The Panda, the Cat and the Dreadful Teddy (novel)

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The Panda, the Cat and the Dreadful Teddy was a 2021 picture book written by Paul Magrs which featured licensed use of Panda from the Big Finish Productions audio Wildthyme at Large. and the fictionalised version of Bernard Socks from Welcome Home, Bernard Socks.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

'If you don't stop saying inspirational things to me, I'm going to punch you up the hooter.'

Enter the world of me, Panda, plus my sometimes-friend Cat (who can be a bit selfish) and Teddy (who can be a vicious little backstabber, actually). You will find us living our best lives, trying - and occasionally succeeding - to be kind to each other.

We hope you find our friendship inspirational, as that's sure to sell a lot of books.


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