Children of the Circus (audio story)

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Children of the Circus was an audio story published by AUK Studios and released on 14 December 2023, which was the 35th anniversary of the broadcast of Episode 1 of The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, and is thus a narrative sequel to that serial and features the surviving members of the Psychic Circus in the aftermath of their time under the Gods of Ragnarok.

The audio story was adapted into a novelisation of the same name.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Once upon a time, there was a circus.

A Psychic Circus, to be precise. A glorious haven for the misfits of the universe.

But then, as is so often the way, it was hijacked by a trio of malevolent Gods.

Things grew unpleasant.

Now, years later, the Gods are gone, but the scars of those who survived the Circus remain. After all, you can't change the past.

Unless you're the Children of the Circus...and you're willing to sing.



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