!" headline, uniquely commemorating David Tennant for the second time after issue 359.



None this issue


Letter from the Showrunner[[edit]]

Production Notes has regenerated, and Russell T Davies returns to the column, discussing how bringing back David Tennant and Catherine Tate for Doctor Who's 60th anniversary specials was made possible by Doctor Who: Lockdown! and, by extension, Doctor Who Magazine itself.

Galaxy Forum[[edit]]

Readers discuss reactions to The Power of the Doctor, the revised version of the diamond logo and recreating a moment from the First Doctor era.

Time and Space Visualiser[[edit]]

  • This Month In... 1990

Wednesday 21 November: The transmission of Search Out Science, one of the few TV stories of Doctor Who during the 'Wilderness Years'.

Production Diary[[edit]]

In a new regular feature, incoming script editor Scott Handcock begins his production diary on the forthcoming episodes of Doctor Who, covering behind the scenes on 31 August to 29 September.

Comic strip[[edit]]

Story: Alan Barnes
Art: Lee Sullivan
Colours: James Offredi
Lettering: Roger Langridge
Editor: Marcus Hearn



The Fact of Fiction[[edit]]



Other Worlds[[edit]]

A newly expanded version of the Previews column, taking a deep dive into the expanded Doctor Who universe on audio, in print, and more.

Sufficient Data[[edit]]


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