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Miranda was a comic story about Miranda Dawkins, the Doctor's adopted daughter, who was introduced in the novel Father Time.

Originally planned for six issues, the comic series was cancelled after only three, leaving the planned, broader story arc incomplete.


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  • This was Lance Parkin's first and only attempt at creating a Doctor Who spin-off. However, the Eighth Doctor was alluded to in one of his Emmerdale novels, suggesting a shared universe.
  • As a member of the Klade, the Robot Guardsman's design evokes Daleks by having bumps on its feet resembling sense globes and an ocular implant similar to an eyestalk. It speaks in the same font which has been used to represent Dalek voices since The Dalek Book. Another robot model used by the Klade possesses only one, large eye, much like the eyestalks, with one of these robots even shouting that it "cannot see" and that its "vision is impaired", much like Daleks are known to.
  • Elements introduced in this comic later appeared in the short story White Canvas.


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