Coloth (series)

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Coloth was a Doctor Who spin-off focusing on the character of Coloth, from the Second Doctor story War Crimes included in the original Short Trips prose anthology. It also featured the Plume Coteries and Birdhemoths from Nate Bumber's Faction Paradox short stories A Farewell to Arms and A Farewell to R.M.S., and their infinite Library.

The latter was first seen in White Canvas, released several years before the official debut of the first Coloth story, but which featured minor roles for the Library, Coloth, and Maritsa, who would go on to become a main character in the series alongside Coloth and Callum. Also prior to the proper debut of Coloth, Arcbeatle released Sonnenblumen, a 10,000 Dawns short story which starred Coloth as a main character, and also featured Rich the Birdhemoth.

The series made its official debut on 29 October 2023 with the short story The Cactus and the Corpse by Aristide Twain, published in the anthology Horrors of Arcbeatle alongside the debut of several other spin-offs. The story served as a crossover with the Auteur series.

The series' first "full" release was The Book of the Snowstorm, released 2023.