The Rise & Fall of Señor 105 (novel)

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The Rise and Fall of Señor 105 was the second novella in the Obverse Sextet series. It was written by Blair Bidmead. The story featured Señor 105 and several other characters from Obverse Books' Señor 105 and Iris Wildthyme series.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

The past has caught up with Señor 105 and is headed on a collision course with the future. As the secret history of the solar system is revealed, the shocking truth may be too much for even him to bear...


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  • The novella consists of two loosely connected parts, titled By the Time I Get to Venus and El Mundo Rising. The latter is new material; the former had previously been released in 2012, as the third volume in the Señor 105 series.
  • In the original release of By the Time I Get to Venus, when Theo Possible apologises to El Jefe for causing the hip injury that has necessitated him to use a walking stick, El Jefe exclaims, "Hmph!? Yes, quite so! Quite fucking so!" The word "fucking" is omitted from the version reprinted in The Rise and Fall of Señor 105.


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