Resurrection Engines (anthology)

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Resurrection Engines was a 2012 anthology published by Snowbooks Ltd. Although many of its contributors were established writers of Doctor Who media, Paul Magrs's contribution was the only one to make use of a Doctor Who license, being a fully fledged Iris Wildthyme short story.

Publisher's summary[[edit]]

Resurrection Engines is an anthology of steampunk and alternate timeline retelling and reimaginings of classic fiction tales.


# Title Author
1 The Soul-Eater of Raveloe Alison Littlewood
2 Journey to the Centre of the Moon Alan K Baker
3 She-Who-Thinks-For-Herself Juliet E McKenna
4 The Great Steam Time Machine Brian Herbert & Bruce Taylor
5 Silver Selene Philip Palmer
6 White Fangoria Roland Moore
7 The God of All Machines Scott Harrison
8 The Crime of the Ancient Mariner Adam Roberts
9 There Leviathan Jonathan Green
10 The Island of Peter Pandora Kim Lakin-Smith
11 The Ghost of Christmas Sideways Simon Bucher-Jones
12 Talented Witches Paul Magrs
13 Fairest of them All Cavan Scott
14 Tidewrack Medusa Rachel E Pollock
15 Robin Hood and the Eater of Worlds Jim Mortimore


  • Each of the stories is based on individual stories, or the collected works of a particular author:
  • On the Resurrection Engines page on the Snowbooks website, the anthology is said to have sixteen stories. However, there are actually only fifteen stories in the published book. The seemingly missing story was a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland by Lavie Tidhar.[nb 1]

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