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Prose stories first appeared in the inside covers of the first issue of Doctor Who Magazine, then known as Doctor Who Weekly, starting the Fourth Doctor. They continued in 1989-1980, 1986-1995, and then sporadically until the final story in 2005. A continuation of the first story, now staring the Twelfth Doctor, would appear to celebrate the magazine's 500th issue in 2016.

Overview[[edit] | [edit source]]

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Early short stories[[edit] | [edit source]]

Miscellaneous illustrated short stories briefly appeared in the pages of Doctor Who Weekly from 1979-1980, starring the Fourth Doctor. They returned in 1983 and would appear sporadically afterwards, even during the run of short stories under the Brief Encounters umbrella.

DWM Title Doctor Featuring
1 Entry 2481/B-3
Entry 3512/A-7
26 The Two-Timer K9
27 Stowaway
28 Evil Egg Sharon, K9
29-30 Sands of Time
31 Mind-Jump
32 The Hole Truth
33 Breakdown
80 Shades of Piccolo UNIT
100 The Legacy of Gallifrey The Doctor
114 Power to the People 6th Peri
117 The Heat-Seekers 4th Sarah, Harry
119 Hall of Mirrors 6th Peri
122 The Bird of Fire 5th Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion
151 The Infinity Season 7th
162 Living in the Past Ace
163 Teenage Kicks
173 Pathfinders 4th Romana II, Adric, K9
181-182 Heliotrope Bouquet Daleks and Cybermen
184 Who Discovered America? 1st Susan, Barbara, Ian
200 Rennigan's Record
227-229 Meridians 7th Ace
230-233 The Final Analysis 4th Romana II, K9
236-238 The Dragon of Hyacinth Lodge 3rd Jo
289 Bafflement and Devotion 8th Iris Wildthyme
297-299 Gallifrey: A Rough Guide The Doctor Rassilon, Omega, the Pythia, the Enemy, Susan Foreman
305 How did this creep get in here, Professor? 7th Ace, Tremas Master
364 Voice from the Vortex! 9th Rosie Taylor
500 Entry 15234/C-4 12th
568 Black Powder 13th Yaz, Guy Fawkes

Specials[[edit] | [edit source]]

DWM Title Doctor Featuring
Summer 1983 Catalogue of Events 5th
25th Anniversary Special Scream of the Silent 7th
Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer Between the Wars: A Slow Night in Paradise Abslom Daak

Unproduced story adaptations[[edit] | [edit source]]

DWM Title Doctor Featuring
170 Guardians of Prophecy 6th Peri
198-199 The Prison in Space 2nd Jamie, Zoe
201 Attack from the Mind 6th Mel
203 Paradise Five
210-211 The Rosemariners 2nd Jamie, Victoria
214-215 Hex 5th Peri
218-219 The Doomsday Contract 4th Romana II
228-229 The Song of the Space Whale 5th Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough
379 Doctor Who Meets Scratchman 4th Sarah, Harry

A Letter from the Doctor[[edit] | [edit source]]

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Starting in 1979, and having brief re-appearances in 2013 and in 2016, Doctor Who Magazine published in-character letters, being "written" by characters such as the Fourth Doctor and Peter Capaldi.

Brief Encounters[[edit] | [edit source]]

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From 1990 to 1994, Doctor Who Magazine published illustrated short stories under the umbrella title of Brief Encounter. These stories focused on having Doctors and/or companions who had not been on screen together to meet each other. These stories were also published in Doctor Who Magazine specials and Doctor Who Yearbook

