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Warp Hustler is a sci-fi comic series created by Paul Hanley and Martin Simmonds in collaboration with Unlikely Heroes Studios in 2023.

The main character, Janice, had previously made a cameo appearance on the Iris Wildthyme anthology Wild Thymes on the 22's cover art back in 2018. Hanley claimed this was due to Janice "Billy-Pilgriming through the Motherverse".


Character portraits[[edit]]

The first instalments in the series were a series of character portraits depicting the characters featured in the comics.

Title Creator Featuring Release date
Otherfred Paul Hanley Otherfred 27 June 2023
Fred Fred 8 July 2023
Janice Janice 24 July 2023
John 316 John 316 31 July 2023

Warp Hustler And Rando Fuckers[[edit]]

Pastiching the 1975 collectible art series Doctor Who And His Enemies, the kickstarter promotion released Warp Hustler And Rando Fuckers.


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