The Sleeze Brothers (series)

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The Sleeze Brothers was a comic series published by Epic Comics based on the characters of El Ape and Deadbeat who had first appeared in DWM's comic story Follow That TARDIS!. Due to an apparent intent that the series not be in continuity with their previous appearances in the Doctor Who universe, this spin-off is not considered a valid source on this Wiki.

List of stories[[edit]]

# Title Writer Featuring Printed in Released
1 Nice 'n' Sleezy (or Anytime, Anyplanet, Anything!) John Carnell El Ape, Deadbeat TSB 1 August 1989
2 Reel to Real El Ape, Deadbeat TSB 2 September 1989
3 The Bugger (or The Big Leap) El Ape, Deadbeat, Sontaran TSB 3 October 1989
4 Murder in Space El Ape, Deadbeat TSB 4 November 1989
5 Down in the Sewer El Ape, Deadbeat, Death's Head TSB 5 December 1989
6 The Malteeze Egg! El Ape, Deadbeat, Daleks TSB 6 January 1990







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