Christmassy Tales (anthology)

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Christmassy Tales was a 2020 anthology written and self-published by Paul Magrs.[1] Many of the stories within the anthology made use of licensed DWU elements.

From a Doctor Who perspective, this anthology notably contained the first direct crossover story between the characters of Iris Wildthyme and Brenda and Effie, a short story which acted as a simultaneous continuation of The Nest Cottage Chronicles and Baker's End, and the return of several servo-furnishing characters in a story that tied-into The Lora Trilogy. This anthology also featured another story with concepts from Brenda & Effie, a reappearance by David (a stand in for Magrs in several stories), and several semi-autobiographical pieces with fictitious elements which featured an appearance by Panda.


"And so they stood together watching the extinct and rare creatures twirling away from the party. Light as snowflakes, fading in the dawn..."

Spend Christmas in Venice, Paris, Whitby and on the planet Mars!

Fourteen festive tales... from a fabulous story-teller.

Featuring the magical tale of the Goblin King and his Invisible Mask… and a new story for Brenda and Effie and Iris Wildthyme at Christmas...


# Story Featuring
1 Stardust and Snow
2 Snow in the Algarve
3 Miss Baumgarten's Trolls David, Mam, Brian
4 The Everlasting Match Girl Toaster
5 Fester and the Christmas Mouse Fester Cat, Paul Magrs, Bessy, Panda
6 Baubles Robert, Jessie
7 The Christmas Hoover
8 The Fabulous Animal Jamboree
9 Klacky the Christmas Dragon Klacky the Dragon[2]
10 The Nightingale of Planet 12
11 Mrs Frimbly's Festive Diary Fenella Frimbly, Tish Madoc, Deirdre Whatsit
12 The Christmas Trilobite Paul Magrs, Mrs Claus
13 Party Like it's 1979 Paul Magrs, Mam, Little Nanna
14 A Tingle of Happiness Brenda and Effie
Iris Wildthyme, Demon


The back cover.
  • Klacky the Christmas Dragon was originally published on Paul Magrs' blog and then in the anthology Just Another Winter's Tale, and Baubles was previously published in the follow-up anthology A Few More Winter Tales.

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  1. Christmassy Tales available now
  2. Originating in this story (which was first published in 2015), Klacky also appears in Baker's End.