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Mindgame by David J. Howe, was a novelisation of the entire Mindgame Saga published by Telos Publishing.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

‘A Sontaran, a Draconian and a Human … It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.’

Sontaran Field-Major Sarg, Draconian Colonel Eskon and a Human mercenary who cannot remember her name have nothing in common … that is until they are each snatched from their everyday lives to do battle in an alien arena on an asteroid suspended in the void! With a massive clash of cultures looming, can they each settle their differences and work together to defeat the alien intelligence which is trying to pit them against each other ...?

And then, once returned to their own times and places, can they continue as they were before, or has the experience changed them all?

An exciting adventure from the Worlds of Doctor Who.


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Deviations from the televised story[[edit]]

  • Terrence Dicks had written a scene where the captives "make a deal with the alien and say that they are tired", agreeing to fight if they get rest. "And so there is kind of a middle act... they sit down and chat”, which came out to save time during filming.[1] The scene is restored here.

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