Wringing Off (novel)

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You may be looking for the action "wringing off".

Wringing Off was a novella by Ryan Fogarty published in November 2020.

It featured a number of Doctor Who universe elements licensed from their creators, including the Caxtarids from Kate Orman's Virgin New Adventures novels and Blair Bidmead's character Theo Possible. Insofar as it was spun off from the world of Faction Paradox, the cover bore the label "From the Silver Age of Faction Paradox", although it was not itself a part of the Faction Paradox series.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Fourteen years old. Crash landed on an alien planet. No way to call for help.

This is the problem facing the young delinquent Pyke when his prisoner transport wrecks on an impossible world. Everything hurts and nothing works. Can he survive by his wits and ingenuity? Can he even escape?

Either way Pyke must hurry because the monster he has been fleeing from is already here!


A prisoner transport carrying Pyke-Xi Raul wrecks on the planet Bokuvell, and Pyke frees himself by murdering the surviving Caxtarid guard. With the help of new friends from the native Petaloudepta, Pyke scavenges alien technology from sites where the Atlanteans and Court of Osirus had visited the planet. Using this technology he conducts an increasingly dangerous series of improvised rituals based on his experience in the Society of the Flamingo and at another universe's school of magic; the final and most dangerous of these, .TGA Greyspacing, leaves Pyke torn into two fragmentary selves, which in their selfishness destroy each other.





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