Mrs Danby and Company (novel)

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Mrs Danby and Company was a steampunk[1] novel written by Paul Magrs that used elements introduced in his series The Brenda and Effie Mysteries and his novel 666 Charing Cross Road. It was published in January 2015.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

When world-famous detective Nightshade Jones of Balcombe Street retires to Sussex to look after hornets, housekeeper Mrs Martha Danby packs her bags and sets off on a luxury cruise on the doomed SS Utopia. En route to the dazzling city of New York, she soon meets legendary vampire-slayer Abraham Van Halfling, who claims his demon-hunting days are over. But soon the pair are embroiled in a series of wild adventures when, one stormy evening, the irascible and brilliant Professor Zarathustra stomps aboard, brimming with outlandish tales of giant cephalopods, guarding an ancient lost city at the bottom of the Atlantic. Our heroes are drawn into a steampunky adventure involving disaster at sea, evil underwater backwards-speaking arachnids, an elixir of eternal youth, vampires in Central Park, sinister Eastern travel agents, a swift trip to Mars and an altogether rollicking time in an early, rather hectic portion of the Twentieth Century. It would be altogether splendid if you were to join Mrs Danby and Company in doing their level best to save the world!


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