The Minister of Chance (series)

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The Minister of Chance was a series of fantasy stories written by Dan Freedman. The series centered on the eponymous Minister, who was introduced in Freedman's Seventh Doctor webcast Death Comes to Time, and his involvement in court intrigue on the planet Thea.

The eponymous main character, the Minister of Chance, is portrayed and characterised consistently with his debut appearance in Death Comes to Time. Although in this series he was played by Julian Wadham rather than Stephen Fry, initial promotional material for the series explained this by describing him as a "defrocked Time Lord" "now in his second regeneration".[1] The events of Death Comes to Time are alluded to as a tragedy in the Minister's past, and following from the Seventh Doctor's revocation of his TARDIS in that story, the Minister travels through time and space by "the scientific formula for doors".


Now in his second regeneration, defrocked Time Lord The Minister Of Chance finds himself saddled with 'Kitty', an 'assistant' he apparently cannot get rid of - and perilously entangled in the court intrigues and military politics of a forest planet on the brink of war. Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Paul Darrow join Julian Wadham (The Iron Lady) and Lauren Crace (EastEnders) in an audio adventure that will take you to a spectacular world where science is heresy and magic is law...



Five audio stories plus prologue were produced and released by Radio Static from 2012 to 2013.[2]

The episodes were later remastered, split into four parts, and re-released as a weekly podcast from 5 October 2020 to 23 February 2021.[3]

The Pointed Hand, a prologue to the series, introduced Paul McGann as Durian and Sylvester McCoy as the Witch Prime.

# Title Author Featuring Length Released
0 The Pointed Hand
(third release)
Dan Freedman Durian, the Witch Prime 9 min., 1 sec. 13 July 2012[nb 1]
1 The Broken World The Minister of Chance, Kitty 35 min., 15 sec. 13 January 2012
2 The Forest Shakes 36 min., 47 sec.
3 Paludin Fields 47 min., 22 sec. 20 July 2012
4 The Tiger 42 min., 33 sec. 1 March 2013
5 In a Barque on the River Hex 51 min., 50 sec. 17 May 2013


A video adaptation of the prologue was released on 17 October 2014[4] to promote a Kickstarter for a full film adaptation of The Minister of Chance,[5] but it ultimately failed to meet its fundraising goal.[6]


On 8 December 2016, Dan Freeman announced on his Kickstarter for the unproduced movie that the series would be made into a novelisation.[7]

On 1 June 2022, Arcbeatle Press released a short webcast on their YouTube channel titled He is Coming…, and on 30 June 2022, The Minister of Chance novelisation was released.



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  1. Despite being released between episodes 2 and 3, The Forest Shakes and Paludin Fields, this prologue was intended to be listened to before episode 1, The Broken World.