Dionus (series)

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You may be looking for the eponymous character.

Dionus was a prose series published by Arcbeatle Press, centred around the eponymous character, beginning with three short stories in Coloth anthology The Book of the Snowstorm.


After James Hornby cut ties with BBV Productions due to controversy, Dionus's War, a different series that was part of BBV's Audio Adventures in Time & Space series, also focused around Dionus, albeit focusing on him during the War in Heaven, Dionus appeared in Arcbeatle Press' 10'th anniversary novel And Today, You [+]Loading...["And Today, You (novel)"], individually licenced by Hornby. Other individually licenced DWU characters that appeared in that novel that would go on to gain their own Arcbeatle prose spin-offs would be Coloth and Auteur, with their debut being several months prior to Dionus' in Horrors of Arcbeatle. The first full entries in the Dionus series were in The Book of the Snowstorm.


Title Author Medium Part of Release date
Trauma and Tinsel James Hornby Short story The Book of the Snowstorm 26 December 2023
Love & War Aristide Twain
Our Finest Gifts We Bring (vignette #3) James Hornby
Scalpel's Edge Theta Mandel The Noodle Incident 4 April 2024
Infernal Escape James Hornby