Megabytes (anthology)

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Megabytes was an anthology featuring K9.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Once upon a time, far into the future, Professor Marius built a computer to keep him company and assist him on his work at the newly built deep space science facility and hospital, the Bi-Al Foundation. Unbeknown to him this computer would go on journeys well beyond imagination. K9 had arrived.

The Gift Givers

K9 returns to NuEarth Seven to find that an alien race has taken control of the planet's population of Earth colonists and A.I. life forms. Teaming up with a former crook and a work droid called Boxcar, K9 must use all his ingenuity to release the grip that the invaders have over the NuSev President. But how can he do this when he has never heard of or encountered the race enslaving the planet. A race calling themselves Axons...

The Nine Moons Race

K9 is refereeing the tri annual nine moons race around NuSev. Keeping the assortment of colourful and exotic races with their souped-up space craft is proving waring and when he realises that somebody is so determined to win the race that they will stop at nothing – including murder, K9 realises what the term ‘hard days night' really means....

The Time Thief

K9 encounters a cheeky time and space travelling character who is a chancer, a petty thief and vaguely familiar! Drax, under the employ of the leader of one of the gangster gangs that thrive in NuSev's more unsavoury districts has recently stolen over 10 million credits worth of diamonds and what he thinks is an ancient relic from the NuSev museum. Unknown to Drax, the relic is in fact a hatch of incredibly rare eggs belonging to the Mandrel species who are thought to be extinct. K9 has to face a gang war, apprehend the culprits and face the fact that the Mandrel eggs are beginning to hatch ...

The Proclaimer

Witnessing an anomaly on a planet on the outer rim of NuSev's galaxy, K9 suffers damage and lands on a world ruled by an elite force called the Status Quo. Hailed as a saviour, he is looked upon to release the down trodden cybernetic and human inhabitants from a life of poverty and oppression.

K9 has a long history on television through his appearances on the BBC TV show 'Doctor Who' and his own TV series.


Title Author Featuring
The Gift Givers Bob Baker Axons
The Nine Moons Race
The Time Thief Drax, Mandrels
The Proclaimer


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