The Diary of a Dr. Who Addict (novel)

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The Diary of a Dr. Who Addict is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Paul Magrs, published by Simon and Schuster in 2009, and revised edition in 2010

The novel featured fictional elements from Magrs' previous Short Trips short story, Fanboys, printed in Snapshots. The characters in this novel then would reappear in other stories, including Imaginary Boys (and its prose adaptation), The Story of Fester Cat, and Miss Baumgarten's Trolls.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

It's the 1980's and David has just started secondary school. He's becoming a teenager, but still hanging onto the rituals of childhood particularly his addiction to Doctor Who, sharing the books with his best friend and neighbour, Robert, and watching the TV show with his little brother, Chris. But time moves relentlessly on, and Robert starts rejecting the Doctor in favour of girls, free weights and new music. Against a backdrop of Bowie, Breville toasters and trips to Blackpool, David acknowledges his own abilities and finds his place in their world.


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The Doctor Who series[[edit]]

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The audiobook.

This story was released as an audiobook by BBC Audio in late 2010.

In the real world, Castrovalva aired on a Monday night, whereas this story sets the broadcast date to Tuesday.


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