DWM Title Doctor Featuring
167 The Meeting 1st John Lucarotti
168 An Incident Concerning the Continual Bombardment of the Phobos Colony Davros
169 Untitled 7th Ian, Barbara
171 Untitled Berenyi
172 A Victorian Interlude 5th Henry Gordon Jago, Dr. Litefoot
174 Under Reykjavik Magnus Greel, Romana II
Winter 1991 Listening Watch Sargent Benton, Captain Yates, The Brigadier
176 Mistaken Identity Lytton, Cast of EastEnders
Yearbook 1992 The Meeting (reprint) 1st John Lucarotti
Future Imperfect 2nd, 3rd
Time on a Vine 5th
The Deal 6th Mel
178 Affirmative 7th Leela, K9
178 An Unfulfilled Dream 7th Katarina
Winter 1991 A Wee Deoch an ...? 6th Mel, The Brigadier
181 Echoes of Future Past 1st, 7th
184 Untitled 7th Ace, Duggan
185 Ships Dodo, Sarah Jane
186 Cathedral Heart 7th Ace
187 A Romantic Evening 7th The Brigadier, Doris Lethbridge-Stewart
188 The Useful Pile 7th
Holiday 1992 Girls' Night In Jo, Sarah Jane, Liz, Tegan, Ace
Playtime Sarah Jane, Lavinia Smith, Susan
Fond Memories The Brigadier
189 Time, Love and TARDIS The Doctor The TARDIS
190 A Visit to the Cinema 3rd
Yearbook 1993 Cambridge Previsited 1st
Dream a Little Dream for Me 2nd, 7th
Country of the Blind 3rd Liz
Farewells 4th Sarah Jane, K9
Encounter on Burnt Snake Flat 5th Tegan
A Tourist Invasion 6th Mel
191 Reunion The Doctor Peri
192 Games The Mandarin, The Entity
193 Toy Shardovan, "The Portreeve"
194 Tautology Marius, K9 Mark I, K9 Mark III
195 In the Community Ace, Judith Winters
196 The Stranger, The Writer, His Wife and the Mixed Metaphor 4th William Shakespeare
197 A Time & a Place 7th Barbara Campbell
198 Three Steps to the Left 7th
199 Anti-Matter with Fries 7th Ace, The Ergon
205 Missing in Action Captain Yates
206 One Minute Fourteen Seconds 7th Ace
208 Front Line 7th
210 Down to Earth 4th Liz
212 Useless Things
213 The Gallery 7th
214 Roses 1st Steven

Preludes[[edit] | [edit source]]

From 1992 to 1995, Doctor Who Magazine published exclusive illustrated preludes to upcoming Virgin New Adventures novels. More often than not, the stories did not include the Seventh Doctor, rather focusing on original characters in the novel or previous incarnations of the Doctor.

DWM Title Doctor Featuring
190 Prelude Nightshade
192 Prelude Love and War Benny
195 Prelude Transit "Old man"
196 Prelude The Highest Science 7th Benny
197 Prelude The Pit
198 Prelude Deceit
199 Prelude Lucifer Rising
201 Prelude White Darkness 3rd The Brigadier
202 Prelude Shadowmind
203 Prelude Birthright 7th Ace, Victoria
204 Prelude Iceberg Tobias Vaughn
205 Prelude Blood Heat
206 Prelude The Dimension Riders 7th
207 Prelude The Left-Handed Hummingbird 7th
208 Prelude Conundrum Dr. Who John and Gillian
209 Prelude No Future
210 Prelude Tragedy Day 7th Ace, Benny
211 Prelude Legacy
212 Prelude Theatre of War 7th Ace
213 Prelude All-Consuming Fire Arthur Conan Doyle, John Watson
214 Prelude Blood Harvest
215 Prelude Strange England
216 Prelude First Frontier 2nd Jamie McCrimmon
217 Prelude St Anthony's Fire
218 Prelude Falls the Shadow 4th K9
220 Prelude Parasite
221 Prelude Warlock 7th
222 Prelude Set Piece 7th
223 Prelude Infinite Requiem 7th Benny
225 Prelude Sanctuary Benny
226 Prelude Human Nature Joan Redfern, Wolsey

The Blogs of Doom[[edit] | [edit source]]

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Issue Title Author Featuring
519 Jorj

Jonathan Morris

520 Ian the Elf

Ian, Santa Claus, Shona

521 The Veil The Veil
522 The Ghoul Patsy
523 Colin Colin Redmayne
524 Nerys Nerys
525 Nilson Nilson
526 Sevrin Sevrin
527 Robinson Robinson
528 Scaroth Scaroth
529 Acting Captain Zachary Cross Flane Zachary Cross Flane
530 The Monks Monks
531 Dr Malcolm Taylor Malcolm Taylor
532 Panna  Panna
533 Charles Dickens Charles Dickens
534 Dortmun Dortmun
535 Meglos Meglos
536 Medok Medok
537 Sentreal Sentreal
538 Lady Peinforte Peinforte
539 Doctor Fendelman Fendelman
540 Sam Seeley Sam Seeley


Mehendri Solon Mehendri Solon
542 The Inquisitor Darkel
543 Commander Fabian Fabian, Elena
545 Dalek Caan Dalek Caan


Bert the Landlord Bert
548 Harry Sullivan  Harry Sullivan
549 Prisoner Zero Prisoner Zero
550 Hieronymous


551 Doris Griffiths Doris Griffiths
552 Tlotoxl Tlotoxl
553 Larry Nightingale Larry Nightingale
554 Herbert George Wells H. G. Wells
555 The Investigator The Investigator
556 Harold Chorley Harold Chorley
557 Dr Black Henry Black
558 Light Light
560 Seb Seb
561 Poul Poul