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Modern Love was a standalone novel by Paul Magrs.

This story was notable for referencing Magrs' Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Blue Angel and the then-unpublished Phoenix Court novel Fancy Man, and for featuring a cameo by Brenda Soobie, an incarnation of Iris Wildthyme.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

19 year-old Christine is forced into a shotgun marriage to Michael, a bank clerk. They both have their secrets, as do the parents of the bride. As the twin daughters grow up their behaviour grows increasingly strange until their violent games end in tragedy.


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  • The reactions of a family to a character in a coma were also explored in Magrs' Phoenix Court novel Could It Be Magic?.
  • The scenes at the Spiritualist Church mirror those in The Blue Angel, albeit with a darker and more sexual edge. Several characters from that novel reappear.
  • The writing of Pieces of Belinda by Timon and its subsequent publication are events from the Phoenix Court novel Fancy Man.


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