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The 596th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was cover dated November 2023.

It was dedicated to the upcoming 60th anniversary alien creature Beep the Meep, which originated in the 1980 comic story Doctor Who and the Star Beast.




Galaxy Forum[[edit]]

Readers discuss the best moments of the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, memories of Melanie Bush, Doctor Who @ 60: A Musical Celebration, revisiting The Power of the Doctor, and the return of the Toymaker.

Letter from the Showrunner[[edit]]

Russell T Davies shares some key dates to look out for ahead of Doctor Who's 60th anniversary, gets excited over the classic era's appearance on BBC iPlayer, and teases a final few surprises before the show returns to TV.

Production Diary[[edit]]

Scott Handcock provides an update on the production of Series 15 and the post-production of the 2023 specials and Series 14 from 15 August to 14 September 2023.

Time and Space Visualiser[[edit]]

  • This Month In... 1979

Wednesday 31 October: I've Seen a Ghost: True Stories from Show Business is published by writer Richard Davis, including several pages of real-life ghost encounters described by Jon Pertwee, who would later appear on the book's paperback cover.

What? What?! What?!![[edit]]

  • Drawn Upon a Spin-Off... - Molly Marsh lists the rare but notable moments where Doctor Who stories from other media have influenced the creation of a TV story.

Memory Worm[[edit]]

Jamie McCrimmon actor Frazer Hines is tested by Alistair McGown on how much he can remember of his history with Doctor Who.

Stasis Cube[[edit]]

In the first of a new regular feature examining "frozen instants in time, bigger on the inside", Simon Guerrier analyses the filming of the scene in The Christmas Invasion where the Tenth Doctor chooses his outfit for the first time.

Comic strip[[edit]]

Story: Alan Barnes
Art: Lee Sullivan
Colours: James Offredi
Lettering: Roger Langridge
Editor: Marcus Hearn
Daleks created by Terry Nation

The Fact of Fiction[[edit]]



Other Worlds[[edit]]

Sufficient Data[[edit]]

  • Panel Show - Counting the exact number of mainline comic strip appearances to date of every Doctor in DWM and its associated titles.


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